Clem is into Gabe

You can fight me on this but you won’t win.

Never seen Clem smile so much towards a character. It makes me happy.

Gabe and Clem are cute for each other.

When Gabe and Clem are with each other they act like they’re age/themselves.

Its not forced, you just say that cause you’re salty and a butthurt hater. Just accept they like each other.

Clem is straight not gay, Ep 4 proves it. No Excuses (if you come up with one it’ll be a very weak one)

Don’t criticize what makes Clem smile.

If she’s happy with Gabe ACCEPT IT.

don’t get booty hurt because the game didn’t turn how you wanted it to turn out. Its a great game!

But hey we will still have those not so understanding booty hurt people try and make excuses lmao

I bet they made Clem a side character so she can make her own choices. Telltale did a smart thing by giving Clem Gabe and making it to where players won’t interfere with them.


So my dad is an electrician and yesterday he was working with his co-worker in a church. The two were talking about the walking dead and my dads coworker said “man, I can’t believe Jesus is gay.” and my dad was like “wtf do you mean Jesus was gay???? i mean theres the 12 apostles but i don’t really see how you’re coming to this conclusion” (pls keep im mind that they were doing work in a catholic church) so my dads co-worker just busts out laughing and my poor father is still confused. when the guy cleared it up he started laughing too, and this is the story of when my father thought his coworker was saying jesus christ was gay.

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No, I don’t want to read the comic.

Was just talking with my cousin about how in the comic, Michonne is the black woman who can’t be the love interest. She is the best friend, that all the other men (just about) get to sleep with, but not Rick. Never Rick.

Just like, on the show, Tyrese and Carol couldn’t be together. We really think America is ready to see petite little Melissa McBride all hugged up with big, fine ass Chad Coleman? Carol, who they ADORE? Hell naw. 

I’m good watching the show. At least in the show, Michonne is where she needs to be, her character is love interest, best friend, moral support, queen, soul mate, perfect match. Andy is Danai and Richonne’s champion, and I will stay here in this happy place.