• Takao: Fun daddy
  • Himuro: Cool daddy
  • Akashi: Sugar daddy
  • Nijimura: Daddy daddy
  • Kise: Pretty daddy
  • Aomine: Ahodaddy
  • Kagami: Bakadaddy
  • Kuroko: Smol daddy
  • Murasakibara: Big daddy
  • Midorima: Nanodadaddy

anonymous asked:

Hiii there!!!(i'm the same anon as the aomine one hehehehe) i was wondering if i could request a Shintarou scenario where he introduces his girlfriend to the team(? Wiii (I totally love your blog and your writing so good luck! I support you!)

AN: Awww this is cuuuteeee although it’s probably going to be short ! ; ~ ; damn I’m sorry for the late reply LOL.

“Stop fidgeting,” Midorima said, squeezing your shoulder reassuringly. You both stood outside of his team’s favorite okonomiyaki shop waiting to go inside. It was your first time meeting his team ever since you started dating about a month ago, and in sum, you were a nervous wreck.

“I can’t help it! What if they don’t like me?” You asked, crinkling the hem of your new blouse.

“Nonsense. Why would they?”

“What if they think I’m not, you know…. pretty enough for you?”

Midorima turned you around to face him directly. He was much taller than you, so he hovered over you quite easily. Your eyes widened as he leaned in closer to your face, unsure what he was going to do next.

Raising his taped hand, he gently poked your forehead.

“Stop thinking things like that.” Sure, it wasn’t the most comforting words in the world, but as he tucked your loose hair behind your ear, you suddenly felt the weight lift off of your shoulders. You blushed brightly as you kissed his cheek as a thank you.

“Ok ~ Let’s head in!”

“Was that all I needed to do to get you excited?”

“Yes, now come on! I’m hungry!”

You grabbed his hand and lead him into the restaurant. It was an intimate restaurant and a tight squeeze with a team of basketball players in the middle. You immediately recognized Takao, your boyfriend’s confidant, as he flipped the okonomiyaki in the air. He gazed up and waved at you frantically.

“Shin-chan!! _____-chan!! Welcome!”

“Quit yelling!” a guy with spikey brown hair hissed.

“Sorry, senpai!”

You looked up to see Midorima rub the bridge of his nose annoyingly. He led you to the table and the team eyed you curiously.

“Don’t look so ashamed of us, Midorima!” The long haired blond said, pointing his chopsticks at Midorima. “So this is the famous _____-chan, eh?”

“Yes. _____, this is Kiyoshi-senpai.”

You bowed. “H-hello!”

“Isn’t she cute! Hey, can she be our manager?” Takao’s eyes sparkled.

“Shut up, Takao,” the shorter blond responded.

“That’s Yuya-senpai.”

“So how do you deal with Midorima? What’s your secret?” The first brunette asked.

“Otsubo-senpai, please!” Midorima blushed.

“I bet she wears the pants in the relationship.” The second one asked.


“Relaaaax ~!” Takao scooted over on the bench and patted the seat gentle. “Come come! I’ve warmed the seat up for the both of you!”

The whole night, you smiled at the way Midorima interacted with his team. Even as his girlfriend, you hadn’t yet met the very true Midorima because he was still a little nervous around you. But tonight, you were able to experience his true self in whole, and it warmed your heart. That night, you ate and talked for hours on end until the restaurant finally closed.

“Bye, Shin-chan! _____-chan!” Takao called as you and the team parted ways.

“They’re a charming team,” you commented, taking a hold of Midorima’s hand.

“They’re a handful.”

“And you’re not?” You joked.

“N-Not like them!”

“Oh, please.” You laughed. “Well thank you for introducing me to your team. I thought I’d never meet them!”

“It’s not my fault your activities interfere with mine,” he pouted slightly. “Of course I would let you all meet one day.”

“Really? Why’s that?”

He cleared his throat and looked away from you out of embarrassment. His cheeks flushed pink once more, something you noticed he does often around you, and you thought it was the cutest thing.

“Well ~?” you ushered.

“Because you both mean a lot to me. It wouldn’t feel right if you never met.”

Your eyes sparkled admiringly as you lunged yourself forward to plant kisses all over his face.

“W-What are you doing!?”

“You’re so cute!”

“Quit it, your neighbors are staring!”

“Let them stare, Shintaro!”

You gave him one last kiss on the lips before you pulled yourself away. He held onto your fingertips as you started to walk away, not wanting to let you go.

“I’ll see you tomorrow for dinner?” you asked. “Can we get yakisoba?”

Midorima’s lips twitched at your child-like nature. “Anything for you.”