character portraits >> jason grace + piper mclean

Jason and Piper were really difficult to fancast but I hope I did them justice by picking two beautiful and regal looking people. Jason has the manicured Roman look to him and Piper looks stunning but messy, just as she should. Just as in my Percabeth edit, I think the eyes say the most.

percy + annabeth  // hazel + frank  //  leo + reyna


Because of my hair I rarely, rarely get recognized, but I was in America, in L.A., a couple of weeks ago and I was in a lift [elevator] in a department store and the doors opened and this woman stood there, looked at me and just went, “Khaleesi!” and then the doors closed! So that was mental and bizarre and rarely happens but when it does it’s normally on that kind of crazy scale.


Andddd done! The Pet Portrait Summer Sale is over! Thank you so much to everyone who has reblogged and commissioned me!! <3

Pet portraits are still open, but the price for familiar-style portraits is now back at $40, with the normal style still at $30. The next sale will be during Christmas season, beginning November. I’ll open a limited slot of Special Edition Halloween familiar-style portraits (graveyards! skulls! all spoopy motifs!) mid-October.