INFINITE 2016 Comeback Teaser

(via infinitehome youtube)


Sungyeol watched as one by one his fellow first years got sorted. He was nervous and excited, bouncing slightly on his heals as he waited, Jureumi perched precariously on his shoulder. When his name was called he practically ran to the stool. The Sorting Hat seemed as if it were on his head for ages; it couldn’t seem to decide where to put him as it questioned placing him in every house. The hat finally made its choice and proclaimed “Ravenclaw!” and though it wasn’t the house he expected, Sungyeol smiled widely and skipped to his new table, happily greeting his new house mates. 

Who will be sorted tomorrow?

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(I will upload the full set in high quality jpgs once I’ve revealed everyone, but I saw these as animations so I just had to make gifs first! Or you can find the jpgs on my twitter)