A week in the life: Husbands Edition - Robert Sugden & Aaron Dingle
February 20, 2017 to February 24, 2017


So ANIMATE’s newest Cafe Collab started yesterday in Japan, and it is suits+flowers themed. Some of the characters look very wedding-esque including Victor and Yuuri. We couldn’t tell from the original thumbnails released, but now that we have closeups of the items from people who have been, we can tell Victor and Yuuri do indeed have their rings on in these acrylic stands/badges! So uh yeah, this is definitely wedding themed for them.

I know we’ve really been wanting more official stuff with rings, so this is exciting. Plus these are cute as heck. It almost looks like they have hearts in their eyes! You can see more about the Cafe collab here (including images of the rest of the characters featured).

Thanks to soukatsu  on twitter for the info! 


Look at these quality blu-ray edits from volume three posted by soukatsu!

  1. Improved crab. Extremely significant, of course. Animator Itou-san actually asked everyone to pay SPECIAL ATTENTION TO THIS CRAB on twitter.
  2. Yuuri’s tie that Victor wants to burn! Instead of just being light blue. It has a pattern on it now. I do think that makes it uglier, but I don’t know, Yuuri still kind of works it.

Apparently other things to pay attention to when watching the blu-ray/dvd are Phichit’s eyelashes, Yuuri’s eyebrows (?), Minako’s face, and of course more/better skating. 

The blu-ray also has Kenji Miyamoto’s performances of Minami’s Boogie, Shall We Skate, Still Alive, and Intoxicated, so a lot of them on this one! 

anonymous asked:

Ohh I think everyone were so shocked when their Mamoru showed his Eros for the first time during a competition. (Everyone but Yuuri, he was like "Oh yesss just like his Papa")

milo: what the fuck was that thump

He showed his first eros when he wanted to impress Milo. He picked up that song in particular just for him 

Yuri on Ice Lovechildren AU