@perfectshadow06 I hope you like her. this is 13. she is the last child of her group to have been “taken in” and “cared for” by a group that wishes for nothing more that the eradication of time kids. the group, known as tkes or time kid eradication squad, sends 13 and her “new siblings” to kill time kids across the multiverse. 13 is the only one who absolutely hates what they force her to do. she is often beaten and scarred by her “siblings” for her views. all in all 13 is a perseverant child


TK, as a Time Guardian, can’t fall in love with people outside of his Universe or Timeline. Because whenever the Timebug leaves the universe, the characters will slowly forget about him as time flows, and thus, keeping the timeline intact. The characters will remember everything else on your journey, but TK’s image will slowly fade from their memory.

This is a sad fate for TK. Soooooo yeah, no ship is canon…… =w=;;


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TK © meh~

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