Daryl’s relationship with Carol definitely produces the most heart warming moments of the show. Ever since the first season in which Daryl stopped Carol from going after her abusive, now-walker husband, the two have been a powerhouse of support for each other. Whether it be through the death of Carol’s daughter Sophia or Daryl’s struggle to accept Beth’s death, the two have always been there to offer each other a shoulder to cry on or even a massage.

Carol is the only one who knows what Daryl is thinking, and the two have an unspoken bond that is rivaled by none other on the show. Carol is also one bad-ass lady who Daryl downright respects and would do anything for, showing his truly feminist side and making fans melt even more.

It can’t be said where the relationship between the two is going, or whether the sexual tension between the two is just a product of the fans minds, but their reaction to each other upon being reunited in season five was enough to warm the coldest walkers heart.

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Oh yeah 😊 I love that the Caryl relationship is being toted as one of the top reasons that people love Daryl.

And the article almost for the details right 😁

“I can’t stop you. But you can’t stop me from helping you.”

I finished this a couple days ago n.n Frist time drawing dreadlocks… Also, I’d like to follow more blogs about Danai/Michonne so pls let me know if you post about them - Inés

The McReedus Progression

I remember looking at this picture a long time ago and thinking how adorable it was and wondering how they could possibly top it:

And then along came the Conan appearance and they do this:

And I think, yeah.  No way they can top that.  Her earring is in his mouth. It’s so sexy.  And then what happens?  They jump on a private plane to SDCC and we get this:

At this point I’m absolutely sure they can’t top that level of sexiness and intimacy.  I mean they’re just friends, right ?  But then, they take a little trip to Austin and some random magazine covering SXSW posts this:

I’m still swooning over the way they’re looking at each other.  So yeah, no way it can get any better for McReedus/Caryl fans, right?  They’re obviously very good friends who enjoying being around one another, and even - sleeping in each other’s lap?? Yep, they did it again:

So, I pose the question to you all and you Melissa and Norman: How will you top this moment?

I cannot WAIT to find out :)

The power of omniscience is also quite appealing, in that fans may actually be a step ahead of our Alexandria characters. They may know more about the illness (?) than the characters we’ve come to love. What does Rick truly know, aside from the secret that CDC doctor Edwin Jenner (Noah Emmerich) whispered to him?
So Fear TWD fans, by episode six, you may actually be able to inform Rick Grimes on a couple of things! Let’s hope this power doesn’t get to our heads, though.

For this is the law of the land: Maggie (Lauren Cohan), Carol (Melissa McBride) and company still hold a special place in our hearts.


September 2, 2015 - Fear TWD: Cheatsheet 

*Little specific Maggie and Carol love from Fear TWD fans!