Snap Out Of It - Part 10

Snap Out Of It - Part 10

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Word Count: 1140

Warnings: Just Negan being a plain ol’ tempting man. God help us.

Note: <3 I love you all. I am so sorry I haven’t uploaded in ages but I’ve had exams to study for but now that’s done!! So enjoy guys :) <3

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The next few weeks you spent at the sanctuary where actually considerably calm. Negan had let you straight back in your room after the incident, then Negan hadn’t bothered you as much. In fact, you hadn’t seen much of Negan since then. He frequently went out to hunt and visit Alexandria. You heard the occasional talk about Rick and the group but nothing interesting enough to be worried about. Only that Negan kept taking more supplies.

You were helping out sorting out food for people and rationing when someone tapped your shoulder. It was Simon. “What do you want?” You said annoyed. Whenever Simon spoke to you it was either to annoy you or tell you that Negan wanted to see you. Since Negan hadn’t asked for you in a few weeks you assumed it was the latter. “The boss wants you.” He said grinning. You rolled your eyes. You were slightly annoyed with Negan. He usually saw you every day but lately, he hadn’t been taking much notice of you and that made you feel slightly put out. You put down the cans of beans you were holding and turned around fully looking at Simon. As you looked up at him he smirked. “Well, follow me darlin’.” He said turning swiftly and walking outside.

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You saw Negan standing with his group of men by a truck and sighed. Not only would you have to face Negan, but his men as well, who always stared at you and jeered at you when Negan was trying to show you who was in charge. “Here she is,” Simon said and he leant against the truck. He smirked at you as you stood in front of Negan and you scowled at him. “Well? What do you want?” You said folding your arms, unimpressed at how he could just order you to see him whenever he wanted.

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Negan looked down at you and licked his bottom lip. “Afternoon doll’. You’re looking fine today.” He said scanning your body. You noticed him do this and swallowed. He wasn’t about to use his charms on you this time. “Thanks. I’d say the same about you except you’re an ass.” You said shrugging. Negan stepped closer towards you and raised his eyebrow. “I’m a what now?” He asked, still walking towards you. You looked at Simon who stood behind staring at you. Sometimes you wondered what his problem was because he always stared at you. He never didn’t look at you when you walked by him.

Negan’s men were just as bad. They always glanced at you or made some face at you. It was as if Negan had an inside joke with all his men that you knew nothing about. You looked back at Negan, who was now standing in front of you, inches away. As you looked up you glared at him. “You are an asshole.” You said once more, emphasising your dislike for him.

Negan was a bloody attractive man. There was no denying it. In every way, you could want him more than ever, but the one thing that turned you off was him being a high and mighty asshole. Sure, he presented himself as a leader. His hair slicked back and his beard with silver streaks made him seem more manly than ever. Not to mention his great taste in clothes and the way his eyes could tell you all he was thinking and feeling about you, just by looking at you. He knew exactly what to say and when to say it, how to make a woman melt and drop to her knees. He knew how to make people worship him. It made you feel immoral and guilt-ridden inside, but he was the only man you had ever met which made you weak just by looking at him. So far you were doing a pretty good job of hiding it. But every now and again you’d think of Rick and how much you cared about him and loved him. It would make you sad and you’d feel regretful that you ever considered anything with Negan.

Negan tilted his head and looked up to the sky chuckling. “Really? Is that what you really think of me? After everything I’ve done for you?” He asked. His eyes were now full of excitement and anticipation. You knew fighting him on this would land you on a bad page in his book, but honestly, you didn’t care about him or his opinions.

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“Especially after everything you’ve done. You have taken away everything I used to hold dear to me, everything I had left in this world. Now I’ve just got me, this shithole and you, the asshole.” Negan laughed in your face. He then grabbed you by the arm and his face turned sour. Simon watched, slightly concerned and the men just stood there sneering. “Pretty little princess, don’t pretend you’re the ruler of my land. The way you’re talking anyone would think you’re in charge. I may be an asshole sweetheart, but I’m a damn good asshole if you ask me. I see what’s going on here. You’re pissed at me because I haven’t spoken to you in a good few weeks, huh?” He had a smirk plastered on his face. You glared at him and said, “Yeah. As a matter of fact, I am.”

“Well maybe next time, I’ll go a whole month. You obviously missed me.” He let go of your arm and you stepped backwards. You hated that he could get to you like this. In fact, he was right. You had missed him regrettably, but you would never admit it. You shook your head and walked away from him. You heard muttering from his men and wasn’t aware Negan was following you until he clutched your wrist turning you around. “Listen to me doll’. I’m going to say this once, and only once. And if you still can’t follow up from that afterwards? Then I’ll be punishing your sweet little ass.” He pulled you close to him and bent down a little to whisper in your ear.

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“If you give me that kind of attitude again, I will personally punish you in the worst way possible.” You suddenly felt Lucille pressed against your back. You pulled back a little to look at him. “You wouldn’t dare.” You said. You knew he wanted you too much to kill you like that. Negan rose his eyebrow. He lifted his hand up to your bottom lip, brushing a finger against it. He then quickly snatched your chin so he forced you to look at him and said, “Oh I will. Believe me.” He edged closer to you, his face inches from you. He lifted his thumb and brushed it against your bottom lip again. “Do not tempt me.” He said staring you down.

To Be Continued.

“When I run out of ideas for Negan, I’ll just kill him. Negan was supposed to die at the end of the ‘Something To Fear’ arc, he was originally supposed to be in the book for only four or five issues, it was supposed to end when Maggie took over The Hilltop: Rick was going to deliver Negan’s head in a box to Maggie to say, "I’m sorry.” - Robert Kirkman


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Knight by Night Pt. 2

Knight by Night Pt. 2

Thanks to Daryl Jim’s passing had been peaceful. He had a struggle for a moment, not wanting his friends risking the loss of a bullet or the noise on him. But with enough assurance he had allowed himself to sleep. Everyone had helped to escort him out there, but you and Glenn had stayed. When Jim’s eyes closed, his breath slowing as the drugs began to stop his heart you had reached for the gun.

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I decided to do this imagine and it might be shit but oh well. 

Imagine: Finding a clean river to bathe in and Daryl accidentally walking in and seeing you naked.

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If there was one thing you missed more in this new, hellish world it would be indoor plumbing. You were pretty shit tired of not being able to shower even if it was with cold fucking water. You were also tired of constantly having to look for some clean source of water just to bathe in. You were also tired of having to shit in the fucking woods.

There were times where you and the group would go for days without bathing. Honestly, you no stank worse then Abraham after days of not bathing and being in the unbearable heat. It was one of those rare days where your sad, little group managed to find a good spot to rest in. You weren’t sure where Rick was taking you all but you knew it was better to ask Rick. He was in a delicate mood today.

It was luck when Tara and Rosita came back saying that there was a small river not too far from camp and it elicited some positive emotion from the group. After walking for days without any bathing, it was a godsend. You dutifully let everyone else take their very well earned bathing and kept an eye on Judith for Rick as it was his turn.

You cooed playfully at the growing baby, she giggled and grabbed your face before squishing your cheeks. She was a cute, bubbly thing that didn’t deserve to be in such a cruel world but it was what kept Rick and Carl going. It kept you going too since you used to be neighbors with Rick before shit happened.

You were only twenty on at the time and your parents had vanished as soon as the dead starting eating the living. It hurt to think that your parents didn’t care to warn you or come to your aid but you were glad that Lori and Shane offered you a ride out. You’ve been glued to their side and then Rick’s side after Shane’s passing and Lori’s death after giving birth to Judith. You were close to Rick and Carl. You used to baby sit him while his parents were out on weekly dates.

Taking care of Judith was second nature to you.

Rick came back—most of the group seeming to be in high spirits after their deserved bathing. It was amusing to see how a simple wash can lift the nastiest moods. “Thanks, Y/N,” Rick smiled at you as you offered his child back to him, “I think everyone already washed up, go on ahead.” Rick nodded his head in the direction he just came from as he kissed Judith’s forehead. The pink baby girl squealed in delight.

You smiled, “I’ll be back in a few.” You said before he walked away to join the rest of the chattering group. You went over to your pack and grabbed some clean clothes—you only had two outfits and switched them out whenever the chance to wash came up. You began to make way towards the river—you’ve seen your friends’ come from this direction so hopefully you didn’t get lost.

“Hurry back, Y/N!” Glenn called out, “We won’t start eating without you!”

You looked back at the group preparing the little food that was left and smiled, “I won’t take long like you and Maggie do.” You sassed causing the large group to start laughing. Maggie blushed while Glenn just rolled his eyes.

Thankfully, it was just a five minute walk to this cute river. It looked more like a stream but the water looked clear and very inviting. You were giddy and grinning from ear to ear. You looked around the area—a habit of yours. Just to make sure there weren’t any creeps around or any walkers. You began to strip down but made sure to keep your knife on you as you waded into the cool water. You sighed with pleasure as the cool water caressed your sweaty, dirty body and pulled your dirty clothes with. You used a large rock in the water to wash your clothes and get all the blood and grime off.

Your knife was resting protectively at the bottom of the small stream where your foot was over the blade and holding it in place. Once your clothes were washed and you were content with their somewhat cleanliness, you placed your blade on the rock underneath your clothes before dunking underneath the cool water to relieve the heat and sweat from your head and hair.

You almost groaned under the water. It felt so amazing finally having a wash after so long. You surfaced and washed the dirt out of your hair before deciding you had washed long enough. It was a short pleasure but you were lucky enough to even have it. You were getting out of the water with your knife and damp clothes in hand when you heard a rustle and then a sudden curse.


Your eyes had snapped up to meet his wide, shocked ones. He just stood there wide eyed and gaping. You stood there naked and unsure what to do. The handsome redneck quickly adverted his eyes while stuttering out an apology.

It wasn’t the first time a man had seen you naked but this was Daryl.

You chuckled getting your clothes—no point in screeching or screaming bloody murder. This man was someone you trusted with your entire soul. You were sure he had seen his fair share of naked women. “Didn’t they tell you I was down here?”

Daryl kept his eyes on the ground with a scowl, “No, those fucking bastards.”

You laughed and decided you couldn’t be mad. The group always assumed Daryl and you had some sort of fling but it wasn’t true. Daryl was Daryl and he never seemed interested in women or anybody to be exact. You, well, you would admit he was rather handsome in that rugged way but you loved Daryl like an older sibling. He had been the one to teach you how to track and hunt.

But no, there was no fling between you and Daryl Dixon.

“Well, I’m decent.” You announced as you gathered your newly washed clothes and sheathed your knife. Daryl was grumbling and began to make his way back to camp, ready to unleash his embarrassed fury onto the group. You didn’t bother to keep up and just giggled as you followed after him.

As you reached camp, you could hear laughing and Dixon saying, “You guys are such pricks!”

You laughed as you entered the camp and you saw Daryl scowl at you, “You! You tell them that there’s nothing between us or I’ll never live this down!” He says pointing at you with flushing red cheeks

You cooed at him and he swats your hand with a scowl before you sat down next to a giggling Tara, “Guys, Daryl is like eighty years old.”

That caused the group to start laughing again. Daryl flipped you off but took a begrudging seat next to Carol, who didn’t stop smiling at him. That day had ended on a positive note and it was rare when those moments happened. You smiled as you ate your small can of sliced fruit.  

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Carl Grimes:Nothing but trouble

Summary:The reader is Abraham’s daughter who is secretly daiting Carl.

Alexandria is a wonderful places,filled different,interesting people.One of them caught your eye.
,,Dad,I’m gonna check up on Judith at Abraham’s house.“-Carl said getting up from the couch.
,,Okay,just be home before dark,we’re gathering in the church today.I have something very important to say.”
,,Dad,don’t worry.“
Carl walked down the street,studying the faces of new people.
You were babysitting Judith,that little ray of sunshine.
,,(Y/N)…”-you heard Carl’s voice,outside.
Carl Grimes was a fresh starter.New life,new friends,new boyfriend.
Your pov:
I opened the door,seeing my idiot boyfriend holding a bottle of vodka.
,,Quickly come in.If my father sees you,holding vodka he is gonna be pissed.
,,Judith’s a sleep.“-I said between kisses.
,,Well,then what are we waiting for?”-his eyes traced to my bedroom.
,,Wait.Do you have condoms?“
,,Of course.”
We were making out on my bed,pretty drunk.He took off my shirt and laid me down.
He began to kiss my neck.I tried to hold back moans,wrapping my legs around his waist and biting my lips.
He took off his pants and as always asked me if I wanted this.
,,Are you sure,you want this?“-he asked.
,,This isn’t our first time,Carl.If I didn’t I wouldn’t invite you here.”
He grabbed one of the condoms from the box.
,,What the fuck is going on in here!?“-I heard my father’s voice.
We looked up and Abraham was standing in front of the door,pissed.
,,Dad,it’s not what it looks,I swear!”
,,Are you touching my baby!“
He grabbed Carl.
,,Dad,please no!”
,,What are you doing to my precious baby girl?!“
,,Dad,let him go,please!”
,,Both of you get dressed,Rick is having his speech early!“
As soon as he slammed the door,I went to check up on Carl,who was on the floor.
,,Are you okay?”
,,My stupid dad,having his speech earlier…“-he mumbled.
I got dressed and went to the church,my dad was sitting next to me with a same facial expression as earlier.
,,Thank you all for coming.”-Rick started his speech.
,,It’s not anything serious,I just wanna talk about the control over guns and food.“-he said.
,,Before you do that,control your son.”-Abraham shouted
,,What?“-Rick asked
,,I’ll tell you what,I caught him drooling on my baby girl,with an empty bottle of vodka on the floor.”
,,Way to go,Grimes!“-Daryl said
,,Is this true?”-Rick asked
By this time,I had my hands covering my face,who was facing the floor.
,,Yes.“-Carl said,like it was nothing
,,You were having sex with her?”
,,I was planing to,if you didn’t want to have your precious speech earlier.
,,Are you hearing this?“-Abraham said.
,,My man!”-Daryl laughed.
,,Well,Carl…I am proud of you…I mean very upset…“-Rick giggled.
,,Did you just say you were proud of him?Is everybody seeing this as a joke?!”
,,Abraham,please.We’ll deal with this later,now on the important stuff.“
After half an hour,Rick was done and everybody went to their home.
My dad slammed the door.
,,You’re not seeing him again and don’t you think about sleeping with him.”
,,Well,dad!It’s to late,I’ve been daiting him for months and we slept together and we used condoms,because we’re mature.When are you gonna realize that I have to grow up!I have to become an adult,but I’ll always be your little girl.“
Holy shit!Did I just said to my dad that I’m having sex?!
,,Well,I agree…I’m sorry for making a scene back in the church,but if he knocks you up or breaks your heart,I will break his balls.”
You laughed and so did he.
Later,you two visited Rick’s house.
Miconne and Carl were on the couch playing some card game.
Rick opened the door for you.
,,Go easy on him.“-Rick said to Abraham.
,,Son…”-Abraham said.
Carl got up.
,,You’re nothing but trouble,but I hope you two are happy together.“
I could see how Carl’s face became lighter.
,,Dad,that was very nice of you.”-I said smiling.
,,Now,whatever you do behind the closed door is your business,but what about that empy bottle of vodka?“-Rick said.
,,Let’s pretend,it’s not there,Rick.The kids went through so much,let it slide this time.”-Abraham said.

If Lori Had Lived

I found myself thinking “if” after reading a comment on Sunny’s Loreth fic. Particularly the “Lord and Lady Macbeth” comment.

If Lori had lived.

Season 3: Rick wouldn’t have gone nuts.
There would still have been a push for food for Lori and Judith; milk doesn’t come in immediately and it takes a lot of nutrients to keep breastfeeding a viable option. Their relationship would likely have strengthened and re-solidified as they worked out their shit.

Except she would have been horrified by the Governor and the idea that he wanted to trade Michonne for their safety. Wouldn’t even have considered it. And she likely would have clung to the idea that the prison could remain a home environment. If Rick had confided in her about what he realized C@rol had done, she would either have been torn over it or supported him in his decision.

I also have an idea that she might have slowly started going insane as she had internal conflict over how much her clinging to the standard idea of white cis society was dangerous and how things were in the ZA.

Season 4: She wouldn’t have escaped with Rick or Judith. The writers wouldn’t have let her. I could have seen her with Carol or by herself for a while. Definitely reunited with Rick, Michonne and Carl. Heartbroken to find out they didn’t have Judith.

Or, with Glen and Tara.

OR with Lily Chambler!

I could have SO seen that! Imagine, one woman desperately trying to find her family and another who just lost hers AND killed the bastard who set everything up for his own selfish revenge. The two juxtaposed together. Gimme!!!

Lori would have been exposed to the dark attitude of Lily. They would have likely agreed to search for Lori’s family and/or their remains. Lori’s portrayal might have likely been the standard “society grief/depression bullshit"and Lily would have slammed that so hard that she’d be forced to reflect on her views vs the world they were now in. I can see them killing Lily off. In such a way that she sacrifices herself (perhaps in a slightly suicidal way) to give Lori a chance to find her family. Starting Lori’s Heroine arc, less time spent on it than Beth’s, but I could see her following the Claimers and coming upon the group just in time to see the situation for what it was and either she kills Joe in such a way as to literally bathe Rick in his blood (imagine, you’re about to bite into a dudes throat and his blood is all over you, like the universe knew what you were about to do and made it happen just for you. The next eyes you meet are your blood spattered wife’s. You’ve never seen that look on her face before: it scares you a little, if you could be scared through the shock. Together as one, without a word, you turn to kill the man attacking your child.) alternatively (imagine, Carl screams. Propelling Rick to tear Joe’s throat out with his teeth. Rick turns around and realizes that the man attacking his son isn’t saying anything coherent: he’s yelling as a figure is hunched over him, straddling the bastard as she Cillian Murphy’s the guy a'la 28 Days Later because strangling him just isn’t killing him fast enough. Sees Michonne off to the side; not her. The figure stands. Turns. Face shadowed but her eyes shine in the dark. She steps forward into the starlight and it’s Lori. They embrace, Lord and Lady Macbeth).

Okay I need a break after that.

But yeah I could see this.