We all know that Carl wrote Ballad of Grimaldi for Peter and here’s the list of the song I believe he also wrote about him

  • Come Closer

Had love and I set it free
But it never came back to me, now
The skies have gone ugly
From Bolton to rugby

  • Chinese Dogs

Well it took you seven years
To learn my name
And I know it’s all the drugs and booze
that are to blame
What a shame
Well it took me seven years
To forget your name
All the drugs, all the fools
And the hanging around
I fell out the game
What a shame
What would it take for me to be your man
What would it take to make you understand
The world has gone cold

  • Deadwood

This all you make it?
You had the choice lad
You wouldn’t take it
The oldest charm
And the years of my life,
Some they were so good,
But now and again I feel
I was a coward
Are the holes in my soul
In tatters for all these tears
Well you don’t see it that way

  • Faultlines 

The fights, they never end
Like the nights, they’ve taken me over
And yeah I get the fear
But I cannot be bothered
All this waiting is just hesitating for nothing
And the fault lines
And all the conjecture from both sides
Why oh why can’t we change things
This is destroying me inside
You know you wanna run away
We shared out dreams
And nearly everything in between

I’ll never forget those
Long lost days in a haze
Where we lost ourselves with no apology

  • Bang Bang You’re Dead

I knew all along 
That I was right at the start 
bout the seeds of the weeds 
That grew in your heart 
Self satisfaction for the factions 
Who formed to tear us apart 
Well I gave you the Midas touch 
Oh you turned round and scratched out my heart 

  • B.U.R.M.A.

So when the dark times come well I will sing you a good time song
I’m pretending that it’s ending but it kills me to act so strong
Just to gaze in your eyes, makes all the difference to me

  • Radio Song

Put your arms around me girl cause I don’t know what to do
I’m spinning on a sixpence cause I’m still in love with you
We were vagabond souls put together sniffing glue
Your radio songs were all I really knew
Did you think I had a wind up heart?
You must have had plastic head
Did you think I had to play the part
when you copied everything I said?
I’m sorry sorry sorry if your getting me wrong
but you’re half a world away with only one sock on
Now your getting too much so I want to play along
cause all I really wanted was a radio song

  • Gin & Milk

See I really like you
But I’m nothing like you
I try really so hard
But don’t get so far
You get my respect
But we don’t connect
Were in it together
So I’ll love you forever
I love you forever

  • Carve My Name

And I carved my name on the livers of my lovers,
The hearts of all my brothers
Forgive me, love
So take away the poet’s pen, and never speak of love again
Break the hands that made a pair
And never will I need to care 

  • Irony of Love

It begins with how I fell for you
Saw myself in your eyes
I should have known how that would lead
To my own sweet demise 
When they said,
“He’s going to get his fucking head kicked in,
"He’s going to die in a fucking loony bin!”
Darling, oh, darling… 
This is the song I never wrote for you
I know I said I would
It might have turned out differently
If things had worked out good 
By your side the music rose
My heart would leap and bound
And the chilling feeling that maybe I
Could lose what I had found 
Then the hate, and hurt, and poisoned tongues
Ran out across the town
And then I guess the music stopped
When you were sleeping ‘round 
I suppose we never tried 
You know I could have married you

  • Shadows Fall

And one day we’ll meet again
I’ll be wind, you’ll be rain
Chasing 'round like lovers of old times. 
And you know I’ve loved you so
And I will till the end of days
But as I go, I want you to know:
You are loved

  • So Long My Lover

We met when you were oh so young
I took you from that drunken bum
And held you like some father
Oh we were both born for each other
Oh yes you were so full of hope then, you see
You’d be a dancer and sing with me
You danced your dance
and my sweet song was sung.
Oh I was reckless, you were free
I took you 'round the world with me
So holy together
No devils would tear us apart
The lights were bright on Harley Street
And with the future at our feet
we held on to each other
and somewhere lost our way

  • The Fall

We quick-stepped into love
Like Fred and Ginger in a trance
At all the most exclusive balls
Always we dreamt to dance
The snakes and devils of our past
Were scrupulously ignored
I said, “I think it’s over now,”
She said, “I’m not so sure.”
We turned our fury on each other
She crucified my confidence
I’d hung to to recover
We’d tighten up the thumbscrews
And still scream out for more
I said, “I think it’s over now,”
She said, “I’m not so sure.”

  • The Magus

We´ll drink brandy when they´re gone now
Dancing to our old time songs now
Don´t forget the good old days
Where have the flowers gone now?
Gone to young girls everyone now
That´s the price we´ll have to pay

  • Ballad of Grimaldi

Because you’ll tell me what you want and I’ll avoid it
Tell it to the sick and to the damned
Tell me what you love, watch me destroy it
Your love just crumbles in my hands
But if you stay for a while
I’ll try to think of something kind to say
Maybe we should pray for a while
St. Jude might hear my pleas, come to me,
see me on my bended knees
She knows I adore you

“I can’t. I can’t do it without him.”

“You know what? What you’re fighting here isn’t about you not being able to live without him but it’s about the unfamiliar feeling of waking up in the morning with no sweet good morning messages and sleeping without the whispers of i love yous over the phone. It’s a matter of time and acceptance. You can do it without him. Not now but eventually.”

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