Jackson x reader

“Hey Scott?” You hummed as you lent against the locker next to Scott’s.


“Yeah what’s up?” He asked quickly, almost dropping his bag in his hurry to shut his locker and look at you.


“What’s Jackson like?” You smiled awkwardly when he frowned. “He… started talking to me and stuff and he seems nice but I don’t know.”


“He’s a ass (Y/N).” Scott assured you.


“So if he asked me out on a date I should say no?” You asked quietly and Scott nodded.


“Avoid him, like cross country avoid him.” Scott said as he shouldered his bag and headed to the locker rooms. “You sticking around for our practise?”


“Yeah, see you on the field.” You called back.

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Teen Wolf

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Y/N: A friend of mine tried to annoy me with bird puns, but I soon realized that toucan play at that game.

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Teen Wolf Stiles x reader x Derek Ch. 16            

“So everyone is here,” __ said, taking deep breaths. Derek came beside her, hands on her waist.

“You don’t have to dos this right now, __,” Derek softly murmured.

Her hands were on his chest. “I want to. I mean, it’s cool but I also wanna know what it all means, and why I feel so protective over you and your uncle.” __ bore her eyes into his pale greens. “I’m sure you’ve noticed by now. I’m really protective over you two.”

Derek nodded. __ was right, he did notice that, but didn’t think much of it since he thought it was an Alpha-Beta thing; now __ wasn’t a Beta anymore. She was slowly turning into an Alpha and it worried him. First her, then Scott.

__ took a deep breath once again, untangled herself from Derek with a small peck on the corner of his lips, and marched towards his window, where the lighting was at its best.

“Okay, guys. I’m going to show you something.” And she began to take her shirt off.

“I’m not sure I’m ready for a live porno.” Stiles.

Everyone just turned to look at him like he was crazy. As she lifted her shirt up from her back, __ heard gasps from everyone. The only one who smirked was Peter and Derek took notice of it. He made a mental note to ask him about it later.

__ let her shirt fall, then turned. “I have something else to show you.” And flickered her eyes to their werewolf form.

Stiles, Scott, Derek, and Peter made no reaction at all, but the others took a step back, as if scared.

“H-how is that possible?” Lydia, wide-eyed, asked, disbelief all over her.

“I don’t know how it works, but I just woke up and I had red eyes,” replied __.

“No,” Peter said. “You began having them when you started acting on your own with Derek, for he was your Alpha at that time.”

“So you do know more than you let on,” deadpanned __.

“Meh.” Peter shrugged.

Stiles’ engine of thoughts kept running. He was puzzled but also intrigued to what was happening with his best friend. He planned to figure everything out once his legs stretched across his room. He could use his dad’s privileges to take files from where her parents died and search connections of her family and Derek’s


Back at home, for a period of weeks, Stiles was making research by violating plenty of rules about the connection between __’s family and Derek’s. It wasn’t just strange how connected they were, but there was the mystery of the tattoo now. Probably, that wasn’t all. He shouldn’t be surprised by what he found out; it always nailed him where it hurts.

Too many things were on the edge, things such as her life.

When he found the files he was looking for, he scanned them. A sharp intake of breath rocked his body.

He abruptly stood up, collected the papers and his keys; went straight to __’s way.

She had to see this.

While he was driving, Stiles kept stealing glances at the file, which lead to him missing the person who was standing still in the middle of the empty, dark road. A little too late, Stiles took notice, resulting him hitting the breaks too hard and spinning the wheel to hard on the left. The front of the car crashed on the tree with a heavy impact that it jiggled Stiles’ bones. His head banged on the steering wheel, blood oozing from the tip of his forehead like pools of water. It wasn’t long before he lost consciousness.

“You’re not ruining my plans,” a deep, raspy voice said with a chuckle.


“I thought I told you to protect him, __” the doppelganger said.

__ took notice of her surroundings. They were the same as before. The same darkness, the same eerie, creepy voice that resembled hers so much, yet was so different at the same time. Her voice was doused, so she all the same lost her abilities to speak with her doppelganger. The only thing she could see was her doppelganger’s illuminated face and piercing red eyes.

“Stiles is in danger, __.” Dark __’s eyes were as sharp as a knife. “Go save him. I’ll guide you to it as we speak. You have abilities you don’t understand, __. Take away his pain and you’ll understand.”

Like before, dark __ snapped her fingers, which made __ wake up in the middle of road. __ gasped, a hand on her mouth.


Can I hold your hand? Kind of a remake of my old one #stydia #stydiaedit #twedit #teenwolf

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