Sherlock has been cancelled

Supernatural is now over

Doctor is really gone

Merlin is gone forever

Harry is truly dead

Phil left Dan today

Malec will not happen

Simon is dying, Clary

I still miss Max

Magnus belongs with Camille

Sherlock, John is dead

John, Sherlock has died

Will secretly hates Jem

Yuri doesn’t love Victor

Victor is using Yuri

I think that’s all the fandoms i’m willing to insult.

I love all of these fandoms but i wanted to ruin peoples lives for some reason. Sorry but i o u some pain. (props if you get the reference)

Can you imagine how pissed off Maryse is going to be when Max and Magnus finally meet and Max thinks Magnus is the coolest person ever?

Can you imagine how mad she’ll be when Max asks for makeup on Christmas so he can look cool like Magnus? Can you imagine the heart attack she’d have when Izzy and Alec actually get it for him?

They go into meetings and instead of sitting next to her Max walks right over and sits down next to Magnus.

When she offers to read him a story Max just says, “Can.. Magnus come read it to me? He’s better at the voices.”
“No. He can’t.”
“.. But you didn’t even ask him..”

Max is always taking one of his siblings phones to text Magnus because Magnus knows everything and no mom you can’t help Magnus is helping.

Every time they’re not doing anything Max wants to go see Magnus. Whenever there’s a meeting at the Institute Max asks if Magnus is going to be there. When there’s a problem Max calls Magnus.

Just Max Lightwood being completely obsessed with his new warlock brother.



that moment of jace hugging a soaked unconscious alec with a heartbroken expression on his face that just. killed me off i can’t even describe how much THINGS i felt while watching those two seconds i don’t know how i’ll get through the full thing i just. dont

TMI for Vesper

So, tonight is a night of mellow, sober thoughts that sound like drunk thoughts. I’ll likely delete this later, but I’ve been thinking a lot about writing and what I’m going to do with it and what I’m worth to it. I write a lot of fanfiction, but I feel like I’ve not…done…enough or been good enough for what my ambitions are and what my age is. 

Conflicted feelings exist because I feel like I have grown thanks to my fanfic writing, but I’m afraid that there is nothing beyond that, and there is nothing in the far tomorrow once the fandom dwindles because I’ve not worked hard enough to promote and polish myself for work that’s originally mine.

I kinda sorta almost cried about this during my mid-year conference with my vice principal today, worrying that my job is keeping me from pursuing other things that are important to me. My average work day is 9 hours now, and I’m exhausted because of the lack of breaks as the teachers are being expected to cover duties for others who are sick (one 25 minute break in 9 hours will make anyone cranky two days in a row). 

But all that to say, I’m exhausted when I come home and I’m not working as hard on my writing or my hobbies. Mostly I just veg out-that’s all I can make myself do. I’m not trying to better myself, I’m just so exhausted and I feel like crap when I look at the things I’ve accomplished. So, my dreams are further off than I’d like. Maybe that’s where they’ll stay, but…idk…I’m just trying to survive some days. 

anonymous asked:

What turned you onto vore? Do you have various fetishes? Have you ever tried BDSM? What's something you could never get into? How is your s/o doing?

Haha, this is a loaded ask. And Oh my god, I got like 16 fetishes, most are very specific situations tho…

I have not tried BDSM but I am very interested in certain BDSM tasks, humiliation is really good aspect of it I find!

Hmm the vore thing is certainly complicated, I got into it when I first got onto the internet, like, when I was 11, I was like whoa what the heck is this??? Through the web I found vore was a way to express my teenage angst at the world (especially drawing gorey stuff). I crudely animated some scenes (Long lost to history). Back then it had no correlation to anything sexual, it was just a way to express myself. Nowadays I can’t stand the thought of death in vore, so cruel and scary to me. But if it’s like consensual where no characters get hurt, or, full tour, what have you, I can dig those.

(I assume you mean this part sexually but) I can never get into the Adventure Zone podcast, everyone loves it but I get bored easily, and I LOVE Mcleroy bros products. Idk why this one stumps me, I even enjoy playing dnd occasionally.

My s/o Ken is doing well! He’s writing for a show he designed, which is amazing! We’re planning to go on a trip over the holiday break to somewhere local just to get away from life stress.