Shu Headcanon (The Only Blood Edition)

Shu snuggled up to you, his face buried in your hair, his lips pressed against your neck. He had fallen asleep after sex and you felt a little dizzy from him drinking so much of your blood. You slip carefully away from him to go and fetch some water. You remember you bought some flavoured water and left it downstairs. Slipping on Shu’s shirt you make your way down. ‘Hey bitch chan…’ You turn and find Laito yawning as he passes you. 'I nearly missed you..your tasty blood is masked by my brother’s scent. He’s tried hard..fufu~’ 'Huh? What do you mean?’ 'Shu has tried to cover you with his scent, his marks and fufu~ even inside you..’ You blush hard. 'R-really?’ He leans in and smells you. 'But..bitch chan still smells so good~’ he makes his turned on noises. 'Ah..Laito I just need to go..’ 'Laito.’ You both find Shu standing behind you. He glares at his brother, who suddenly smirks and walks away. 'Ah Shu. I was getting my water..Laito he..’ 'I know. Now come back to bed. Just have a normal glass of water.’ He grabs your wrist and drags you along to his room. 'B-but Shu! Was what he said true?’ He pulls a you against the wall. 'Your scent drives everyone crazy. The blood in your veins is so alluring I can’t take it. You are lucky they haven’t drained you dry.’ You frown, 'Am i? But..you like it right?’ 'I want to drink every drop. But..my attachment to you is deep so..’ You kiss him. 'You like me, not because of my blood?’ He sighs and nods. He hoped his brothers weren’t around to witness him being soft. 'Take me to bed Shu..’

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