okay, i got tired of the slow dash and the content of it because look, my anxious ass can’t see the same content for a long time, and i want more mutuals, so, please, like/reblog if you post mostly:

  • aftg because i just finished the books and i’m like okay violeta, you can’t reread it AT THIS POINT of the school year 
  • basically books (pjo, trc, aadtsotu, tsoa, idk, just ya lit in general, i would ask for lgbt main characters but i already know how this website works lmao) 
  • tv shows (skam, the get down, u know)
  • aesthetically stuff, photos, idk
  • AESTHETICALLY anime edits??? (khr, yoi, k project, ghibli movies…) 
  • im still in need of mythology lol 
  • poetry 
  • lyrics/edits (halsey, troye sivan, lorde, years & years…)

                       #khrweek day 5: lightning | favorite villain

                                  BYAKURAN MILLEFIORE

In the palm of my hand, fall beautifully. I can crush it whenever I want, like a lovely fragile flower.

                                                    The world, all of you, everything.