I have a problem!!

Lately I’ve been feeling a little different.

I know I shouldn’t be afraid of these feelings but it just doesn’t seem right.

I’m a Dean girl Damn it!!

I keep trying to tell myself that I’m NOT a Sam girl..

But alas I just need to face facts!

That I AM a Sam Girl Now!!

And that this is actually not a problem…

Sing It Loud, Sing It Proud (Part 1)

Pairings: none

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader, Tim (bartender), Lucy, nameless characters

Summary:  You landed a regular overnight slot at a local bar, but Sam and Dean have no idea.  What happens if you get caught??

Word Count: 722

Triggers: stage fright????, slight anxiety

You were sure you were gonna get caught this time.  It was nearly 6:30 am and you knew at least one of them was going to be awake any second now.  You got into your room and immediately started changing into your pajamas as fast as you could.  *Knock Knock* “Y/N?  You’re up early, everything alright?”

               “Uhhh yea!  Just had to pee, I think I’m going to get an hour or two more of sleep if that’s ok.  Just wake me up if you find a hunt.”  You started panicking, hoping the younger Winchester wouldn’t open the door considering you were still in your blouse and nice make-up.

               “Alright, sleep tight munchkin,” You roll your eyes and smile at Sam’s long-time nickname for you.  You are stand a short 5’3” next to the giants.  Grateful he believed your lie, you slip into bed and think about last night.

               You walk onto the small stage, thankful that the crowd always stayed relatively small, always the same few barflies and local college kids.  “Hey guys,” You smile at everyone, “any requests to start us off?”  One girl you’ve come to know as Lucy, shying away in a corner lifts her arm. “Yea darlin’?”

               “Can you sing ‘Johnny and June’?  By Heidi Newfield?”  You shot her a big smile, it’s one of your favorite songs.


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Imagine A Witch Turns Dean Into A Three Year Old And You Have To Babysit Him, While Sam And Bobby Find A Way To Break The Spell.

plan on posting this one up soon 😄

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Supernatural S1 Ep2 - Wendigo - Pt 2

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Part 1 | Part 3 

This is also for @totallysupernaturaloneshots ‘s follower celebration, my prompt is “Well, that was one way to do it.”

Word Count:2,816
Warnings: none

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You all start hiking through the forest, the man, who introduced himself as Roy was leading, followed by Dean, Haley and her brother, Ben, and you and Sam bringing up the rear. 

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That Boy Is A Monster

Request-Hello! I read the last imagine that you post it and I had an Idea for an imagine request. You had a boyfriend that was supernatural and Sam and Dean approve because he treats you like he should, he’s always there for you he protects you.You’ve been dating for a long time but while you were research for a hunt John knocks on the bunker door, you try to hide him but John finds him and he keeps insisting that the reader tells him who he is and instead of telling him she just starts kissing him and John insists that she tells him who he is and instead of telling him she just kisses him in front of TWF and John and just says “My boyfriend”. John scolds her but she snaps at him and he backs off and he tries to separate them but TFW makes him leave

Word count-1084

Warnings-Mild swearing

A/n- Would you guys like it if I started drabbles? Maybe when I reach 300. Oh and I have another anti John fic coming soon which is similar to this one :)

Tag- @evyiione

Who knew a werewolf hunt would lead to you meeting the most amazing boyfriend you ever had. Call it cheesy but as soon as you layed eyes on James’s piercing blue eyes you knew he was yours. There was one tiny little problem…he’s a werewolf. You were so close to loosing him as your older brothers were about to kill him. It took a lot and you mean a lot of talking and a few kicks in the balls to stop Dean hurting James. But they finally came through and gave you permission to date him.

Which leads you to now. “And the pie for you Dean.” James says sliding the pie to Dean. “Your a good man slash werewolf James. Very good.” Dean says rubbing his hands looking at the pie. It took a couple of months but your brothers were very happy you found someone as nice as James. He hadn’t killed anything except for monsters and saved all your asses quite a few times. Even Castiel approved of your boyfriend. They even gave him his own room which of course was the furthest room away from yours. Even you had to admit you didn’t want mini werewolf babies running around the place.

“This is to say sorry for breaking your other one.” James says handing Sam a new MP3 player for when he goes running. “It’s cool man you didn’t have to get me…IT TRACKS YOUR SPEED AND HEART RATE?!” Sam says like a excited kid on Christmas. “And for you…” James turned to you and handed a piece of paper. Looking at the paper you saw he made reservations to your favourite fancy restaurant. “Your the best.” You whispered pulling him in for a powerful kiss. “You guys gonna come up for air?” Dean asked with his mouth full of pie. Your cheeks lit up red and pulled away.

You were all talking until their was a knock on the door. “I’ve got it.” Sam says grabbing his gun and going to the door. Slowly and carefully he opened the door slightly. “D…dad?” You heard him loud and clear and slightly moving to the side you saw your father… John. “Shit.” You whisper shouted. “Go into your room and don’t come out till I say so understand?” You say holding James by the shoulders and looking into his eyes. “I understand please don’t let him kill me.” He says sneaking a quick kiss before darting off to his room.

“What the Hell how?” Dean asked once you all reunited. “Don’t even bother asking.” Your dad says laughing and taking a sip of his beer. “So any relationships going on?” He asks smiling. Luckily he didn’t see you tense up and share a look with your brothers. “No we are still single losers.” You say laughing. “I don’t believe that for one second (Y/n) you must have had at least one…” He was interrupted by a crash down the hallway. “What was that?” John asked standing up. “I…I’ll go check.” You say sprinting to the sound of the noise before anyone could say anything.

Once you reached the kitchen, where you heard the sound, you crashed into James falling on top of him. “I was trying to get some biscuits from the shelf I was starving.” He says laughing. You rolled your eyes and leaned down towards him but just as you were about to connect lips three bullets were shot into the ceiling. “(Y/n) WHO IS THIS?” John roared. Like he was on fire you jumped of James and stared blankly at your father. Looking behind him you saw Sam Dean and Cas, they must of prayed to him for back up. “I asked you a question…who is this?” He says pointing his gun at James. “(Y/n)…” James whispered holding your hand for comfort. You gripped his tightly and watch pure anger fill up in John. Then without thinking you grabbed James and kissed him for a good few seconds. Once you pulled away you looked back at John and smirked. “My boyfriend…oh who is by the way a werewolf.” You say.

“A WHAT?!” John shouted so loud you could feel the walls vibrating. “A werewolf.” You repeated slowly like he was deaf. “Good job these are silver bullets.” He says tightening his grip on his gun. “Don’t. You. Dare.” You snarled standing in front of James. “(Y/n) he’s your father.” James says, eyes fixed on your dad. “I don’t care if he’s my farther!” You shout. “Your not father to me…you never had been. You did the bare minimum to keep us alive. I don’t care what James is…human or monster. I love him dad. He keeps me safe and makes me feel so special. The fact your about to kill the love of my life shows how much you care about me.” You say confidently.

Sam Dean and Cas’s eyes were all wide in shock that you stood up to John. “He’s a monster.”  John mumbles still holding aim. “That boy is a monster…but that monster has treated me better than you ever did. “You say running up to him and punching him in the face. “Get out dad.” Dean says glaring daggers into John. “Excuse me?” John said wiping the blood form his lip. “GET OUT! James is part of the family whether you like it or not. And you…” Dean says harshly pointing at him. “Aren’t welcomed here ever again. So one last time get out!” He screamed.

John made no sign of moving so Castiel cracked his knuckles and dragged a kicking and screaming John out of the bunker. “Are you okay?” You sighed looking at James. “(Y/n) the things you said…you love me?” You and James never said it until now. “Yeah.” You say looking down embarrassed. “I love you to.” He says lifting your chin up and pulling you into another kiss. “I’m sorry about my dad.” You say once you pulled away. “Don’t worry. I’m just happy I finally feel accepted.” He says looking at your brothers and Castiel who just returned. “I sent him to a pig farm in Germany so it may take him a while to get back.” The angel smiled proud of himself. “Thanks Cas.” You say. “Are you okay (Y/n)?” Sam asked with his puppy dog eyes. You nodded and said “You know what? As long as I have my amazing family and my amazing boyfriend.” You say as he wraps an arm around you. “I’ll be just fine.”