the signs as sensations

ARIES: the heat from a campfire

TAURUS: a warm blanket when you are freezing

GEMINI: sand from the beach in between your toes

CANCER: a sweet and innocent first kiss

LEO: the ecstatic feeling of winning a sports game

VIRGO: the feeling in your stomach as your drop on a rollercoaster

LIBRA: the last bite of ice cream

CAPRICORN: shuffling a deck of cards (perfectly btw)

SCORPIO: spicy foods burning your tongue

SAGITTARIUS: the loud chirping of birds in the forest

AQUARIUS: crushing snow beneath snow boots

PISCES: ocean waves rippling against your legs

Here, catch some tips how to make your autumn season the most atmospheric and cozy! *o*
•first thing: go get some cozy blankets to make your bed super super comfy ^^
•second thing: dowloand a bunch of your favourite music to make your autumn vibes fly in the air with that perfect melody!
•third thing: take more atmospheric pictires and then stick them on the wall to create beautiful memories <з
•fourth thing: collect some vivid leaves to make an autimn herbaruim!
•fifth thing: treat yourself with good artsy coffee, hot chocolate and cocoa c: { also visit lots of cafés }
•sixth thing: just enjoy every moment of this amazing season ❤️


Have a Seat and Watch the Sunset by Joe Penniston