7 Things That HAVE to Happen in Supernatural Season 11 - Comic Con 2015

“So, a young man (5 years old, I believe), sent me this rad trophy of me (in my better days, apparently!) ripping off my shirt like an old-school Hulk Hogan!!! According to him, it was because I won the “Biggest Heart Award” :). And, while I don’t know if I have the BIGGEST heart, I can sure say that ALL of my heart was warmed :). Thanks Ash.” x

a little bit Gabriel in my life -
a little bit of Castiel by my side -
a little bit of Sam is what I see -
a little bit of Dean is what I need -
a little bit of Crowley straight from hell -
a little bit of Lucifer as well -
a little bit of Bobby to keep us right -
as we drive the impala through the night