So is just me or does Waverly is behaving in a way like she probably did with Champ now with Nicole?

Wynonna noticies and warns her, like you dive in deep too soon and it loses yourself.
(her seeing him playing videogames and missing a speech) or as Nicole said on previous season “she’s been tailoring herself with the peoole she’s with and now is figuring out what she really wants”
“i will never ask you to be someone you are not”.

Waverly breaking Nicole boundaries, not cool.
I know that lead to the shut up the homophobic “you are confused. That is impossible. You are wrong” (says the stalker thinking he can order women around on how to behave and such) later, but boundaries are important for a good relationship, on both sides.

Oi Needley said “gal pals”. And he wants Nicole to be the Sheriff when he retires.

What was that on the last scene with Dolls that he even was scared?

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