#tbt It Takes Two, Hairspray

Throw back to when the Elephants reigned over Stanley Field Hall. But note the man in the center planning the future Albertosaurus installation. 

© The Field Museum, GEO81595.

Gorgosaurus Albertosaurus: Order: Saurischia Family: Tyrannosauridae Old Family: Deinodontidae. Progress of assembly or construction of Late Cretaceous fossil skeleton. Stanley Field Hall. [see Albertosaurus, Daspletosaurus].

8x10 negative 


When I was in India last summer at the airport in New Delhi security made me take off some off my patches on my pants because they thought I had illegal stuff hidden under my patches lmao and there were like 3 people who went through literally all my stuff and it took like 20 minutes and people in line behind me were getting so annoyed and when they let me go this guy who was going through my bags looked at me dead serious and said “I am a good officer” because he found a lighter in my bag, and he was v proud of himself


I’m so awkward it hurts.

Here’s a Throwback Thursday to my first Homecoming dance as a High School Freshmen!


(As you can see my artistic ability has sky rocketed since the.)
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It’s too damn hot to get much done right now, so here’s a throw-back Thursday.  From over 3 years ago.  Back when I first started watercolors (they’re still wet in that top one!).  Look at them buns!  It was an assignment to illustrate obscure Grimms Fairy Tales.

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