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Boyfriend's Youngmin Protects a Fan From Getting Hit by a Car

Boyfriend’s Youngmin Protects a Fan From Getting Hit by a Car

A fan recently shared a video of Boyfriend member Youngmin protecting another fan from an oncoming car.

In the video, a girl has her back to the road as she faces Youngmin. As he spies the oncoming car, he jumps out and urges her to take a step back so that she doesn’t get hit by the car.

The original uploader of the video explained, “[Youngmin] thought that the car might hit my friend so he just…

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Why do people hate so hard on the aesthetics of the Jo twins? Has anyone neglected to look at them lately? When Starship finally let them lose the ugly contacts and long hair, they really got to show off their visuals, and that isn’t even the most important part when you take into consideration their amazing personalities and dedication. They really aren’t “creepy” so please stop.