• Kwill: Who is your 마니또 (manito-"secret friend" a friend who helps you without you knowing)?
  • Sungjong: I feel that that person is L hyung..I dont know, he keeps touching, grabbing and looking at me, like he's using telepathy with me, like he's saying "I know what you want to say"
  • Sungyeol: My "manito" (secret friend) is the member whose the first words during 2-hour radio show is about me, it's Sungjong.
  • Translation by: qhuong

I don’t get why people think Sungyeol is talentless. For one, he is NOT talentless. He is an amazing actor and has been many different films before and after debut and is probably the best actor in Infinite. He even plays the drums live in Infinite Band even though he never knew how to play the drums to begin with. He DJs LIVE at every concert and gives it his all. He even cross played as a girl and wasn’t afraid to show some skin. People say he’s childish and ‘ruining his image’ but no, he’s REAL, and not afraid to show his true self. He has a beautiful voice and IMO he’s a better singer than Myungsoo. Sungyeol is perfection himself.