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People are hating on Sabrina cause she wore a shirt with a middle finger on it?? And calling her the next Miley cause she is dancing how she wants at her concerts?? She's almost an adult and she looks bomb doing it I don't get why people think it's there responsibility to hate on her for having fun on her own tour

Oh my god ppl are stupid. First of all, her shirt was the new one from Beyonce; the middle finger is just part of the design.

Secondly, even tho I’m not too fond of Miley/not her biggest fan, if Sab becomes “the next Miley” then kudos to her bc Miley is super rich and successful and has a ton of fans who support her no matter what and is on the fucking tv show The Voice as a judge …. so how is that an insult exactly????? So she’s a bit risqué. Big whoop-de-doo. She made smart, controversial may it be, career moves to get out of that Disney Girl image (‘pole dancing’ at the KCAs or whatever award show it was, that rolling stone magazine photoshoot, etc etc) Maybe this is just Sab’s way of hinting/reminding us that she’s growing up, maturing, and changing…and she won’t be a Disney girl forever.

Exactly!!! Sabrina is having fun and doing her own thing. And if being from the Disney Channel means that all girls are required to drop their individuality and sexuality, then welp….sucks for them. Bc they’ve had quite a few stars go a different route ;)

Sabrina, girl …. do your own thang. And your tru Family will be right behind you along the way as you grow, learn, and change the world 💖

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I notice you still haven't answered my ask with the proof of Sabrina being an uneducated bitch. That naive, aren't you? Sad.

What ask??? I literally haven’t gotten an ask about that, and if i did, i probably already answered it. Check my “answered” tag.

And you coming into my ask box accusing Sabrina of being uneducated and calling her names? Well, I think we all know who’s the bitter one here. Sad.