yg: bigbang? better wait a year to give them a brief comeback before sending them into the military!

yg: 2ne1? better promise a comeback and then disband them just as our other powerhouse group goes into the military!

yg: winner? better make them bust their asses and wait a year to comeback, then put them on the back burner before we kick one of their central members out of the group!

yg: blackpink? better only give them 3.5 songs to build a strong fanbase for them as they lead our company after we lose other groups!

yg: ikon? better make sure to pimp the hell out of bobby & b.i. and just ignore the fact that no one’s going to buy the group’s music if they only know/like 2/7 members of the group!

yg: ah yes, we shall continue to be a force to be reckoned with in the kpop industry! genius!

Man I love K-pop. I mean ...

SM: mistreats chinese members. Locks girl groups in a dungeon for years after a comeback. Overworks his trainees. Fucks up debuts. Has a thing for keeping johnny hidden.

YG: lets group debut. Comeback isnt even in his dictionary. And if it is, he lies about it. Makes iconic members leave. Disbands good groups. Sends them to the military. Only listens to GD.

JYP: groups comeback once in a blue moon. Sent miss A to heaven. Listens to only got7 a.k.a jackson and twice. Amerithaikong


I want to know what it is like in the YG building right now.

I want to know if the trainees are being told to keep going even though they’ve seen two examples today of how YG treats the artists that he debuts.

I want to know if Black Pink are sad, scared, upset, whatever to actually be 2NE1 2.0 because now their seniors aren’t there. Or whether they think YG will treat them the same. Or whether they are indifferent, happy to be *the* girl group from YG.

I want to know if iKon even knew what was going on seeing as they were busy with Japan promotions. Or whether they feel that could have been them if they were the winners of W.I.N. Or whether they are just upset, broken, scared what’s going to happen to them now seeing as they seem to have just been shipped of to Japan.

I want to know if Lee Hi and AKMU wonder what will happen to them. Or whether they will ever make a comeback.

I want to know if YG trainees and idols are being told not to mention it, to keep quiet and pretend it never happened.

I want to know if 2NE1 are happy, if this is what they wanted or if YG has just betrayed one of the greatest girl groups of all time.

I want to know if Winner are happy or if they’re just watching with no say as to what is happening as YG takes their dreams and shatters them.

I want to know if Taehyun is just okay.

And most of all, I want to know what the fuck is going on in YG’s head. I want to know if he realises he is murdering talent, wasting chances. I want to know why the fuck he thinks any of this is okay.

And I wasn’t even a fan of 2NE1, Winner or YG in general. I just want to know what the fuck is going on.

And I want YG to fucking answer me.

Seriously tho fuck anyone who still belives in that “YG Family” shit and tries to defend “Papa YG” just the name suckens me, that man trampled on and emotionally abused his artists, he ruined any hope of a career they had, he took their hard work and dreams and ripped them into shreds.

YG can choke.

Dear 2NE1.

The Barrier Crushers. The worldwide superstars. The Kpop pioneers. One of the best groups to grace the world. We thank you. We thank you for everything. For your hard work, for your dedication, your music, your late night hours, your perseverance, your courage, your confidence, everything. The 4 of you have done things that no one else can say they’ve done. Your fans are so, so, thankful for everything you guys have brought to us. The laughs, the music, the bloopers, the concerts, the bond, the ALL of the above. I cannot say thank you enough for the charisma, and the headstrong attitude you all have. You girls truly are a match made in heaven. CL the badass with more than meets the eye, Bom the gorgeous girl with an angelic voice, the inventor of the “pretty girl swag”, Dara the fresh vocal and an immensely talented and sweet soul, and Minzy, the dance demigod with a smile that could light a room. CL, the way you bursted onto the scene is inspiring. The way you rode for the group till the end, shows how much of a real person you are. The way you cared for the girls, the way you lead them through the highs and lows is just astonishing. The way you’ve grown on camera, but kept that same fearless fire in your eyes, how could anyone take their eyes off of you? We will always, always, support you, 2NE1 CL or not. Blackjack is yours forever. We want to see what’s next! Bom, what a ride, what a ride, what a ride. When I first saw you I knew you were special. There is just so much to you, such a sweet soul. Such a beautiful spirit. Despite all of the hate, you still smiled, and you still rose. And we are so proud of you. We’re not going anywhere, blackjacks got your back. Just call on us. We’ll be there for you. We love you more than you know.
Dara, our beautiful energy pill. I can barely put into words what it is about you because it’s so special. It’s the love you carry in your heart, we see it, we see the best in you. You’re fearless, you’re talented, you’re beautiful, what’s not to love? You are our Dara!! And you are the best.
Minzy, the dance queen. Your energy is magnetic and immense. The way you move, the way you take a song to the 100th level, the way you come off on stage, the way you do everything you do, blackjacks are inspired. We are driven.

The 4 of you have changed the lives of many, you’ve broken records for kpop and for women, and your legacy will live on, and on, and on. Thank you for a wild, beautiful, ride. We love you so, so much.