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I don’t see enough of America Chavez on here so I’m going to share my favourite quote from her. 

“ In my dreams, I’m a hypernova. But when I wake up, I’m some faded neon sign blinking on and off and I haven’t figured out the way to get there, to be that blast of energy, you know?America, Issue #4 .

you know why it’s my favourite? Because often, too often, we tend to remember America as this very strong, kick ass, not-giving-any-damn-about-the-details, always-ready-for-a-fight, girl and we forget that she’s trying. She is trying so hard to do the right thing, be the right person for the job and that she doubts herself sometimes. Like everyone else. 

That’s why she’s my hero.That’s why I love her. 


netflix originals series: young avengers (click for full size)

Founded to protect the world in the event that the Avengers disbanded, the young heroes, labelled “super-powered fanboys”, and later the “Young Avengers” by the public, are forced to step up after the disastrous events of the Civil War which left the previous Avengers fractured and at odds. 


“Okay ladies, now let’s get in formation”

It’s the one year anniversary of Beyoncé’s song “Formation”, and issue #2 of Marvel’s America comic (due in April 2017) has a cover by Joe Quinones of Miss America Chavez, paying homage to the classic Bey track.

anonymous asked:

since its pride month can we get a shoutout to marvels lgbt characters please and thank you :)))

Absolutely! Here’s just a few of Marvel’s LGBT characters. From the top - Ms America, Iceman, Wiccan, Deadpool, Mystique, Moondragon, Shatterstar, Rictor, Daken, Phyla Vell, Northstar, Karma, Karolina Dean, Hulking, and Anole!