So I was thinking, instead of the 6th and 7th rivals being pedophiles or being mida and muja at all, how about they just be students from another school doing work experience?? They would be hard to eliminate because they’d be spending a large portion of their time with a faculty member.

Chiyo Sasaki would be a student who aspires to be a doctor in the future but, for obvious reasons, cannot spend her work experience in a real hospital so she does the next best thing and decides to work with a school nurse instead. Muja Kina would tutor her and she would quickly befriend taro who visits the infirmary at the beginning of that week. Her work experience would last two weeks but you would still have to eliminate her before friday of the first week.

Feel free to add to this if you want, I’ll post one for mida soon

So for the 7th rival, instead of her being Mida Rina how about she be Satomi Rina, Mida’s daughter? Similarly to Chiyo, she would be at the school for work experience that would last two weeks (week 6 and 7).

She would choose Akademi because she figured it would be easy (being a teacher’s assistant) and since she’d be with her mother she could slack off. During the first week, however, she would be indestructible since she’d spend all her time with her mother or in the faculty room.

Feel free to add to this if you want