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You could see across the whitewash room, despite the exuhstion that was washing over your aching body. Sat in a slumpped position dark hair all floppy from running his hands through it. But despite the dark circles under his eyes he had never looked mor handsome than he did now, holding your little baby boy in his arms all bunddled up in the blanket his mother had bought months before. Peace had fallen over the room and for a single moment you where happy. But you where so tied, keeping your eyes open was a challenge right now. He looked up for a second, and his beautiful grey blue eyes met your own and fear suddenly flashed across them. Despite the tiredness etched across his own face he jumped to his feet, mindfull of the baby in his arms to cross the room and lean over you. “Y/N? What is it? What’s wrong?” “I-” you said but it sounded more like a gasp for air, you weren’t stuggling to breath but you felt yourself fading. “I’ll go get a doctor” he said but you used the last of your energy to hold his hand and stop him from leaving “No I… theres nothing to be done… I want to be with you” you whispered. He caught on to what was happening and panic began to fill his face as a million and one thoughts rushed around his head. “Y/N you can’t go, not now, not like this” he whispered in a begging voice. “My Seba” you whispered, eye lids heavy and all you wanted to do was sleep but you fought to say goodbye. “Look after our baby… I love you” and your eyes lids closed, a single tear being squeezed out to run down your cheek as your body fell limp and he let out a aganising cry of pain. 

So Far So Good

Pairing: Sebastian X Reader

Words: 711

Warnings: thigh riding which is a sin in and of itself. One NSFW gif.

@superpaperclip asked “Could you write something about riding Sebastian’s thighs?

A/N: Welp…I’m horny now because of that gif. Let me know if you want to be tagged here.

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