TaeBoA HD ‘Only One’ Hug Video Taemin cut

SMTown Bangkok 121125

Youtube credit MmyssK

Uhh…Taemin is like my oxygen. He is my happiness, my everything. I feel little awkward…and it’s a little painful when I look at him hugging and touching Boa unnie. But still, I can’t bash her, right? BoA Unnie is really good, really amazing singer and dancer. They are friends…This is just MV, right? But EVEN IF they’d be a couple…so what? I wish all the best for Oppa, no matter what. I’d ship them! The girl which he will choose to be his Love in future, I will love her so much too. You know why? That’s because I LOVE HIM and I will love every thing, every person who will make him happy. A person who will be the reason of his smile. I want to make him happy…so I will just accept every Oppas decision. Oppa HWAITING! You are the best, always :) BoA unnie, hwaiting too, you are amazing! 

HATERS - FUCK OFF… you don’t have a right to insult Boa just because you are jealous…