Don’t Change A Thing, Darlin’

Intro: I know I just posted one for Spock Week, but this one kinda just started to flow out of me (getting my mojo back, yay!) so here is another fic for you!  This one is for Bones week for Trek Fest 2017!  Hosted by the always lovely @outside-the-government - I was late on the Spock fic but not for this one yay!

This is also a request that came from @stucked82:

Hi, I have a request, McCoy x plus size reader, she thinks he’s not interested in her because of the words he said on the first Star Trek movie of Dr. Marcus, she’s the opposite of her, dark short hair, tall, curvy and strong, she could be the combat trainer of the Enterprise maybe? It would be great! Thanks!! Fluff or smut or whatever. 

I know I messaged you about going in a darker, more angsty route, and I wrote most of that, but it didn’t feel right, and I felt like I needed to write something fluffy.  So I did.  

Pairing: Bones x plus size!reader

Word Count: 3,456 (damnit can I not keep anything short anymore!!!)

Warnings: A little self-deprication, some swearing, mention of a past emotionally abusive relationship, used the word “darlin’” way too many times.

Summary: You have been transferred to the Enterprise to work as a combat trainer, and are quickly introduced to Dr. McCoy when he is in one of your classes.  Quickly developing a crush on the handsome doctor (who wouldn’t?), you feel like the flirting is going well until you see him flirting with Dr. Marcus. Were you wrong about him?  Could he ever love somebody like you?

A/N: Not a big fan of writing specifically for a plus-size reader, but I thought this one turned out pretty well - didn’t want to go too deep into insecurities or anything, but they are in there. 


“Hey dude?  Can you hear me?” You nearly shouted as you knelt over a dark-haired man that had just taken a hard hit in your combat training class. 

“Wha-?” The man’s eyes slowly flickered open, and he brought his hand up to rub at his eye, groaning, “What happened?”

“That idiot back there didn’t know how to properly throw an elbow strike and knocked you flat.” You jerked your thumb at the covering curly-haired blonde, who gave a sheepish finger-wave. 

“Damnit, Chekov.” The man grunted and moved to sit up, emitting a series of groans and a string of curses, including “too old for this shit”. 

“How long was I out?” He asked. 

“Maybe 30 seconds?  Do you want ice or something?”

He touched his cheekbone gingerly, then the back of his head, “Maybe. Probably should just head back to the medbay.”

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Intro: So this is for Uhura week for Trek Fest 2017, hosted by the lovely @outside-the-government!  This is my first full Nyota fic and it was really fun to write!

Pairing: Nyota x reader

Word Count: 1,902

Summary: You’ve been stranded on a planet for years, lost and alone, thinking there was no way to be found, until a shuttle shows up.  Thinking that this is finally your way off the planet, you are even more happy to find out that your ex-lover, Nyota, is on board and you are finally reunited.  But she is having mixed emotions about the whole ordeal.  Will you fall in love again?  Will things ever be the same?

A/N: I left the reader as gender neutral as I possibly could because I couldn’t decide if I was supposed to lean towards a male or female reader.  So it’s up to you which gender you’d like to choose!


The wind was colder than normal as you trekked the final steps up to the edge of the cliff.  The world seemed stretched out before you, inches from the cliff’s edge, the rocky, dusty, planes extending for miles.  It would be astoundingly beautiful if it weren’t so god-awfully familiar.  

The wind blew brisk again and you tugged the edge of your scarf up over your nose to keep out the cold.  Your skin instantly felt warmer thanks to your breath heating the fabric of your scarf. 

Digging your palm into the hard metal of your walking stick, you peered over the edge of the cliff to get a better view of what made you climb up there in the first place.  A shuttle.  

Your heart stopped as you got a better look at the craft.  It was Starfleet.  You couldn’t believe it. 

For years you’ve been stuck on this god-forsaken planet after crashing onto the surface during a search mission.  Left with no way to communicate to the outside world, you were stranded and forced to figure out how to survive.  But now you were finally getting to go home.  

You scrambled down the hill, nearly tripping over stones and loose sand, skirting around rocks and over landings that you knew like the back of your hand.  

Rounding the bottom of the bluff, you realize in hindsight that you should have slowed down, but your only through was of getting to the shuttle.  

Before you could stop or even shout you were careening into and colliding with a hard object, that you quickly identified as a person.  

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