Day 10 of @tehmanticr0n‘s PokeAdvent

10- Weird mammal

???| Enkid | Water/Ground | Digging Pokemon

???| Enkicker | Water/Ground | Dig Box Pokemon

Enkid and Enkicker are known in the Oymate region, for being terrible annoyances. They burrow underneath fields in the countryside and eat the bulbs and seeds of the local crops. Making farmers hate them and bringing in pokemon such as Growlithe to “Deal with” these pests. It is partly the reason Enkid and Enkicker became part water type as most of their predators are fire type.

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Hey! It’s been a while. Working on a ton of stuff at the moment! I need to figure out a good way to make 3D Sprites with more then 4 colors & I wanted to really refine my 3D sprite process. 

I decided to make a little project out of it and… here you go!

If you dig this, check out my other Pokemon stuff!

I also have a youtube channel! Mostly Timelapses but you guys might like. 

Sooo… Me and my friend were having an… interesting…. discussion… and I decided to make it more interesting using the infamous memes  sprites.

I don’t know how this conversation happened but I surely don’t regret it.

We’re both Komahina fans normally discussing komahina but I had to spice things up with sprites…

It’s always funny with sprites.