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“My name is Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern. I have a mother but she is dead to me. I had a father but he is dead. I have a brother and i will bind him to me. I have a sister and i will teach her to love me. I’m young. I’m beatiful and i’m going to burn down the world.”

OTP aesthetic: Sizzy (Simon Lewis and Isabelle Lightwood from The Mortal Instruments books)

“Simon hid the fact that he was inordinately pleased by this. “Are we officially boyfriend and girlfriend? Is there a Shadowhunter ritual? Should I change my Facebook status from ‘it’s complicated’ to ‘in a relationship’?”
Isabelle screwed up her nose adorably. “You have a book that’s also a face?”  City of Heavenly Fire. 

City of Heavenly Fire - Cassandra Clare
[speaks in Oprah’s voice] : I know, makes me cry too…makes me cry too… I know, I know… it’s beautiful!


“When I was your age, younger, I had a parabatai.” said Robert.

“Yes, Michael Wayland.” said Alec, not caring that he sounded bitter, not caring about the look on his father’s face. “I know. It’s why you took Jace in. I always thought you two must not have been particularly close. You didn’t seem to miss him much, or mind that he was dead.”

“I didn’t believe he was dead.” said Robert. “I know that must seem hard to imagine; our bond had been severed by the sentence of exile passed down by the Clave, but even before that, we had grown apart. There was a time, though, when we were close, the best of friends; there was a time when he told me that he loved me.

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Downworlders Network Battle❅ ->Favorite COHF scene

➳The fire of Glorious burned away the demon’s blood. All my life it has scorched my veins and cut at my heart like blades, and weighed me down like lead. All my life, and I never knew it. I’ve never felt so…light.


There are things we want, down under what we know, under even what we feel. There are things our souls want, and mine wants you.”

He felt her exhale. “Say it,” she said. “Say it sober.”

“I love you,” he said. “I don’t want you to say it back unless you mean it, but I love you.”

She leaned back over him, and pressed the pads of her fingertips against his. “I mean it.”   – City of Heavenly Fire


The Shadowhunters Chronicles Network - Team Herondale

challenge 3 : Favorite Parabatai - Jace and Alec

“I always thought I was happy being the dark star to your supernova. I mean, you have the angel’s gift. I could train and train…and I’d never be you.”