What Daddy Did 🧔🏼👦🏻

Positioning myself behind my boy, smearing a heavy dose of Vaseline onto my cock and his butt crack I announced: “Now you’re gonna take Daddy’s cock, boy!” Then with a decisive thrust I pushed my erect cock into my young boys hole.

The boy squealed like a stuck pig, but I wasn’t about to let go. Without mercy I rammed my meat pole into the moaning boy until my balls slapped against his buttocks. When the loud moaning didn’t stop I had to cover up Joes mouth with the palm of my hand. “Shut up, boy! Daddy’s gonna fuck you now!” I hissed into his ear as I began to pump my cock in and out of my boy’s sweet ass. The tightness of Joes love canal was something I had never experienced before. I knew I wouldn’t last long with my boys ass milking my cock like it did. So I pressed him down on his bed and mounted him like a horny bull.

Joe was completely subdued under the weight of my manly body while I fucked my little boys ass like a madman. The sound of my pelvis slapping against his bum was joined by the rhythmic squeaking of the bed. “It was a very naughty thing you did with Daddy’s cock earlier”, I panted into Joes ear, “This is what happens to naughty boys like you!” At that point there was nothing I could do to prolong my pleasure and soon enough I came inside my boys ass accompanied by the howls of ecstasy escaping from my mouth. My orgasm was so mind-blowing that I think I passed out for a couple of seconds.

When I came to I realized that the chubby boy under me must be suffocating, so I propped myself up with my arms. With my softening cock still inside joe I said gently but firmly: “This is the way Daddy is going to tuck you in from now on. Every night when you’re here you will suck Daddy’s hard cock and then Daddy will pump his man milk into your bum. Understood?” Joe sniffled and nodded his head in agreement. “Good boy”, I responded and kissed the back of my boys head. As I pulled out of my new fuck toy and got up I noticed that Joes small chubby cock was rock-hard against the bed. So that little whore had been enjoying himself the whole time, I thought to myself.

My boy’s hole wasn’t quite as tight as before: reddish, a bit swollen and leaking with my cum. A real boy pussy. I pulled up a blanket to cover the obscene sight of Joes well-fucked bum. Just then my sweet little angel turned to look at me with his bloated eyes and whispered gently: “Good night, Daddy. Thanks for tucking me in.” At that moment I knew joe had forgiven me for forcibly taking his cherry and was anxious for me to fuck him again in the future. “Good night, boy”, I said lovingly and kissed my baby boy’s forehead before turning off the lights. When closing the bedroom door behind me I took one more look at my little chubby boy snuggled up in his bed. Who knew the sweet boy was such a receptive and obedient boy slut.

🎅🏻👦🏻🎁 Merry Christmas 🎈🎊

Hope you guys enjoy the small story of how I wish I was that Daddy’s boy. And hope you enjoy the new angles hehe.

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