Daddy’s Little Girl

Title: Daddy’s Little Girl

Characters: Negan x You/Reader

Synopsis: You used to be a nude cam model. Negan was your favorite customer. What are the chances that you’d see him again now that the dead’s taken over the world?

Warnings: NSFW, smut, daddy kink lol

Note: This got me back on track yay. Not sure if there will be a part 2 to this…yay or nay? ;)

Again, italicized parts are flashbacks.

You clicked your tongue in irritation when your captor started pushing you into the premises of the compound you’ve been spying on. He snickered at you when you glowered at him, “Got a problem, sugar?” he sneered as he shoved you forward again.

“You tied my hands but not my feet. Point is, I can walk on my own. No need to keep on pushing me.” You hissed and started walking ahead of him only to be pulled back.

“Nice try, bitch.” He mocked and placed a hand on your upper back to push you again.

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This is awesome from the Rick and Michonne facebook group. For all yal getting annoyed about this Jadis spoiler…this is how it’s going down. With Michonne as cool as a cucumber and Rick, horrified and irritated as hell! 😂😂😂

Grady Nation

So i made this edit for the Grady bunch today go check it out on my twitter which is @beth_warriors 

when i posted this i then got this off the lovely Jarod 

He played the cop called Officer Tanaka.

Soon after he replied to me, i then got the well known Erik Jenson (Dr Edwards) liking and retweeting my post too. 

this isn’t TD, but i thought i’d just show you that the actors are STILL liking and retweeting and follow up on TWD. why? if the grady story is over? hmm. I also tagged in officer Shepherd actress and the other cop Officer Licari. I hope they will too see this :). 

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anonymous asked:

Is there any way you can give some of us hope? Hope that they aren't putting Carol with Ezekiel? Hope that Caryl is still beautiful and means something? It physically hurts my heart to see their story thrown to the wayside. - A Depressed Caryler

HI, Nonny, there is always hope IMO.  

I still do not see Carz3kiel ever happening. 

In a season devoted to getting ready for war, TWD took the time to write and build episode 7.10, after investing a lot of time and money into Caryl over the years.  Plus later episodes, in which Carol and Daryl spent precious screentime talking with other people and having the other person’s name come up often. 

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(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgHPxNNbZIY)

Finally, something to show for myself ;)

Being Ricks daughter would include:

•Being just as tough if not tougher than Carl

•Fighting 24/7 with Carl but knowing you will always have each other’s

•Being Judith’s babysitter and guarding her with your life

•Having all the group adore you and thinking your the sweetest even though they know you could kick their asses

• Helping Rick after Lori’s death “Dad I know this is hard for you but we need you. I need you ”

• Having Daryl teach you how to fix cars

•Promising Glen you would take care of Maggie if anything ever happened

•Having michonne teach you how to do dread locks “You sure you’re not going to rip my hair !“

• Being the one that kills Ron when he shoots Carl

•Not liking Enid at first but eventually warming to her. “ I swear to god if you hurt my brother I’ll kill you”

• Having to have Michonne hold you done while Negan threatened to have Carl’s arm cut off

• Being happy but worried that you have the largest family

•calling your dad officer friendly to annoy him.


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I can’t wait to see this scene with Jadis. I know some of us aren’t really here for it. But me, personally, I love when a thirsty hoe tries it. Try it, honey! PLEASE TRY IT! Try every combination. Try every recipe. Try every card in your wallet, hoe!


Insufficient funds!!!


Insufficient funds!!!

Jadis gonna hit one of these coming off her little junk pile

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And Michonne gonna be standing there like

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Daily McBride #19

I love how much love Melissa gets from anyone who’s ever known her. Andy raves about how amazing Melissa is, like when she and him share their first scene in season 1, and Andy goes, “Who the fuck is that?” Norman always raves about how great of an actress she is and how much he adores her. Alanna praises working with someone like Melissa, Lauren has admitted how excited she was to work with her. 

I mean the list goes on!

And it’s not even TWD either, I’ve heard former co-workers and co-stars say things about her. Frank Darabont was so moved by what she did with her scene in The Mist that not only did he bring her back for the end, he also recommended her for TWD. Without Darabont, there would be no Melissa! *gasps*

Everyone just adores her, but I can’t really blame them b/c we all do!