Johnny’s Survey~

I’m thinking of making a meme something but just so it’s accurate I made a survey for all JE fans. It’s shouldn’t take that long and only one question is required so you can answer however many you want. You can add your name if you want or stay anonymous. Any answers are very much appreciated. Also a reblog would be nice so more people will see this ^^ Thanks friends

To the survey


Covers for new single

Ken describe song as song with “adult flavor”, “stylish”. But this week he said on radio that he expects this single will be loved by the fan and surpass other fan favorites like Supernova, Break the Wall, fAKE, FLASH BACK, etc. 

Fan are excited because these favorite songs are album track or coupling songs, the first time in a while we get such a single from V6.


Congrats to these 6! Can’t Get Enough/Hana hirake rank at #2 and sold just under 130,000 units in its first week, roughly 12,000 unit increase from Beautiful World’s sales. CGE is also getting a lot of praise from music critic and non-fan. Uno Koremasa, music journalist for ROCKIN'ON JAPAN and author, praise V6 after seeing their Music Station performance. The producer of the single, Hoshino Junichi, said after Music Station he saw praise from different music creator, various artist and people who are not interested in Johnny’s.

This single also outsell first week sales of every single since Dasenai Tegami in 2001 (135,250 units first week), their best first week sales in 15 years. They now have the record for most years with single ranking in top 10 in Oricon, 23 year period.