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In bed channel surfing and 6x10 The Next World is on! I have some random re-watch thoughts:

1. Rick did a lot of running that day and then went home and sexed Michonne up. The ZA does wonders for your stamina.
2. I wonder who took over Michonne’s watch duty when she went after Spencer?
3. Jesus is so awesome and I need more of him in S7.
4. I want to give Carl and Enid a hug.

“I totally understand people who despise Danai Gurira. Who does she think she is bringing awareness to issues that women ALL OVER THE WORLD FACE with her organization Love Our Girls? Or the fact that she co-found another organization which helps African artists reach their full potential so they can go on to tell their stories on a global scale. I despise the fact that this tony-nominated playwright wants to create more roles for Africans and is actively doing so. Gosh, I hate her :)”

Friend!Negan x reader

You sat on your bed, wondering when the Hell Negan would get out of the bathroom. It was bad enough that you had been put in the same house as Negan in the Sanctuary but you also had to share a bathroom with him which was living Hell due to the fact he had to wash blood off of his skin every day.
“Negan hurry the fuck up!” you called, running a hand through your thick hair.
“Just wait a fucking minute [Y/N]” Negan grumbled, opening the door and hugging you tightly as if he were distressed, you hugged him back and beamed at him.
“Big fucking softie” you chuckled, earning a loud laugh from Negan.
“Only around you, you cold hearted bitch” he joked, shaking his hair like a dog.
“I try” you grinned, Negan pulled you in for another bear hug and it was oddly relaxing. Negan always gave the best hugs, there was no doubt about that.

“Its the 29th of August, its still Summer. Why the fuck are you wearing a scarf?” Negan asked as you sat on the sofa next to him, you smirked and put your head in his lap.
“You know damn well why.” you growled playfully, swatting Negan’s hand away when he tried to touch your hair.
“I’ve known you for what? 10 years? And you’ve never let me touch your hair” Negan chuckled quietly, grabbing a tattered book from the coffee table beside him, he opened it up and began reading.
“That’s because my hair is my baby” you replied softly, closing your eyes and resting your feet up on the arm of the sofa, Negan shook his head and rested his arm across the back of the sofa.
“I thought Dwight was your baby?” he laughed, you sighed with a stifled laugh.
“He’s my small sweet Summer child.” you replied, earning a confused look from Negan.
“He’s an innocent child, basically.” you shrugged, causing Negan to laugh loudly, his deep tone filling the air around you.
“Dwight? Innocent? Yeah fucking right.” Negan laughed louder, you sat up and faced him with a raised eyebrow.
“Spill it, ping pong” you teased with a growl.
“Dwight is head over fucking heels for you.” Negan stifled a laugh and waited a few seconds before throwing a fit of laughter, he crouched over and clenched onto his sides from where he was laughing so much.
“Ex-fucking-cuse me?” you blushed slightly, thinking about the small crush you had on Dwight, but you were met only with Negan laughing even more.
“You’re an asshole” you chuckled as Negan’s breathing slowly turned to normal after his laughing fit.
“You love me” Negan teased with a smirk.
“That doesn’t mean you’re not an asshole” you laughed quietly, Negan ruffled your hair and shook his head.
“And you’re Satan” he laughed, nudging you with his shoulder.
“Thank you, I try” you laughed and relaxed into the sofa.