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“Neither of them notice Scott standing in the shadows nearby. Having overheard the exchange, he’s smiling with pride in his best friend.”


sasaki haise in aprons ╰(▔∀▔)╯
(remake of this)


Arin thought that if he didn’t kill this man his memory of his mother would fade. It already had, over time. Someday she would be as far away as a star.
But he couldn’t do it.
He had to do it.
Tell me what you did.
Arin dropped his sword, dropped to his knees, yanked the woven baldric from the fallen man’s shoulder, and used it to make a torniquet to save the person he hated most.


That night, alone in her tent, she thought about the cruel cold of the tundra. Sulfur crumbling in her grip. The panic when her memory had begun to slip. The nighttime drug: soft, dense. The fear of dying far from home. No one would have mourned her. Sorrow: like a marrow in the hollow of a bone. 
It had been real. It still was.
But it wasn’t the whole of who she was.
“You could do what the rest of us do.”
She would keep going.

FORGIVENESS, can you imagine?
 ⟡ part ii (part i)


do you feel that too?

I just reblogged a Millicent Bulstrode aesthetic which actually used a fat woman as a fc (Sharon Rooney is the ultimate Millicent to me). 

I know Millicent physically wrestles Hermione at one point, but I love her because she is fat and quiet and loves cats, and that is who I am. But then most of the Millicent edits include some quote about thick thighs and a model who is just barely plus-size, and only ever the face. God forbid an actual fat person is seen on an aesthetic post. Thick thighs are all well and good but only when they’re hidden away…I’m only a little bit bitter

I know edits take effort, but how much more effort could possibly be needed to find a fc of a fat person? This doesn’t just go for Millicent, but Neville and Molly Weasley, too. Fat people are allowed to exist openly. We do not ruin aesthetics or whatever just by existing

Awesome Feeling (extended cut)
Nick Lachey / Love Sentence / Brian H. Kim
Awesome Feeling (extended cut)

From Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Friendenemies.

This is the original length of the song, which had to be cut down a little bit for the final edit of the episode. You can hear more of Sabrina Cotugno and Amelia Lorenz’s lyric brilliance (lots of references to the rest of the episode), and hear more of Nick Lachey generally being freaking awesome.

My primary exposure to Nick Lachey in the 90s was via the soundtrack for Mulan, on which his band 98 Degrees had a song with Stevie Wonder.

My wife’s primary exposure to Nick Lachey in the 90s was through teenage googly eyes.

a hasty edit but atleast its done

i was Rly Inspired by @cursedbarn ‘s connie-centric au posts so i jst… i had to okay i love connie so much she deserves so much better

more under the readmore since i might ramble

(edit: changed the lips bc metaorigin made a good point abt them)

i wanted her to be chubby…. chubbier than this, but these edits are so hard to make in sai. ill probably edit her a little more, later. for now i gave her a bit more tum, a wider neck, and thicker arms/legs. quartzes are bulky in the best ways

shes keeping the glasses. she fixes her own sight w healing powers but shes so used to wearing glasses, and they comfort her. something to fiddle with when she gets nervous, also

i also ADORE her mint green dress so i borrowed the colours from that, and made her shows match her glasses. to tie it all together

i also made her skin more pink than red, same with her hair. when you have a pink rock mom, you gonna end up looking pink. thats just how it works im sorry. 

i also made her gem a little bit more desaturated and darker. since there IS a different between roses gem and stevens gem (his was much more reddish-orange, hers was reddish-pink) i wanted there to be a different in this au, too

also i bet smokey quartz is the most stable fusion. connie and amethyst just play off eachother so well,,,

anyway. She