Favorite Character: Carol Peletier

This woman is absolutely amazing. Throughout all of my history watching television, I would have to say that Carol has inspired me and influenced me the most. Her innate ability to fight and smile, even through everything she has faced stuns me. This person spent roughly 20+ years in an (mentally, emotionally, physically, and sexually) abusive and controlling relationship. She had to put an axe through her dead husband’s skull. This woman had to watch her only daughter stumble out of a barn as a walker. She had to watch her little girl be shot in the head, knowing she never got a chance to properly say goodbye. Yet, while most people would give up all hope and strength, she can still fight and she can still smile even more than she used to. She is still caring and sweet, kind-hearted and silly, yet she can pack an enormous punch. She no longer lives in fear of the things she used to. Carol overcame those herself and with the support of Daryl and her family. As a girl with a history of abusive relationships, her power and strength to overcome her internal and external obstacles even in the light of an apocalypse has seriously empowered me to do the same. I get so emotional when I think about her development and growth because I know at least a little bit of what she went through. Carol and Michonne are absolute proof that having a strong female role will not hurt a story as so many writers seem to claim. While Michonne’s strength is more laid out for all to see and indestructible katana of glory (which is fucking awesome), Carol’s strength is more subtly written. She doesn’t have to go around, guns blazing to be considered strong. She is caring and sweet rather than cold and vengeful; she has her weaknesses and sorrows; she is realistically strong. She is Human and she is my Queen for showing me that I don’t have to beat the shit out of everything to be considered a strong and confident woman. I can overcome the odds and become a goddess.

So don’t you dare tell me it’s just a television show.