Imagination Pavilion (1983)


Journey into imagination was a dark ride in EPCOT center. The ride begins with Dreamfinder introducing himself and creating Figment the dragon. He then gives Figment childish delight and Figment starts to come up with his own ideas. Dreamfinder then tells Figment that his machine is full and the two ends up going to the dreamport to store their ideas.

The dreamport is a strange storing place with odd gadgets such as an electronic ball and a machine that can recreate applause. We see Figment grow some flowers and then we go to the arts.

In the arts we can see a carousel and Figment painting the landscape with a rainbow.  Then we see thunder ahead warning us about the dangers ahead in the literature section.  

In the literature section, we see giant towering letters and words forming in the background. There’s also a shadow of various monsters that figment is trying to seal.

In the theater section, we see Figment checking himself and dreamfinder playing with lights. This is the shortest section of the ride. 

We then go into the science section where dreamfinder shows us nature videos from Disney’s own nature series. 

In the final scene, dreamfinder tells Figment that he holds the key to the future and then we go into a room with various figments in various situations and the real figment is in the middle singing “one little spark”. After that, we go to another room where dreamfinder takes the rider’s picture and tells them to go to the imageworks. 


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Time Slice of Main St USA by Matt Stemerman
Via Flickr:
After seeing this method about 6 months ago, I knew eventually I’d want to try it at Disney. It was just a matter of being able to camp out at the train station, which is not something I care to do. Getting there about 3 hours before the parade or fireworks, I was hoping to get more centered but it was already quite busy. So I would have preferred that but found it ok with this angle. My main problem was as the sun started to set, the station got more crowded and people piled on top of people. And with this method, taking the same photo for 90 minutes, any bump of the tripod essentially ruins all the time spent so I got a tad over protective. But when I got home and loaded all 41 layers, I was happy to see everything aligned perfectly. Even though photoshop crashed twice throughout the loading process. Thanks for looking! Instagram - instagram.com/wdwimaginography/ Twitter - twitter.com/DWimaginography