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i got into Tongue Tied and SGH just recently i love it but don't understand why people are complaining about the angst it is stupid angst but stupid angst created from inexperience! Astrid and Harrison are teenagers! they have little experience in any kind of real relationship! Astrid once thought Harrison was going to dumb her because he said 'but' over the phone! you've done a wonderful job in writing actual teenagers! its great! so great and wonderful! i love it! i love it all!

THANK YOU, ANON. Yes, exactly. They are teenagers and while both of them have been in relationships, they have not  been in a relationship that matters to either of them. This is different. Every single thing means something.

Thank you so much for reading TT and SGH and thanks for dropping me a line!! :D:D:D:D:D

An Open Letter

In the end, I’m happy how things have turned out. If I could, I wouldn’t change any aspect of how things turned out. Growing up I’m learning so much about myself: what I want, who I want, and who I am. I can’t be mad in the end because I found out that these people weren’t meant for me. I wasn’t understood and, at times, I was manipulated and used. I’ve learned to accept other people’s deeper personalities; not everyone works the same, even in the most intimate areas of their character. I wouldn’t mind going through more relationships and experiences where hurt is inevitable because I gain knowledge. I’m becoming a better person. It may be sad how things ended when in times I truly believed that I had found my perfect match, but it’s better to end up heartbroken as a teen rather than additionally divorced as a middle aged man. Through others, I can craft myself into someone whom I accept. I like to fix problems, but sometimes the machine is irreparable. I’m thankful I am not a pessimist and that I seek and notice positives from the past. I have much hope for the future and hey, if she’s not the next one or the next one or even the one after that, I can only accept the situation and move on. I’m an honest person and my biggest piece of advice for you coming of age is to put your heart out there. That’s the only way you can be satisfied because at least that way you know that they or it was really not compatible. Be honest with yourself and others. Don’t be afraid to be misunderstood, it’s rare to be understood.

230lbs –> 140something
These photos are about three years apart, I’ve been at my current weight for about a year. I’m not at my lowest but I am comfortable and learning to accept that as my goal instead of a number on the scale.
Vegan for the animals 🐄🐓🐃🐖 Although the health benefits are definitely a plus!
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