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naked truth

I took my phone out of its case so it could breathe. It feels naked but it looks so much better. I want a new case.

The faucet on our shower is broken so we’ve had to take baths instead. My daughter asked me if it made me feel like a kid to take baths again. I told her it was just the opposite. It made me realize just how big I am. I want a new faucet.

We had to take Fin to two appointments yesterday. The first was pulmonology and it went very well. The doctor called us on the way home and told us she would never tell us what to do, but she thought Fin should stay home from school today. We agreed. We knew he was sick, but we were really hoping he’d make the first day. You can’t always get what you want.

The second appointment was over an hour late. We kept looking at the clock while Fin threw a sticker like a Frisbee across the room, and I tried to catch it. Then we wadded up some paper towels and stuck them in a rubber glove and made a ball and he threw it to us. The doctor came in and talked about Fin’s digestion and we learned some new things. Then we went off to grab a bite to eat.

The place where we ate was a brewery, recommended by a friend of mine. It’s fun to try out new places, and as soon as we walked in, Fin said he was on a ship. It did kinda look like that, with dark wood and black leather seats and metal accents and portholes for windows. The smell of yeast was in the air and we sampled some of their offerings. Fin apparently ordered his own meal when we weren’t paying attention, and since he doesn’t eat, we got to share his plate.

We sent the girls with some friends and they took my car for a drive down the coast so they could go sailing. I realized about halfway to our appointment that I hadn’t cleaned my car since the beginning of summer. I got a text and I thought, oh boy, this is it, my friend is going to make fun of my Buick. It was my daughter and she said my friend loved my car. He returned it to me with a full tank of gas. I want a new car, but an old car with a full tank of gas is the next best thing.

Truthful Tuesday

I had a stalker when I was in high school. I worked with him at Walgreens and he used to follow me in the stock room and try to hug me constantly even though I said no every time. If I left too late, he would park his jeep right behind my car so I couldn’t back out and come stand at my window demanding for me to lower it for the longest time before he would finally let me go. He also would follow me home to see where I lived.

He always told me that if I ever told anyone he would deny it, and they would believe him because he was really attractive and I was fat. And he was right, because when I finally became scared enough to go to my boss, he talked to my stalker and believed his side which was, “I don’t know, she’s obsessed with me, she wants to be my girlfriend, but she’s not my type. Come on, she’s fat.”

He was gracious enough to tell me word for word what he said to our boss. Then he told me that because I told, I owed him, and I was now his girlfriend. He gave me a red rose and told me to be ready to give him my phone number and a kiss next time we worked together.

I quit that night with no notice and never looked back.