I need help guys. I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to watch Shadowhunters. I love the books and I love the characters so much, I’ve seen the pilot but wasn’t happy with it so I never pursued it. As a person who loves the books very much, I want to know if it’s worth watching? I’m mostly worried about the show ruining the books for me. Thoughts???


I think I might have to go to the hospital and I really don’t want to, I’m terrified.

Like my bleeding will not stop, it’s been almost a month, I’m cramping and it’s absolutely incapacitating, I’m laying in bed sobbing because it hurts so much.

I’m already anemic, I shouldn’t be losing so much blood, this is probably dangerous but I can’t bring myself to go and have yet ANOTHER bill pile up on top of student loans and other medical bills I can’t pay.


@tscnetwork first mission: favorite character  ⟶ simon lewis lovelace

“I think sometimes it’s too hard to believe in yourself. You just do the things you’re not sure you can do. You just act, in spite of not being certain. I don’t believe I can change the world - it sounds stupid to even talk about it - but I’m going to try.”