SANA: There’s going to be a bus meeting at my place on Friday

EVA: Imagine that we’re going to be [a part of] fucking Pepsimax 😱

NOORA: Never call us Pepsi Max

NOORA: Am I supposed to say hi to those girls at school now?

CHRIS: What’s up? What are those news you’re bragging about Eva?

EVA: We’re on a bus with the pm-girls 😖

SANA: What’s with the negativity?

CHRIS: Yeah! Then we’re finally enough people on the bu$

CHRIS: I’m really fucking positive

EVA: Just a little shocked that we’ve fuced with PM*

NOORA: Fused

EVA: but you’re the bus boss now? And they’re paying for the bus?

SANA: We’re 5, they’re 20. They have money, we don’t. Without them we’ll end up with a loser van. That’s why it’s extremely important to safeguard the five of us and that we have the bus boss. 

CHRIS: Digging it

NOORA: Well done, Sana. I’m gonna be positive. Promise. *with a non-ironic voice*

EVA: I agree with Pepsi Max-Noora

(Eva misspelled a word.
Please credit me if you upload my translations to other sources - thank you!)