let us not forget fall out boy is literally made up of the weirdest cast of characters like

there’s pete “pisslord” wentz, ex-emo kid/king of the chicago hardcore scene turned relatable emoji snapchat dad whose favorite show is legitimately teen titans go

r&b tmnt stan, patrick “soft boy” stump, the fan favorite who despite popular belief is actually not a sweet shy child, and is actually a married grown man with children and also way more of a music snob than he’s made out to be

joe “reverse fan favorite” trohman, actually a really legitimately funny and awesome guy who gets overlooked because he’s “not hot” (that’s a lie, send me an ask i have loads of hot joe PROOF…) who manages to be a critically acclaimed, amazing guitarist and also have his twitter look like a shitpost tumblr run by a white 7th grader named daniel

andy “i’m sorry, i made gifts for joe, pete and patrick but i totally forgot to make one for andy im so sorry :(((((((” hurley, a vegan straightedge ICON, a friend of like literally everyone and a true beautiful boy that deserves flower crown icons just as much as the other three…… a strong guy he could lift me up……. love that man


So as a couple of you may know, or not know, Patrick Stump went to my high school, class of 2002. My brother is graduating today (congrats William!) and Patrick was supposed to be a guest speaker and win an alumni award. HOWEVER, he couldn’t make it because HIS WIFE IS VERY CLOSE TO HAVING BABY NUMBER 2, AND HE WAS AFRAID TO LEAVE HER!!! Here is the video message he sent in, in his place! Congrats to Patrick and Elisa!