Jessica has signed a contract with Coridel Entertainment!

After her contract with SM Entertainment ended back in 2015, Jessica has signed a contract with Coridel Entertainment, whose CEO is Tyler Kwon. They will be promoting her with her early March comeback, as well as providing her support in her fashion business.

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I started training when I was 12. It was interesting and I always viewed it as a fun hobby. It was certainly difficult at times as a young girl, committing to the training, but I tried my best to keep it fun and interesting without putting any pressure on myself. Honestly, when I started, I saw it as a new after-school activity. I had no idea it would turn into what it is today. However, I think I’m still the same old me from when I started – just a more matured version. - Jessica


Jessica IG update 06.06.2016

“Special dessert😆
Chocolate mousse in liquid nitrogen 🌬🍫”