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The Signs as Overwatch Mains and Playstyles

Aries: Reaper, says hello before every kill and uses an emote after

Taurus: Lucio, stays behind teammates but within range to heal/boost, actually stays on the objective

Gemini: Sombra, goes around the map to hack every health pack, does nothing but stay invisible for the rest of the game

Cancer: Hasn’t figured out how character selection works, picks whichever hero is selected by default, throws a tantrum every time they get sniped

Leo: Tracer, actually plays decently, follows their friend into battle

Virgo: Pharah, targets enemies that shit talk their teammates in the chat

Libra: Genji, climbs walls to get into weird places, only enters fights to use the dragon ultimate

Scorpio: Widowmaker, charges right to the frontlines instead of finding a sniping position

Sagittarius: Hanzo and Orisa, goes to online forums to complain that Hanzo would be cooler riding a horse, also wishes Orisa was more equine 

Capricorn: Junkrat, does nothing for 99.9% of the match but somehow gets play of the game with the rip tire ultimate

Aquarius: Soldier 76, tries to get teammates to follow an actual strategy but is ignored by everyone

Pisces: Mercy, goes around to heal everyone but immediately switches to pistol and chases after anyone that attacks them


The more he falls for Neil the more he hates Neil, because Neil is the one thing in the world that could destroy him, and Andrew isn’t ready for that.

He just doesn’t realize yet he’s too late to stop it.