• Takao: Fun daddy
  • Himuro: Cool daddy
  • Akashi: Sugar daddy
  • Nijimura: Daddy daddy
  • Kise: Pretty daddy
  • Aomine: Ahodaddy
  • Kagami: Bakadaddy
  • Kuroko: Smol daddy
  • Murasakibara: Big daddy
  • Midorima: Nanodadaddy

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Finally ask box is open again!! ^^ Can I request Hanamiya, Imayoshi, Takao, & Kagami first kiss with their shy s/o? Bonus if they start making out :P Thanks! Your blog is amazing btw ;))

Hanamiya: “Hey! Stop running for fuck’s sake! ___!” he yells after you as you continue trying to put some distance between the two of you. He knows it looked bad, but it isn’t his fault that girl had straddled him! And you just had to walk in in that moment and you just had to not see him push her off. Fucking typical. Now he’s running after you, trying to clear thing up. He picks up his speed, catching up with you and grabbing your arm. “Let go!” you yelp at him, trying to break free and hoping he won’t see the tears in your eyes. And then it happened. He kisses you, hard, trying to get his point across in time. Somehow you understand, but the frustration doesn’t cease. So you kiss him even harder.

Imayoshi: These last couple of weeks you have been spending your lunch break with Imayoshi in the classroom. As today was no exception, there you were, sitting and joking around. He really likes this side of you because he knows he was one of the rare people who got to see it. As he thinks about topics he wants to mention to you next, he scribbles a small drawing that, even though it was small in proportion, perfectly displayed his artistic skills. Or more like the lack of thereof. When you see his drawing, you begin to laugh uncontrollably. “…..Hey.” he says in mock anger, grabbing your chin and kissing you. Now you were the one shocked and he just sits there with his usual smirk. After all, he always has to have the last laugh.

Takao: “…..” Takao peers at you from the other side of the room, hoping his stare would make you notice him. “…..hhnnggh…..” he makes a little noise in the back of his throat, staring even more intently. You still don’t notice him! How tragic! You type away on your laptop, not batting an eyelash at his childish behaviour. “Nee, ___-chan? When are you going to be done?” now he’s sitting next to you, having given up on catching your attention with noises alone. “Soon” you say in a distant tone, trying to focus. He looks at your face for a moment, mulling over an idea. He goes for it. Now he’s smiling like an idiot, looking at your shocked face. “There we go! Now you’re paying attention!” 

Kagami: Having trouble with English?…well so is he, sorry. He tries, but his accent just makes it hard for you to understand what he’s teaching you. As you giggle for the umpteenth time that evening, Kagami blushes the same way he did the first time. “ T-take this seriously…” he stammers, regaining his composure. As you fail to do the same, he does something neither of you expect: he kisses you. As he pulls back, face as red as his hair, he says “…at least you stopped laughing”. You had to admit it though, instinctual or not, that boy’s got game.

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Akashi + Aomine + Kuroko + Kise + Takao, their reaction and what they will do if they find out their s/o doesn't want to get married because she doesn't believe that love lasts forever?

Kuroko: He wants to counter that all the stories he’s ever read about love said otherwise, but realizes that most of what he reads is fiction. Kuroko is disappointed that you would believe love couldn’t last forever and starts wondering how a relationship with you could ever go forward now.

Kise: This is a painful blow for Kise because he always tells you that he’d love you forever, but it makes him realize he’s said the same thing before to other people. People no longer in his life. You have him wondering just how long love really lasts and his thoughts on the matter turn pessimistic.

Aomine: More than a little upset that you would think that way, he lashes out. Aomine can’t believe that after all he did to prove his love for you, you’d still think that. Now you have him thinking that if you didn’t see love lasting forever, then why should a relationship between the two of you even exist?

Takao: You were joking right? This was just another way to get him to stop being so clingy and saying he’d be by your side forever, right? Takao can’t reason with himself why you would tell him something like that. He honestly thought the connection between the two of you was stronger than that.

Akashi: If that was how you felt and you were adamant about it, then there was no use in Akashi trying to change your mind. After you confess this to him, it doesn’t take long for your relationship to fall apart. He was not looking for something fleeting; he never was.