idk how you all can be so excited about the wildest dreams video like i’m so genuinely scared i am deadset terrified the video is gonna RUIN ME honest to god the end is coming and you are all fuckin celebrating it???? nah man i’m sittin here preparing to dig my grave i want my mother please hlep me

daesungs car accident is not fodder for ur why groups suck meme like how do u go and dump sensitive issues like that and problematic things in the same fucking category its mind boggling how ppl are numb to this shit 

Spring Awakening on Broadway
Official Broadway Website. The Tony-Award Winning Musical Returns In A New Production Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Imagined. Broadway Previews Begin September 8, 2015 at The Brooks Atkinson Theatre. Music by Duncan Sheik.

ok the sa people have set up a fan club where you can get prizes (like a tote bag, a tshirt, they’ll probably add more stuff) for accruing points, and you get points from talking about sa on social media and recruiting people to the club!!!

long story short this is my recruitment link and i’d really appreciate it if you guys signed up for the club via it :0