but wait can you imagine if Tessa had just stayed in America, like she never would have found out she was a warlock, but she would still have at some point stopped aging, like she’d just be sitting around at 150 years old looking 22 like “wtf when am i gonna die?”

Christmas at the London Institute
  • Charlotte: What about we sing some Christmas carols?
  • Will: I think that's a great idea! *clears throat*
  • Tessa: That is not a Christmas carol, Will
  • Will: I think it just fits every occasion
tid on YouTube

Tessa: such a booktuber, book hauls, book reviews, book-to-film criticism, book tags… literally anything related to books, sometimes feat. her boyfriends

Jem: violin videos, artsy photography, days out on the town… barely makes videos but still has insanely high subscriber count because hes so sweet

Will: daily vlogs, prank videos, q and a’s, anything and everything to make people laugh, maintains hes not a booktuber but everyone knows he lowkey is

Charlotte: mommy videos! so so so many mommy videos, kids doing their “firsts”, pro parent tips, how to teach your children to do things…

Henry: DIY’s and fix-its, the shoddiest camera-work ever, extremely excitable science tutorials, some things with his family (”look! lottie, I’ve built something!”)

Gabriel: annoyed rants, prank war with Will (and secretly getting pranked by Cecily), shadowhunters weapons reviews, has like 28 side channels

Gideon: videos and lessons in Spanish, travelling vlogs, trying exotic foods, loads and loads of collabs, has subscribers in over 100 countries

Sophie: chatty videos, advice videos, fashion tutorials, mini history lessons, collabs and travelling with Gideon, all of her subscribers ship them x100000

Cecily: short, satirical films of her friends (mostly when they don’t know they’re being filmed), secretive pranks, jumpscares, random product reviews

Jessamine: hair/makeup/clothes tutorials, fashion faux pas, celebrity reviews, manners videos, etiquette rules and decorum, house tours, interviews

Title: Flirtatious

Fandom: The Mortal Instruments

Word Count: 1,895

Rating: Teen +

Gender: Reader wears dress

Warnings: Swearing, unwanted sexual advance, implied smut at the end


Request: Can you do a Jace/reader where the reader likes Jace but doesn’t think he likes her back (he does) and they flirt all the time and are inseparable. Jace asks reader to train but they are going on a date with a mundane they met and Jace gets jealous. They confess they like each other and fluffy stuff happens. Cheers

A/N: Takes place after Max… I am still reading the last book, but this does not follow the books.

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  • Charlotte: Jem, don't you have an uncle? Why don't you ever visit him?
  • Jem: I've thought about it, but I have someone to take care of here, I don't know if I can leave him alone. I'm afraid that he's not yet well trained, so I have to guarantee he won't be aggressive with anyone, that he will behave himself, that he won't leave the Institute when nobody is watching...
  • Charlotte: Jem, we can take care of Church while you're gone, don't worry.
  • Jem: Church? I was talking about Will

The Mortal Instruments/The Infernal Devices (Ship + Rune) Bookmarks using art by Cassandra Jean (@cassandrajp)

more: here, here and here 

  • Tessa: They’re not hideous,
  • Will: What?
  • Tessa: Gideon and Gabriel,They’re really quite good-looking, not hideous at all.
  • will: I spoke, of the pitch-black inner depths of their souls.
  • Tessa: *snorts*And what color do you suppose the inner depths of your soul are, Will Herondale?
  • Will: mauve

Spoon!” James said, running at his uncle Gabriel and jabbing him in the thigh. Gabriel mussed the boy’s hair affectionately.

“You’re such a good boy,” he said. “I often wonder how you could possibly be Will’s.”

“Spoon,” James said, leaning against his uncle’s leg lovingly.

“No, Jamie,” Will urged. “Your honorable father has been impugned. Attack, attack!

—  Flashback on the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy, Cassandra Clare