Thinkin about how zayn called that dude out for being racist and calling him Arab and middle eastern and then also thinkin about how perrie said she’d love to have an “Indian style wedding” but that’s none of my business 🙊🙈 🐸☕️

honestly stop sleeping on zayn’s metaphorical genius like that alien obviously signifies how his solo career will surpass the confines of this here earth !!! he’s gonna create bops that are not fit for human consumption !!! an album that extraterrestrials are gonna start a war over because they’ll mistake it as earth’s threat to their home !!! zalvador zali is entering a new dimension please take heed to his warning !!! 

last year when i tried applying for food stamps they told me they don’t give food stamps to college students because we have what was formerly known as “self-imposed poverty” (they changed the name i guess?) which basically means that if we want to eat we have to drop out of school and work for [x] hours a week to even qualify for food stamps. i know i say this a lot but america is a terrible, terrible joke of a country. 

that long sabbatical zayn took from being seen everyday when he first left one direction was a blessing in disguise and i truly took it for granted tbh because the amount of time it takes to get new pictures of him is slowly lessening and my bones are slowly deteriorating like bye what am i supposed to do when his solo career pops off and i can’t inhale one time without zayn being in my face :/ just die i guess :/

txt x malcolm
  • Jay:1. me n santi is ok now i think
  • Jay:2. andy my bf
  • Jay:3. theo still likes me n i still like him but i didnt know he still liked me until just now n idk what to do

i hate it when random people talk about how much i resemble my parents like no shit you limp noodle they’re my fucking parents who else am i supposed to look like