When someone you don’t like asks you out

Amour (V x You)

Inspiration; after so long of wanting each other Taehyung makes love to you in a bathtub at a house party. 

length: 3530 words

rating: hella smut with a teeny tiny bit of fluff too

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You watched him from the other side of the living room; he gently sipped from a beer bottle while you tipped back another shot. Eyes locked on each other as you stepped into the middle of the room, the designated dance floor. A small smirk played on his lips when your girlfriend’s pulled you with them, a low and sultry song pumping through the sound system and vibrating in your chest.

You moved away slightly from your group of friends, into a space where he could watch you hungrily from where he stood. Your flickered your eyes shut, raised your arms into the air as you allowed your hips to sway to the music. The alcohol buzzed around your body as your mind began to feel hazy, only aware you were seducing Taehyung from across the room.

He had been the reason you had agreed to come to this party, dressing up in a lacy bralet that didn’t cover much as well as high-waisted jeans and sky scrapper heels just to finally catch his attention. Judging by the way his tongue flickered out to lick his bottom lip you had succeeded. You had finally become tired of trying to attract your brother’s best friend; sick of the way he only viewed you as a naïve younger sister. You were tired of keeping your crush a secret and tired of pretending he was just another guy way out of your league.

Your eyes snapped open as a playful smirk wound it’s way onto your lips, your hips dipping and grinding against thin air as you teased him. He was still looking at you and you weren’t sure if it was the new confidence from the alcohol or you had just grown inpatient but with your index finger you beckoned him over.

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