160206 Boyfriend Twitter Update ~

A video message of #Boyfriend’s Lunar New Year greetings has arrived! 🎥💕 Please go and watch it now in the Official Fancafe! #AlsoInYoutube_VApp👀  http://cafe.daum.net/BOYFRIEND

Cr: G_BoyFriend | starshiptv | Trans by me^^

Why do people hate so hard on the aesthetics of the Jo twins? Has anyone neglected to look at them lately? When Starship finally let them lose the ugly contacts and long hair, they really got to show off their visuals, and that isn’t even the most important part when you take into consideration their amazing personalities and dedication. They really aren’t “creepy” so please stop.


160204  Happy New Year from Yuehua Family ~

Happy New Year from After School, UNIQ, Boyfriend, Sistar, Monsta X, Han Geng, Bibi Zhou, O2O Goddess, An Youqi (Angela), Ivy, Jung Il Woo, Ma Song, A-Do, Zhang Yao, and Huang Zhen (Shawn)

Cr: S Music @-}– ^u^