The Institute was quiet when you came back and you made it to your room without anybody seeing you. But in your bedroom somebody was already waiting for you.
Alec. And he didn’t looked happy at all.

“Did you have fun with your werewolf boyfriend?”, he declared angry. “Not that it is totally stupid to go without telling anybody.”
“Did you observe me?” It was all that came to your mind, when you heard his words. Yes, you really didn’t told anybody but he still knew what you had done.
“What? No! Luke observed your boyfriend! Seemed like he isn’t following the rules, so they saw you. Dating a werewolf, fine but one who doesn’t care for the accords? Really (y/n)?”

Okay, that was enough.
“For your record, I knew that he wasn’t following the accords but Luke couldn’t proof anything! Till now. He showed me tonight and now we can get him and his friends.”
“You… what?”, Alec gave back confused but you weren’t finished. That is why you threw a pillow at him.
“If you wouldn’t just attack me, I could have told you but no, you just came to the conclussion I had something with a werewolf. Are you jealous, Lightwood?”

He opened his mouth to reply to you but nothing came out of it. Instead he stared at you for a moment and then moved closer.
His kiss was aggressive and possessively but better than everything you ever have had.
And you also never would have expected that.

You two were always fighting over everything.
You were like fire and ice.
Who knew that those two things could melt together this well.

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I like the idea of Robert being parent who respects Alec’s sexuality more than Maryse. In books he wasn’t alright with it while Maryse was. In the show, tables are turned and it really suits him.
He’s probably cheating on Maryse or at least he was and even if his marriage is on the edge of crumbling down, he shows how much he loves Izzy, Alec and Max. He tries to be a good father because he knows how harsh Maryse is to them at times. He reminds Izzy that she’s a wonderful, independent young woman and he tries to accept the fact that Alec’s dating Magnus (kinda)


Alec Lightwood | Imagine

Content: Alec helps reader when being hurt.

Warnings: Injuries duh

You always wished for other people joining you in a mission. But instead, you got a few newbies to be at your side. 

This order wasn’t too difficult to take care of so you’d hoped they could at least manage that. But of course, your faith ended with you being injured on the ground. 

A pack of wolves attacked out of nowhere, hinting they were protecting something forbidden. As a shadowhunter, you had to make sure their actions wouldn’t affect anyone of the human world who were mostly clueless.

As clueless as the idiots who accompanied you. 

When being attacked, they were so nervous that they forgot everything they learned in the self defense lessons. You actually could have handled it, but one of them forgot to have your back. So you were an easy target.

You’d love to get up and go back to the institute to kick their asses for being such idiots, but you assumed your leg was broken telling by the agony that shot through your leg by just moving it slightly. 

They disappeared when you and your team retreated and once again they forgot the rules: No one should be left behind.

You tried to move forward by basically crawling without straining your leg but it was easier said than done.

In the woods, all alone without any expectations of help. 

You thought your karma was treating you back for whatever the hell you did when you heard foot steps approach.

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anonymous asked:

hi, i didn't know what would be less creepy, writing this on anon or personal as i've never really talked to you before, but i hope you don't mind. i just wanted to say that maybe you should give your rant a shot. you generally seem like such a genuine nice person that is really trying to make this fandom a nicer place. i've just had tumblr for 2 months or so and we NEED people like you. maybe we all really need THIS. like a bit of a kick to find a way back to be a better more positive fandom.

hi anon! oh no I don’t mind, don’t worry, and there’s absolutely nothing creepy about sending an ask - anonymously or not - to someone you’ve never talked to before, I’ve made a lot of friends on here this way ^^

That’s the #1 reason I want to rant actually; making this fandom a nicer place. But I’m not a good writer nor a good speaker, English is not my mothertongue, I’m awkward with words, and I’m afraid I might unintentionally offend someone because of it… well anyways I will probably because what I have in mind concerns at least 80% of the fandom. It’s not all criticism really, but things I wish would be different. And since I’ve been in this fandom for more than 4 years now (and 3 and a half on tumblr^^), I have a lot to say about the differences, then and now; some are good, and some are bad, in my opinion…

but yeah again, it will probably be super long so I don’t think that a lot of people will read it. I’m thinking about posting it to let it out once and for all and for those of you who are curious :)

thank you so much for the kind words anon ♥ there still are true gems in this fandom and I still love this family with my whole heart c’:

(reply to this post)

These are words to live by! by the way, you’re one of these people to me, you’re always super polite and kind in your replies, thank you so much :’) unfortunately yeah that can’t be said about everyone in the fandom… 

idk if I post my thoughts about it, the post will be super long so I guess most people won’t read it anyways. Sometimes I feel like I’m not being 100% honest on here just because I’ve never stated my full opinion on the subject… I’ll probably end up letting it out in one way or another, I just need to gather up courage and to take my time picking out the right words to depict in the most accurate way possible all of my thoughts :’)

anonymous asked:

hi, i don't know if anyone responded to that question already, but i thought that maybe i could help you out. yes, tinaliatum deleted because she wanted to get away from the fandom (especially here on tumblr), because of all the drama that was happening and her being asked to say her opinion (sometimes about unrelated things) and at the same time being attacked (like it was with the s*phael discourse). it's a real bummer to see such a positive blog go and we as a fandom need to do better

yeah I saw some answers to the post, thank you so much anon! :) I was here when the whole s*phael drama happened, and while I didn’t agree with Sam at that time, I was really shocked by all of the negative and aggressive asks she received.

I agree, it really is a shame. She had a quality blog and I’ve always looked up to her professionalism.

Alec sighed. “Sorry to wreck your vision of our happy family. I know you want to think Dad’s fine with me being gay, but he’s not.”

“But if you don’t tell me when people say things like that to you, or do things to hurt you, then how can I help you?” Simon could feel Isabelle’s agitation vibrating through her body. “How can I—”

“Iz,” Alec said tiredly. “It’s not like it’s one big bad thing. It’s a lot of little invisible things. When Magnus and I were traveling, and I’d call from the road, Dad never asked how he was. When I get up to talk in Clave meetings, no one listens, and I don’t know if that’s because I’m young or if it’s because of something else. I saw Mom talking to a friend about her grandchildren and the second I walked into the room they shut up. Irina Cartwright told me it was a pity no one would ever inherit my blue eyes now.” He shrugged and looked toward Magnus, who took a hand off the wheel for a moment to place it on Alec’s. “It’s not like a stab wound you can protect me from. It’s a million little paper cuts every day.”

—  Probably one of the realest descriptions I’ve ever read of homophobia from Cassandra Clare’s City of Lost Souls

“There is no pretending,” Jace said with absolute clarity. “I love you and I will love you until I die and if there’s a life after that, I’ll love you then.”

“I love you Jace Wayland-Herondale-Lightwood whatever you want to call yourself. I don’t care. I love you and I will always love you, and pretending it would be any other way is just a waste of time.”


“I think of myself as a freewhealing bisexual.”

Magnus Bane meme for the Bi week