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whta if like.. the radiation from CE (thats. thats corrruptedds name now ive decided) kept causing tom to suddenly turn into his monster form?? like the firsttime it happened corruptedd fucking FLIPPED and wouldnt stop freakig out about it until tom finallly got it under control and even then CE wouldnt talk to him for ages, toms probably a lot better at controlling it now but theyre all pretty shaken up about it esp edd

Oh yea that would make Edd’s situation MUCH worse. The first time this would happen, Edd will KNOW it’s Tom but yet he just screams and tackles Monster Tom, burning off his scales and easily snapping off one of his horns. The only reason Edd stops and doesn’t straight-up kill him is because now he knows Tom was that monster who impeded during his fight with Eduardo. By the time he’s done however, Monster Tom is a bloody mess and is trying to limp away from Edd. Tom reverts back in a few minutes but he’s all brused and bloodied. The rest of the day is just Edd moaning sorry and trying to make it up to him by stealing a entire shipping crate of Smrinoff and convincing Matt that he can look over Tom. Tom pleads no but in fear of Edd lashing out at him if he said no, Matt agrees. Of course, this triggers another monster shift but it only goes halfway, and Tom can see Edd straining himself to calm down and to not let his impluses take over him. He was trembling and weeping as he couldn’t even form words. It gets better over time but it’s very hard for the both of them now to just be in the same room for too long.


スタバちゃん初描き!たぶん、マルコも初描きかな?笑 トムは何回か描いたけど、凄く久しぶりな気がするww

最近はグラビティフォールズにお熱ですが、悪魔バスター スター・バタフライも面白いので好きです(*´///`*)newエピをまだかまだかと待っている状態ですw


A Little Character Digging: Tom from Star Vs+Star and Tom’s relationship

There’s a lot of discourse going on in the Star vs fandom lately thanks to the newest episode, Mr Candle Cares. A lot of it revolves around shipping, as fandom discourse is tend to be, due to the fact that the episode explicitly stated the platonic nature of a VERY popular ship. Fleas and flies came out the woodwork to either cry or laugh triumphantly, but in the end I found that the episode left me contemplating more on the nature of Tom as a character more than anything else. 

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