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MMxDisney Crossover. Please note that these are my personal choices based on my own perception of the characters. You’re free to disagree but please refrain from starting an argument XD lolol :) I decided to include a bit of my reasons for my choices, I tried my best to keep it short but meh XD I’m not good with words ;A; I realized how lost I am with V— it pains me. *sob* 

Anyway, I’ll clean these up soon (add details and fix stuff) because these are only sketches ^^ 


yuzuru hanyu in the kiss and cry | yuzuru and 2017 worlds gif collection (1/?)



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Michael Jackson + his babies

“They (my children) mean… It’s hard to put in words, because they mean everything. The way you would explain how your children make you feel… They’re the world for me. I wake up and I’m ready for the day because of them.” - MJ

They don’t deserve you.

Arranged Affairs.

Genre: Smut + Angst

Pairing: Reader x Jimin [College AU!] 

Request: Smut with fuckboy! Jimin who cheats on his girlfriend.   

Word Count: 1.5k-ish

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With the taste of his lips against yours, you’re on a high. Everything forgotten and lost except for his body pressing against yours in such a delicious friction that makes your lips part as a moan escapes from them. You can’t help but crave for more, hands going to tug at his hair as his lips graze your jaw, slowly moving to your neck to etch deep marks in it. 

He slowly walks you towards the closet in his room, not wanting to use the bed, and you know the reason why as well. But you can’t seem to care, at least not as long as he’s filling you with enough pleasure to keep you intoxicated. To keep you just on the verge of begging for more. 

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Just in case I don’t do anything with these, I’m posting them here 

This is what I’ve been doodling for the past few days, I grabbed a few dancing videos, paused them and sketched 

I wanna add some color to these, or clean them up, and add even more, we’ll see if I actually do that xD

The Enemy is Both Weak and Strong

-I decided to just type out dialogue this time around as opposed to writing it out by hand and cleaning it up in post (which then gave me the idea of just handwriting my own text font at some point in the future, so that might be a thing I do)

Honorable mentions I almost included here: anti-PC people who think political correctness doesn’t do shit but somehow can ruin free speech (lol) and STEM majors who think gender studies is completely worthless but is somehow destroying academia (additional lol).

Edit: “I’ll show you that you’re doing nothing but strawmanning us by behaving exactly like the scared babies you portrayed us as!”

Boy I sure got told lol. Actually I might revisit this since the more I look at this, the more I wanna improve upon it.


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These are suuuuuuuuper super sucky. I may clean them up later or something… I just had to get them out.

Yay to tonight’s episode for destroying me slowly. Like, I didn’t have a huge emotional reaction to it on first viewing, but it planted seeds in my brain that just keep growing. I thought of all the other fusions and when they’d fall apart, versus when they seemed really focused/harmonious. I’m sure they all have different things they need to work on.

Meanwhile Garnet is Best Fusion Teacher. And that song will probably become my new way of dealing with panic attacks.

what if “corrupted humans” were mediums who lost control of the powerful spirits that possess them

Tom Riddle was proud to say that he had never gotten a mark below Outstanding.


Excluding Dumbledore’s classes but those didn’t count.

But never, throughout his entire time at Hogwarts, had he had detention!

Until his new DADA professor walked into the classroom, that is.

Professor Potter was, in no way, unqualified for the job. Quite the contrary, really.

But Merlin did that git know how to get on Tom’s nerves.

“Mr. Riddle”

“Yes, Sir?”

“I think you forgot a spot on the bottom right of the third cauldron. Please make sure to clean it up later.”

Sweet Salazar, he thought he had wanted to kill his father, but that was nothing compared to how he felt right now.

“…Yes… Sir…” he ground out between clenched teeth and continued scrubbing the dirty cauldron like a muggle.

“Oh, and Tom?”

Dear Moragana, he was gonna snap any moment now.

“Yes, sir?” He replied sweetly, looking up from his work just in time to witness Professor Potter putting his feet up on the table with an innocent smile on his face and an amused twinkle in his eyes.

Asshole. He’d just cleaned that desk ten minutes ago.

“You asked me if I have seen a black notebook anywhere.”

Oh great Merlin, he can’t be-

Professor Potter pulled a familiar diary from his pocket. But… but it wasn’t black anymore.

It was pink!

Tom felt like throwing up.

His teacher chuckled not-so-apologetically. “I’m afraid I accidentally spilled some strange potion over it…”

That’s it!

Consequences be damned, he was gonna sic the bloody basilisk on that bastard!

- Tomarry [Time Travel]

A "Wow" Moment

Before I tell this, just keep in mind that I CANNOT MAKE THIS SHIT UP. And I have the glass shards to prove it.

So, if you are new to my blog, you may not have heard of Ayrus. Ayrus is my sassy and lovable guardian angel who saves me from a whole bunch of shit, astrally and physically, 24/7. Another thing you need to know about me is that I collect hand painted wine glasses. Okay. Let’s continue.

One of the wine glasses I had was actually a goblet. It was pretty, but not one of my favorites. Well, I had drank some stuff out of it recently, so it was on my bathroom counter… on the edge. I never said I was smart. Anyways, I was leaving the bathroom when something fell. I tried to pick it up, knocked the glass off, CAUGHT THE GLASS, AND THEN DROPPED IT AGAIN.

Let’s go backwards for a moment.

The reason I bumped into something was because I was thinking about how on June 30th, I’m going back to the doctor to get my depression and anxiety medication back, which I haven’t had since October because I just didn’t get another prescription for it. I was thinking about how my third eye would be warped again and I would probably go back to believing all of the spirit work I do is in my head. That’s what I was thinking about when my clumsy ass hit this glass. And this glass was coming RIGHT TOWARDS MY FEET. I moved out of the way, but I knew glass was going to hit my feet. I was prepared.

All of a sudden, I heard a gasp and (I AM NOT KIDDING) a light flashed around my feet and I blinked in shock when the glass shattered. I opened my eyes to see glass EVERYWHERE… except my feet. The glass made an almost perfect semi-circle around my feet. I knew Ayrus had protected me once again. So, I go to clean up the glass. I finish, but something stopped me. Run your hand through your bathroom carpet, I heard Ay say. (I have a fuzzy bathroom rug.) So I figured out where they wanted me to do that and I did it. When I brushed my hand over the place Ay told me to brush it over, a HUGE shard of glass popped out and landed harmlessly right next to my hand. I was in shock. After that, I cleaned up the rest of the glass and left the bathroom completely uninjured. In this little adventure, I knew Ay was trying to tell me something:

Trust in your companions. Even if you can’t feel them; even if you think it’s all in your head; even if you feel like there is a barrier between you and them, don’t give up on them. Don’t loose hope in them. I’ll say it again: Trust them. Your bond with them should be something you always cherish and have faith in. Don’t loose that.

EDIT: YES. There are some times when a spirit may be fake (from a unreliable spirit companion shop). Or a spirit may be harmful. Unfortunately, those are things that we may encounter. I am talking about the spirits who have proven over and over again that they are there for you and that they are trustworthy. (Sorry. It is 2:15 am and I forgot to add an important detail)