Blue Swallow Motel, Tucumcari, New Mexico, 2012. A Route 66 icon.

My portfolio has grown by leaps and bounds, so I was asked for advice by some nice buyers of my 66 art on how to narrow the selection down. Here’s a top dozen or so in B&W, not in any order, that I would be proud to have you display in your homes.    

Find this image in my gallery, “Route 66 B&W - a Special Selection: http://frank-romeo.pixels.com/

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wait i'm so confused.... what is this drama about tats????

Tats is the first and leading mod on Ryan’s super new twitch channel (sorry if you already knew that) and everyone’s shitting their pants bc I (and a lot of other people tbh) personally don’t like the way she’s modding and acting in the chat (overmodding; ie banning and timing out for really childish reasons)

But what’s new. If you have an opinion that differs from the flock, you’re going to get attacked by a bunch of babies

I love Chloe sm she’s always so kind for like no reason she just oozes kindness and understanding and love and beauty and all things good thank god she’s immortal and gracing the entire world for an eternity and a half