No Angel (Yugyeom)

***Warning: This story is smutty. Don’t like smut, don’t read it.

Note: This is just something I decided to write.The title was inspired by Beyonce’s song off her new No Angel, which is what I was listening to while writing this. I actually loved writing this and might do more in the future. So stay tuned because I might have a Mark or Jackson one up later on today. Hope You enjoy!

You stood in front of the floor-length mirror in your bedroom checking out your outfit and doing some last-minute touches. The boys had invited you out tonight to a new club that just opened in Seoul a few weeks ago. It was supposed to be one of the hottest clubs in Seoul. You had been working like crazy for almost two weeks and you really needed a break so you figured why not. You wore a black lace dress that came just above your knee along with sleek black platform heels. Your hair was curled and your makeup was done perfectly; a sexy smoky eye with the perfect shade of red lipstick. You couldn’t lie to yourself, you looked really good and felt confident about your appearance. Suddenly you heard the doorbell ring, letting you know that they were here. You gave one more glance-over before grabbing your purse off the bed. You opened the door to six extremely good looking guys standing before you. Gosh, how can they look so sexy without even trying was beyond you. You looked pass all of them to see Yugyeom standing quietly in the back with his hands tucked in his pockets. You were in complete awe. He has always looked absolutely gorgeous to you and you couldn’t help but stare. You had always felt attracted to him even though you were his noona. You loved how he seemed so innocent, an angel almost, and naïve.

“Wow,” Jackson said, his eyes grazing over you. He touched your arm with his index and quickly jerked back, making a hissing sound. You could feel the heat rising up to your cheeks. All of them gave you compliments of how good looked and your were pretty sure your face was beet red by now.

“Let’s go,” BamBam shouted excitedly and everyone cheered along and ran down the stairs.

You guys had finally arrived at the club. You could see why it had been such a hot topic lately. It looked amazing and there was a long line of people waiting to get in. Luckily none of you had to wait in line since JB knew the owner of the club. You were grateful for that. You guys entered the club and all six of them went immediately towards the bar. All of them were ordering drinks left and right and you could tell that some of them were drunk already. All of them except Yugyeom headed onto the dance floor. You ordered two tequilas while Yugyeom ordered vodka. Both of you drowned them down in a matter of seconds. You could feel the tequila starting to set in, your mind becoming hazy and a warming sensation all through your body. You looked at Yugyeom, who was drunk off his ass already. You took him in; his eyes almost slits, the way his jaw clenched whenever he took a drink, the vein sticking out of his neck waiting to be licked and your stomach clenched at the sight. His hand lightly grazed your thigh and it took everything in you not to jump him right now; he looked so irresistible. You could feel wetness beginning to form in your panties.  He leaned in and whispered in your ear.

“Dance with me,” he breathed and your body shivered, igniting a fire you never knew existed. He took your hand and dragged you onto the dance floor. No Angel by Beyonce was playing. You closed your eyes as the bass pulsed through you. His hands found your hips and you moved against him. He moved perfectly with you, guiding you to the beat. Both of you moved in sync with each other becoming one. As the song faded out, he placed his hands on both sides of your face and brought your lips to his. The kiss was needy and passionate, tongues clashing against each other. “Let’s get out of here,” you said. You took his hand and pulled him through the crowd of people. You grabbed your purse and headed toward the door. You sighed as the cool night breeze hit your overheated skin. You raised your hand and hauled a cab. Both of you hopped in quickly and told the cab driver your address. You connected your lips with his again, not caring that the both of you were in a cab. His hands slid up your inner thighs while he licked and sucked at the sensitive skin on your neck. You could barely control your moans as his thumb rubbed against your wet clit and his other hand caressing your breasts. You tangled your fingers in his hair and giggled as he nudged his nose against your neck. Suddenly the cab driver cleared his throat. Both of you stopped and paid the driver and hopped out the cab. Both of you made your way to the stairs of your apartment. Since the both of you were completely wasted you guys were stumbling around everywhere, laughing and giggling hysterically. Yugyeom tripped and grabbed your wrist to catch his fall, causing you to fall with him. He broke out in a fit of giggles and you shushed him playfully. Finally the both of you made it to your apartment. You opened the door and was immediately slammed up against it. His lips moved down to your neck making sure to leave marks. His hand disappeared up your dress and ran his thumb across your sex and you moaned. He continued to rub your clit through your panties while assaulting your neck. He hooked his fingers around the hem of your panties and pulled them down to ankles and you stepped out of them. He wrapped your right leg around his waist and inserted two fingers and you gasped. His fingers pumped in and out of you expertly as uncontrollable moans and whimpers filled the silent room. You cried out as he curled his fingers up, hitting your g-spot. He hit it again and again, bringing you closer to your orgasm. Your body shook and convulsed as he picked up speed. You moaned his name along with a few profanities as you came around his fingers, eyes closed shut and legs shaking so much they were about to give out.  He removed his fingers and brought them to his lips, licking them clean. You watched him, completely in a trance. He picked you up, your legs wrapped tightly around his waist. He carried you to your room and laid you down on the bed. You laid back and watched as he removed his shirt and his pants. His hard-on sprang up and he sighed in relief as he removed the constricting material. You pulled your dress and bra off and tossed it aside. He climbed on top of you and positioned himself at your entrance. He placed a soft kiss on your lips and neck. He slid into you with a throaty moan and you whimpered. He thrust his hips at steady pace. He kept his eyes on you, watching your every move. He pinned your hands above your head and intertwined his fingers with yours. “God, you feel so good baby,” he whispered. You arched your hips up to meet his thrust, causing pleasure for the both of you. He picked up the pace, thrusting deeper harder and faster. You felt your second orgasm nearing, your moans becoming more frequent. His face was twisted in pleasure, eyebrows furrowed and his mouth forming a perfect “o” shape. You could feel the heat building in your lower stomach, pleasure building up waiting to be released. “I’m so close ,” you whimpered. For the second time tonight you came, your eyes rolling in the back of your head and your fingernails clawing at his back, and your body shaking and convulsing deliciously. He moaned your name as he came inside you, releasing hot cum inside you, He gave you a few more hard thrusts and pulled out of you. He laid his head on your chest as both of you came down from euphoria and your breathing slowing. The haziness from the alcohol started to clear and you felt sleepy. You ran your fingers through his hair and by his breathing you could tell he was already asleep. You laid there, completely in awe at the boy that lay on your chest. He seemed so innocent, with big bright eyes and a smile that could light up the world. But the way he treated your body just a few minutes ago showed another side of him that was the complete opposite and you loved it. He was certainly no angel.

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Can you do the lazy day with Yugyeom please?

“Happy one month!” Yoogyeom smiled as he wrapped his arms around you. You turned around and gave him a bigger hug and repeated the words out of his mouth.

Yes, it has officially been a month since Yoogyeom asked you out. Nobody actually expected him to profess his feelings to you (including all the members and their manager). Everyone knew how shy Yoogyeom was with girls, but with you.. it was different. Ever since you were introduced to the group as their stylist’s daughter, Yoogyeom felt a special connection with you.

After a week of building encouragement (courtesy of Jackson and Bam Bam who threatened him to do it before they did), he finally confessed to you. You were honestly shocked, but you were very happy since you developed a crush on him as well. After accepting his feelings, he picked you up and swung you around, followed by a loud cheer of boys in the other room who rushed in and threw confetti everywhere.

Even though his group was still a rookie group, Yoogyeom and his hyungs had a load of promotion schedules. You were happy to see that they were gaining popularity, but you were also devastated knowing you couldn’t see Yoogyeom as much.

Thus concludes your surprised reaction when you were suddenly hugged by your boyfriend on your first anniversary. Packing your mother’s scissors and blowdryer away in her work station drawers, you didn’t expect anything tonight. You were just going to clean up the stations, sweep the floor, and then head out with your mother after she was done at the register.

You looked over Yoogyeom’s shoulder and saw that your mom was taking a photo of the situation. You tried to cover your face from embarrassment, but Yoogyeom turned you towards the camera as he wrapped his arms around your waist and smiled for the picture.

You smiled just before you mother took the picture. “Awwww, you two look so cute together!” She smiles as she looks at the photo. Yoogyeom runs over to see if the picture turned out okay. You giggled at yourself, seeing that he still has a childish sight to him as he cheered and high-fived your mom for such a great shot.

As he ran back to you, your mother said that she’d take care of the stations and lock up herself. Before you could reply, Yoogyeom grabbed your hand, said farewell, and headed out the door.

“Whoa!” You laughed, “What’s the rush?”

“Well.. it’s getting pretty late and while it’s still our anniversary, I wanted to treat you out!”

“It’s not even seven o’clock yet..” you said checking your watch.

Yoogyeom couldn’t resist holding his tongue any longer. “Okay, you caught me..” he put his hands up as he came to the ground on his knees. “I confess that I didn’t plan anything for our anniversary!” He shouts to the sky as you laugh and bring him back on his feet. 

“I wasn’t expecting anything extravagant.. It’s just nice to know that I have you for the rest of the day,” you smiled as you grabbed his hand.

He sighed, showing a bit of relief but also disappointment. “But I wanted this day to be special…” he snapped his fingers suddenly. “I have an idea!” He quickly grabs your hand and begins running again.

He runs you all the way up to the dorms and through the entrance door to the living room. You collapse onto the sofa as you try to catch your breathe. Never have you ever (nor do you ever want to again) run that fast in your life. Yoogyeom walks over to you as he catches his breathe as well. “I’m sorry.. I rushed over.. but.. the guys.. are at the gym.. so I have the dorm to myself.”

“Really?” you asked gasping for air. “They’d leave the maknae by himself?”

He stands himself straight up as his breathing returns to normal. “Actually.. Jr hyung is here, but he’s taking a nap in his room.” He walks to the kitchen as you continue to rest on the couch. You hear objects falling onto the floor and you suddenly spring up. “DON’T GET UP!” Yoogyeom yells. “It’s just silverware!”

You sit yourself down as Yoogyeom comes back to the room with some hot tea. “I know how much you like this kind of tea,” Yoogyeom says as he blows his cup, “so I decided to buy it for you last night as a sort of small gift.”

You smiled and thanked him for the cup of tea. Tea was your favourite beverage, but you had no idea that Yoogyeom remembered your favourite brand of tea. He was always the one to notice small details about you, which made you smile as you took a sip.

Setting the tea down on the coffee table, he asked you about your day and how things at your mother’s salon have been going. As you talked to him about the crazy old lady who wanted orange hair and vented about how today brought in so many customers, he shifted positions on the couch so that you were leaning against him and he slung his arm around you. 

As you continued your story, you noticed that this was the first time you held a long conversation with him. Not only was he a good listener, but he had the best commentary ever. “The salon was probably busy because everyone wanted to look nice for our first anniversary,” he said.

Switching from topic to topic (his day, how the members are doing, how long can Jr take a nap, who works out the most, etc), you felt like you were learning more about Yoogyeom. You learned about his relationship with his hyungs and how much he really cared and looked out for them even though he’s the maknae. You also learned that he was very passionate about his career. He had that twinkle in his eye and a smile that gleamed as he told you about his future career plans.

He looked over at you after he spoke and noticed that were shivering. He carefully got up and walked into his room to get you a blanket. He sat back down and wrapped it between the both of you. You snuggled up to him and yawned. Quickly shutting your mouth, you looked up at Yoogyeom as he laughed. “You must be tired.. you’ve had a long day.” He kisses your forehead. “Go ahead and rest.. I’ll wake you up when the other members are here to take you home.”

With a smile on your face, you pecked his cheek before you rested your head on your lap. As your eyes began to droop, Yoogyeom ran his fingers through your hair soothingly. He hummed their song “Playground” as you smiled. It might not have been the first month anniversary you were expecting, but a nice, lazy day with Yoogyeom was better than any other date.