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Famous Celebrities That Like Kpop
  • The Smith Family (Wonder Girls): “I’ve talked about this with my daughter and we think Wonder Girls are aliens ... My daughter and wife are very interested in world music. They talked about the Wonder Girls before and that is why I have an interest in them."
  • Daniel Radcliffe (SNSD): " I also have SNSD's CD." "They're all pretty fantastic!"
  • Rihanna (4 Minute): "The voices, and I like the little choreography" "Your voice is incredible! (To Jeon Jiyoon)"
  • The Wanted (Super Junior): "We learned about Kpop recently...so I would love to do one (collaboration)...were they Super Junior? Where they're all perfect, and we're just sort of stumbling around after them but terribly."
  • Nelly Furtado: "I’ve already enjoyed K-Pop over the years. I’m really lucky enough to live in a city where you can go to a little Korean barbeque place and watch as many K-pop videos you want on the TV screen ... I wanted T.O.P on Big Hoops (her song)!”
  • Jessica Alba: "All of my friends who are working in the art and fashion field listen to K-pop. There are many that play K-pop during the fashion party held during fashion week...I enjoyed all the songs that my friends played for me."
  • Some others: Lady Gaga (Heechul, Lee Jung Hyun, Jay Park), Anna Kendrick (f(x)), Kevin Mchale + Harry Shum Jr. (Big Bang), Will.I.Am (2NE1, Wonder Girls), Michael Bay (Rain), Flo Rida (G-Dragon), Perez Hilton, Justin Bieber (PSY, G-Dragon), Jedward (Teen Top, Big Bang), Omarion (Beast), Ludacris (YG artists), Kanye West (JYJ), Kat Graham + Nina Dobrev (2NE1), Pixie Lott (G-dragon, TOP).