there’s a hashtag on twitter right now that i think is great. #HispanicGirlsUnited because my parents left everything they had, their home, their friends and family, to move here and work their asses off to give me and my brother a better life than they had. because people shame us for being 16 and pregnant yet white people get a show for it. because girls with lighter skin aren’t considered Hispanic but girls with darker skin are shamed for it. because people like to celebrate our holidays and wear clothes made by us in our countries but still tell us to go back to our countries. because we’re not all Mexican. because people still say that Hispanics are a waste of space and take jobs when in reality we do the jobs no one else wants. because one of the few times Hispanic women get appreciated is when they’re being sexualized. because “oh you don’t act like one of THOSE Hispanics” is supposed to be taken as a compliment. because white people shame us for having naturally tan/dark skin and think it’s ok when they have to use cosmetics for theirs. because you force us to integrate into american culture but remind us every day that this “isn’t our country”. the list goes on and on. i don’t get why Hispanics are looked down upon so much. maybe it’s because our parents don’t spoil us and they teach us to earn what we deserve and appreciate everything life has to offer.. i’m so proud to be Hispanic and i don’t give a fuck what some of the assholes running and living in this country think.