What I've Been Watching: 8/4 - 8/17 (Two Week End of Summer Edition!)

[Note: Why didn’t I post this like two weeks ago? lol]

- Children’s Hospital season 1 - 8/10
- Children’s Hospital season 2 - 8/10
- Luther series 3 - 7/10
- Fringe season 2
- Breaking Bad season 5
- Orange is the New Black - 8.5/10
- G.I. Joe: Retaliation - 3/10
- Blue Jasmine - 9/10
- From One Second to the Next - 8.5/10
- Elysium - 7/10
- Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters - 4/10

- Adaptation - 9/10
- How to Train Your Dragon - 9.5/10
- 21 Jump Street - 8.5/10
- Pacific Rim - 8.5/10
- The Wire season 2 - 8.5/10

This is probably going to be my last “What I’ve Been Watching” update until winter break. I may do a WIBW monthly edition, but I doubt I’m going to be watching much other than an episode of Breaking Bad season 5 here and an episode of whatever show I’m currently watching there. It’s been good keeping tabs on what I’ve been watching this summer, this is the first time I’ve properly tagged it so I can always look back and see what I watched haha.

Children’s Hospital! Kind of funny how I started to watch this show haha. I’d heard of it before of course but never really watched it. One night I came home super late and there just randomly happened to be a Children’s Hospital shirt on my bed and I was like “Who’s shirt is this!?” because I damn well know that no one else in our house would be watching a show like that haha. So I decided to keep the shirt but I couldn’t wear it without having seen the show so I decided to start watching it on Netflix lol. This show is HILARIOUS! If you’re a fan of weird/wacky comedy in the vein of The Ten or anything else that’s super over the top and filled with tons of puns and ridiculously hilarious melodrama then you will love Children’s Hospital. I was literally laughing out loud within 5 seconds of starting the show, not even kidding! I think that if you watch a lot of the type of shows it’s parodying you’ll get a bigger kick out of it. I don’t really watch those Grey’s Anatomy, ER, etc. type of shows, but I still found it pretty funny. The episodes are a mere 10 minutes long so I say give it a shot and if it’s not your cup of tea then hey, not like you had to waste your time investing hours upon hours on it *cough*TheWalkingDead*cough*. 

I remembered that Luther series 3 just premiered last month and I just caught series 1 and 2 on Netflix earlier this summer so I HAD to watch series 3. This particular series still had the same problems I had with series 1 and 2, but what makes it good is that the production values are top notch and the acting is great. Plus, THE reason you should watch this show is the one and only IDRIS ELBA. This man could pull off any role and make it epic. My friend and I were just talking about how awesome he is and just saying “Mannnn Idris Elba for EVERYTHING! Reboot Superman again and cast Idris Elba. Need a new Batman? Idris Elba. Daniel Craig is still James Bond for the next two movies? Fuck it, just cast Idris Elba and make his own movies as James Bond. IDRIS ELBA FOR EVERYTHING!” To be honest, a lot of the plotlines in the third series were even more ridiculous than the first two series and I thought the first two series strained believability many times. What boosted the score was the final episode, which plot-wise felt very standard, but one particular thing happened that literally had me pumping my fist in jubilation hahah. I’m trying to do a full write up on the entire series so I’ll cut this short (“short”, I just wrote a textbook lol).

Fringe season 2, gah! I’ve only gotten 7 episodes into this season. I’m so ashamed that I didn’t finish it before school started. I’m probably going to be making slow but steady progress throughout this semester whenever I have some down time.

I caught the first two episodes of the final eight episodes of Breaking Bad season 5. I thought the ninth episode was an excellent return for Breaking Bad after a year off. The tenth episode was very so-so. Almost nothing happened narratively in that episode and it was mostly just set up, which feels weird because I don’t think this show has much time to waste with only 6 episodes left to wrap up the series. I’ve already started formulating theories with my friends and I might do a write up on how I think the show could potentially end. Only six more episodes to go!

A show that has been getting a ton of love on social media lately is Netflix’s new original series, Orange is the New Black, from Weeds creator Jenji Kohan. If you dug Weeds in its prime or dramedy series then Orange is the New Black will be right up your alley. I’m planning to do a full review on season 1, but no guarantees since I’ve got a million other reviews I never finished lol. This is a great show that lived up to the incredible hype I’d been hearing all around.

I caught G.I. Joe: Retaliation with a free Redbox rental and that was a huge mistake lmfao. You don’t understand, I hate hate HATED the first G.I. Joe movie released in 2009. That was super crappy and bad all around, so I thought to myself “G.I. Joe 2… they add The Rock, the trailers looked cool, how hard could it be to top the first G.I. Joe?” Well let me tell you, this movie was so fucking bad it actually made me think about the first G.I. Joe like “was that movie really as bad as I thought?” and once again let me remind you that I HATED the first G.I. Joe movie. G.I. Joe: Retaliation barely feels like a movie, it feels more like disconnected action set pieces that they just decided to put in a single movie. The plot is awful, but I wasn’t expecting Shakespeare in that department, what I was expecting were some fun action set pieces and I couldn’t even get that. The mountain sequence is a highlight, but even that feels so weak. The action in this movie feels so muted, none of the explosions, gunfire, or fighting felt like there was any weight behind it. Do not see G.I. Joe: Retaliation, save yourself the 2 hours.

Check out my review of Blue Jasmine here. My advice: go see this movie!

Elysium was one of the last summer movies I caught in theaters and I’m sad to say that I found it disappointing. I still found it to be a good movie overall even with the multitude of problems, but after District 9 I was expecting Neill Blomkamp to knock this one out of the park. If District 9 was a homerun, this is a solid double; good but not great. The action and special effects were absolutely stunning, but I found the character work to be lacking and the compelling themes to be handled with the blunt force of a sledgehammer. District 9 wasn’t exactly subtle either, but I feel like Blomkamp didn’t improve writing-wise from that film. This is still a movie I would recommend to sci-fi fans and action fans, but don’t expect it to be as fantastic as District 9.

I’m a big fan of Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson series. I’ve read all the books and I saw the movie adaptation of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (clunkiest title ever) on opening weekend. I actually enjoyed The Lightning Thief despite the fact that they bastardized the story of the first book. I thought it ended up being a relatively fun and breezy action adventure (although I felt less enthusiastic about it after rewatching it this summer for the first time since theaters). Anyways, so Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters. Read my thoughts on the fact that they made a sequel here. I was glad they stuck closer to the source material for the sequel, but I’ve always said that sticking to the source material doesn’t equal a better movie when the execution is off and it was wayyyyy off in Sea of Monsters. It’s sad that this movie felt a lot cheaper in terms of effects than the first movie which was released 4.5 years ago, and that film’s special effects were Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone-esque in how bad the green screen effects were. The character work is all out the window and replaced with cookie cutter stereotypes. The cliffhanger ending of the book is intact here, but instead of being this wonderful “holy shit!” moment, I feel like the impact of it is muted due to the way it is shot and scored. The clunky voice over narration to tell you the significance of the ending was eye-rollingly bad. This movie isn’t an abomination, but when that’s how you have to describe a film it’s not a good thing.

In honor of the first trailer of Spike Jonze’s first trailer dropping I decided to rewatch Adaptation, which I hadn’t seen in about 2 years. I loved it the first time I watched it but I think that I loved it even more now that I’m a more experienced movie watcher lol. Nicolas Cage might be a joke these days, but movies like Adaptation show that he is easily one of the most talented actors of his generation. Meryl Streep is typically great Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper definitely deserved his Best Supporting Oscar win. What strikes me about this movie now is how every person in this movie is searching for something. Cage, becomes obsessed with finding a way to adapt the book he’s turning into a screenplay (and in turn fails to keep up with his personal relationships); Streep, some greater answer to life (feels unfulfilled, which is why she felt the need to see the rare orchid); Cooper, something that interests him (remember the scene about how many hobbies he’s taken up and completely dropped?). In life we tend to search for these answers and meanings for our lives that are basically impossible to fulfill. There is no one magic answer you’re going to find to make everything complete, life is a constant journey and struggle. You shouldn’t look for an answer in life, because there isn’t one. This movie is all over the place and super meta, but that’s what makes it one of a kind. My favorite line of dialogue that I’ll never forget from this film is when Donald tells his brother Charlie “You are what you love, not what loves you”. That line just always stuck out to me as this little piece of advice to help you carry on. It’s not about what loves you back, but what you love that helps define who you are. Becausse even if your feelings are not reciprocated it still means something to you and I just found that to be a beautiful sentiment. I can’t recommend Adaptation enough, this is a magnificent film!

I popped in How to Train Your Dragon just for fun and I don’t have all that much to say that I haven’t said about it before. I’ve seen this movie so many freakin’ times! Check out my full review which I wrote back when it first came out in theaters in 2010 (good God, I’ve had this Tumblr for a long time lol): http://inezco.tumblr.com/post/495180523/how-to-train-your-dragon-review.

Also just happened to catch 21 Jump Street on a whim. This is the first time I’ve seen it since theaters and I found it to be just as hilarious - if not even more so - than the first time. Check out my original review right here: http://inezco.tumblr.com/post/20949868782/21-jump-street-mini-review.

On my last movie hop day of the summer after seeing Elysium and Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, my buddy dividethesheepy and I decided to catch Pacific Rim one last time in theaters. We were a little worried because the projector was fucking up during the trailers and I was like “Well shit, I can’t complain because I’m fucking movie hopping” LOL, but they did eventually get things fixed. I found Pacific Rim to be just as enjoyable the second time around as the first. This movie is just so much damn fun! Easily my favorite big budget summer blockbuster of 2012.

Best Buy had all the seasons of The Wire on sale for a mere 18.99 so you KNOW I couldn’t pass that up. I had seen the entire series before I bought them on DVD and I only owned seasons 1, 4, and 5 because seasons 2 and 3 weren’t at Target when I got those on sale lol. I only managed to watch the first two episodes and even though The Wire season 2 is easily my least favorite season of The Wire, I’d still take it over 95% of any other show’s BEST season. The Wire is seriously just on another level as far as storytelling, character development, attention to detail, writing, entertainment, just everything about this show astounds me and shows just how far behind other shows are in terms of quality. I really feel like The Wire is playing chess and every other show is playing checkers, there’s just something deeper and more complex at work here than in any other show I’ve ever seen. I’m usually very accepting of differing opinions these days (not everyone will like the same things), but I’m not kidding when I say that if you watch The Wire and don’t like it, I will think less of you as a human being lmfao. Sadly I’ve only gotten a few friends to actually take the dive into the show although a few of them are from Tumblr! (@femgarden, @jlemurs, and @kidwiththetypewriter, you all ROCK!). For me, The Wire and The Simpsons are the two essential shows that you MUST watch before you die, and if you know how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Simpsons then you know that’s not a statement I make lightly.

I’m only two weeks into this semester of nursing school but all I’ve seen so far is The World’s End twice in theaters and Olympus Has Fallen lol. Hope you all make some time to watch some movies in your lives!


Ever since HIS moved to NY to spread the good word of Wear it both Ways, he has started to experience some inexplicable signs of illness.  The longer he is removed from HERS, the more feverish he becomes.  The symptoms are escalating!!  His ailments are listed below

-Extremely tired

-Excessive sweating (more than usual)

-Over-usage of baby aspirin

-Achy joints … or that could be from dancing at the bars … indeterminable

… finally culminating in:  JUNGLE FEVER

Prints are definitely happening right now, with the most updated and directional ideas coming in the form of bold florals and even jungle prints.  Take this look out for a spin at your local park, not only will you blend into the scenery, you can jump out and scare small children passing by!

Hmm, maybe having jungle fever isn’t that bad … :D

His shirt is Zara, his pants are Martin + Osa (RIP)