As a whole, I don’t know if Avatar Land was the best idea (especially compared to the Beastly Kingdom), but this animatronic will probably go down in Disney history!

  • Sister: So we are thinking about going to universal-
  • WDW AP: Universal?😂😴The only universe I know🤔👀is Universe🌎💨 of Energy💥💡Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow🌐💯R.I.P. Maelstrom 10/05/14🇳🇴😩⚰️

So close, but so far… by Brett Kiger
Via Flickr:
Walt Disney World | Magic Kingdom | Transportation and Ticket Center

throwback to that one time i met Gaston on Valentine’s Day in 2015 and the following things occurred: 

- i was wearing a rubber bracelet with Belle and Beast on it and he grabbed my hand and flipped it inside out so he wouldn’t have to look at it
- i was also wearing a Beast pin on my sweater literally right above my boob so he started moving his hand towards my chest and i’m like “wat” and then he flips my sweater inside out so he can’t see the pin 
- then i asked him to sign the book i’d just purchased, The Beast Within, bc i’m a dork that went to Disney World without an autograph book
- then i pulled the “No Belle Prize” joke and he hated me 
- then i accidentally got Sharpie on his glove and he hated me even more 
- then as we’re about to pose for a picture he noticed the illustration of Prince Adam on the cover of my book and proceeded to talk about how he looked like a girl and was better looking as a Beast 
- “i’m sorry about your glove” “it’s fine”
- i told him happy Valentine’s Day and he was like “Valentine’s Day?? um no it’s Gaston day”
- that was the day i died
- the end 

(also pls excuse my double chin and general ew-ness in this video i swear i’m the same person as in my pictures, i’m just noticeably more gross when i’m not posing at a specific angle)