underrated boy groups

Give them some love! (Not all of them are official!)

24K (profile) (playlist)

Afos (profile) (debut)

APL (profile) (debut)

Astro (profile) (debut)

D.I.P (profile) (covers)

HeartB (profile) (playlist)

Hidden (profile) (debut)

High4 (profile) (playlist)

Imfact (profile) (debut)

JJCC (profile) (comeback)

Madtown (profile) (comeback)

MASK (profile) (debut)

MAP6 (profile) (debut)

NEOZ (profile) (playlist)

NPI (profile) (debut)

N-Sonic (profile) (comeback)

PureL (profile) (debut)

Snuper (profile) (comeback)

Target (profile) (debut)

TimeZ (profile) (comeback)

ToppDogg (profile) (comeback)

Trophy (profile) (debut, live)

Voisper (profile) (debut)

feel free to add onto this!


watch this


u guys deserve to kno this exists


[News - Sina Fashion] 150601 Street shoot moment of the vigorous youths TimeZ happily enjoying Cannes time
Sina Fashion exclusive original star street shoot moment, the source (Sina Fashion) along with male idol group TimeZ came to the movie city together, Cannes the beautiful small town of South France, ladies and gentlemen follow the vigorous youths’ footsteps together happily enjoying Cannes time! (Photography @Mr Yuchuan)


타임즈 (TimeZ) - Awaken (觉醒) (Chn Ver.)