[From. Youngmin♥]

I’m so sorry for posting lateㅠㅠ
You waited a lot, didn’t you?????ㅠㅠㅠㅠ
Yesterday, it was our 4th year of having to meet our Bestfriends, right?!
There were a lot of happenings in that 4 years and, it’s really hard to make these memories in such a long period of time together with someone else who is not a family member but, Thank you so much for only looking at us for 4 years~~~
I really think that being able to celerate our anniversary together every year is a very happy event! Isn’t it??????^^
I’ll work even harder in the future to become a good singer who our Bestfriends are not ashamed of! Thank you!!!

I’ll post a photo and go…. Haha
Even though I didn’t take the photo well.. Please understand;; I’m working on it;;ㅎㅎㅎ

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: bfofficialfancafe
please take out with FULL credits.

some things i learned on may 24th and will never forget:

donghyun is a flirt. like the biggest, greasiest flirt ever. be afraid of his smoulder. coupled with his flawless skin it most certainly can kill people. or convince them to sleep with him. also i was wearing a flowery blouse and it was a bit see-through on the front and he was the only one who checked me out during the fanmeet. i shit you not. or at least the only one who wasnt subtle enough, idk. i just know i clearly saw his eyes travel down from my face to my chest.

jeongmin is unreadable. at times he seemed kinda grumpy but then he would grin and wave and yeah, truth be told i didnt pay much attention to him lol sorry jeongmin. during the fanmeet he was about to drop my poster because it almost slipped from underneath his hands just before signing it, so i helped him keep it steady. he smiled.

minwoo is too cute. too sweet. he is a walking sugar cube and i swear you can get cavities just by looking at him. he waved and smiled like crazy during the whole night. danced like crazy too omg. he had a few moments of interaction with my sister (as in pointing and smiling) and when she told him he’s her favourite one during the fanmeet he thanked her in french and smiled some more, blinding a few bystanders in the process.

hyunseong is dangerous. this boy can climb your bias list really fast if you’re not ready and not paying attention. i dont wanna say he dances better than minwoo, it’s just that I like it more? there was a fluidity and general feel to it that had me staring with my mouth wide open. i swear to god i was left speechless. he looked so thick and strong but soft and tender at the same time, and his eye-smile omfg i have no words.

youngmin is a national treasure and must be protected at all costs. his smile seemed the most genuine and he looked pleasantly surprised and almost in awe at us. he came over to the edge of the stage so many times to touch our hands, looking legit moved. and god his voice is to die for. believe me, the recordings dont do it justice. it’s like honey melting in a glass of warm milk.

kwangmin. is. everything. every heartbeat, every breath, every scream, every fiber of my being. i went in wondering if i could finally decide who would be my ultimate bias as I could never decide between him and donghyun, and i came to understand that the saying is really true. you dont choose your bias, he chooses you. and kwangmin chose me. i couldnt keep my eyes off of him. he was so sweet, almost shy in a way, but every time the music started, he turned into a completely different person. his stage persona was charismatic, sensual, powerful to the max. his eyes were so focused and piercing oh my god. then, during slower songs he would come over and make little hearts with his hands. and he made my night because he saw me. he NOTICED me. the first time it happened as i was wiping sweat away from under my eyes (gross i know). i guess he thought i was crying because he like smiled at me, or waved, i dont really remember because my heart skipped several beats. then he kept on coming over to my side of the stage, i always had my hands crossed over my heart because i was just transfixed by his beauty and gaze omfg. i waved and he waved back. then, i dont know what got into me. as he walked over once again while making a little heart with his hands, my lips moved on their own and i made a kissy face at him. i was barely registering that i had just puckered my lips up at a boy that’s like 8 years younger than me, when it happened. he made a kissy face back at me. kwangmin sent me a kiss. i almost dropped my phone in shock (i was recording - i’ve been replaying the video at least a hundred times). the rest of the concert is a blur. i didnt manage to say anything to him except from “hello” and “thank you” during the fanmeet as he signed my poster, mostly because he was the first one and i wasnt prepared. then after we took the picture i turned around and looked to meet his eyes but the first face i saw was donghyun’s so i smiled and it was like “nope dong not today” lmao when i finally found kwangmin’s eyes he was smiling at me. i waved at him, unable to utter a word, smiling myself and mentally thanking him for everything. i dont know if it was just my imagination but i swear i saw his features go soft and his eyes turned warm and i just ran. i regret not telling goodbye to the others but i was too overwhelmed and incoherent.

there’s so much more to say about the concert and the fanmeet but i just wanted to get all these feelings out of my chest because its the only way i can cope and elaborate and remember forever.