I’m so torn between clean-and-tidy-Remus and messy-oh-my-god-James-where-are-my-robes???????????-Remus

Like, imagine Remus, who the Marauders laugh at because “Monster? Really? Remus, you fold your socks. Forgive me for not trembling at the sight of you!" 

Who has his clothes organised in colour in his drawers, and his chest is SO asymmetrical and neat that it actually pains Sirius to look at. And everything has to be in the right place; a Remus who takes his books and quills out of his bag and always puts them in the same place in every class or he can’t work properly.

And when he isn’t paying Sirius any attention, the latter moves one of his pencils out of place because he knows it will irk Remus, and he preens under his gaze, irritated or otherwise, vindictively smug as Remus snatches his pencil back and positions it, shooting him a dark glare. Sometimes, Sirius goes one step further and throws his pencil on the opposite side of the classroom, JUST before the professor comes in, if only for the joy of watching Remus’ eye twitch throughout the lesson as he can’t retrieve it for another 55 minutes. 

But I’m talking about a Remus who is such a neat-freak because it’s the one thing he can control and it doesn’t quite make up for that little thing he can’t control, but he pretends it does.

But what about a Remus who wears EVERYONE ELSES clothes because he can never find his own and mumbling because ”Merlin, James, you have incredibly skinny legs,“ and wincing every time he walks because there is honestly no oxygen flowing to certain areas, like "hOW CAN YOU MOVE IN THESE?? I CANT EVEN BREATHE!”

a Remus who leaves his underwear wherever he takes them off and has a clucking Sirius trailing after him, picking them up and telling him “you HAVE A DRAWER for a REASON”

And Peter (having the bed closest to the bathroom) ALWAYS finds pieces of his uniform around his bed: a tie under his pillow, an odd sock under the mattress and it will be 2 in the morning, when Pete suddenly goes “oh” and the other three boys can only just see him in the darkness get out of bed, walk over and hand Remus back his boxers

Messy hair, looking like he’d just apparated or flooed or stepped out of an avalanche, and his tie is never properly done because it’s too fiddly for him in a morning and he barely sleeps and honestly, who can be bothered to tie a tie???? James??? How do you do that? and so James ends up tying his tie for him EVERY morning, since he’s the mother hen of the group and one of his babies is struggling.

And he’s not scruffy, but his robes are shabby (after his dad lost his job at the ministry, they had always struggled financially so his clothes were secondhand or handmade by his mum). His trousers are either two long so he has to roll them up a bit or barely brushing his ankles, and his shirt is never tucked in (unless Sirius manhandles him and forcibly shoves it down his waistband because “dear MERLIN remus is it THAT difficult to look presentable, you mongrel tosspot!” because he’s a Pureblood, no matter how hard he tries to reject it, and he retains that obsession with perfect appearances so messy Remus kills him.

(deep down, he finds Remus’ long and scraggly hair very endearing, though he wont admit it and protests to his dying day that he needs a haircut)

The worst though, by far, is when Remus starts growing a beard and mustache. And it’s not by choice!! it’s just he can’t see the point in shaving it off, especially once the war starts and they’ve got bigger things on their mind. but the others hate it, like HATE IT. Sirius always complains that it thaws his chin when they kiss, and Peter strokes it in lieu of a hello. James sees it and exasperatedly says, “really Moony? wasnt one furry problem enough??”

I dunno man, just a Remus who can have some leeway in his life and doesn’t have to worry about these things because he knows his friends are there to watch his back

…………and shave his beard off at 4 in the morning when he’s fallen asleep because honestly, remus we ARE DOING YOU a FAVOUR !!!!!!!! now hold still

I want to say something about sex.

Yeah, I know, I’m the (mostly) genfic writer who’s always talking about how sex scenes make me blush. But, listen.

I just read yet another book in which characters who have just met fall into bed together and then into a relationship. It happens with two sets of characters and each relationship is almost 100% gratuitous to the story. I honestly don’t know why the writer put them in.

And that made me think…

Here on Tumblr I’ve been watching what, to me, is a fascinating trend of young people identifying with very specific sexualities. As always, more power to you all, you have the right to identify however you want and to own your identity in whatever way is meaningful to you.

But I’ve been struck, in particular, with how people who identify as demi or asexual have described what they consider mainstream. In setting themselves apart from this mainstream way of being, they speak of not being attracted to every member of the opposite sex. Of wanting to be physically intimate with only very specific people, or with no one. As though we “regular” folks do just fall into bed with… whoever.

I consider myself a sexual being. Always have. I have also always been very, very particular about who I’m physically intimate with. And I think, having talked deeply about sex and relationships with many people, although I may be at one extreme of this, being particular is not uncommon.

And I have wondered, where are young people getting the idea that sex with random people is what’s “normal,” and if you don’t do that, you must be something “other?”

So lately I’ve been watching for it, and I’m seeing: All these books with relationships that start five minutes after two people meet, usually for no apparent reason than that the protagonist is a man and the woman is stereotypically “hot.” All those forced relationships in action movies that end with a “romantic” kiss between the male and female leads.

I’ve also become more sensitive to the ubiquity of parents and friends who say, “Why don’t you give him a chance? Maybe you just need to give it time.” As though those of us who say “no thank you” to people we’re not physically (or emotionally) attracted to have somehow got it wrong.

Is this what we have taught our children is normal? Is this what all of these new labels are reacting against?

Because if so, I guess I want to say to all of those folks who are just figuring out this sexuality thing and struggling with it and getting shit for whatever category you’ve decided is the one you fit into… I’ve made it 40+ years on this earth being whatever-the-hell-my-sexuality-is, and it’s fine. I have known people along the whole spectrum from “dates anyone who shows an interest” to “hasn’t had a date in years and so what.”

All those books and movies that pretend that sexual relationships are automatic and inevitable? They’re crazy.

YOU are not.

I went to reitaisai this year (2017) with bear and it was great. Here’s a list of highlights:

  • Onigiri (Pan-Yama-Onigiri) thought I was a dude online
  • Went to greet my friend. Found the space their circle was meant to be occupying totally empty. “Oh no,” I cried. “They must’ve dropped out at the last minute.” “Are you looking for me?” asks my friend at the table next door. I’d misread the booth number
  • Bear started crying when she saw ZUN
  • Saw a horde of several hundred nerds slowly decend upon ZUN’s booth, with only twenty copies of the new touhou trial left on his table
  • Went to RD-Sounds’ booth. All of his helpers wore lanyards with “I am NOT RD-Sounds” written in English
  • We sat down for a rest a few hours into the event. Bear opened twitter and saw a western touhou fan tweet “I just cleared the new touhou trial!”
  • Met someone who was so excited to see Bear their hands wouldn’t stop shaking
  • The wall circles literally chuck the money you give them into a giant cardboard box
  • The guy who draws the three fairies manga looked like he’d just walked out of a trendy jazz bar. I was in awe
  • The woman holding the ‘middle of the queue’ sign at Aya Azuma’s booth walked too close to me and her boob accidentally brushed my elbow so I really hope that wasn’t Aya Azuma herself because it’s gonna be awkward reading WaHH in the future knowing I’d touched the boob
To all my followers

Due to some recent events related to some internet stores and convention booths selling my stuff ilegally, I’ll start putting a visible watermark on every art I draw from today on.

Also I’ve deleted my Society 6 account because they don’t offer a watermark option and every design is easily downloable.
Still, I will keep my Redbubble account.

I’m very very sorry about this, but I think enough is enough and I hope you understand and keep appreciating and supporting my art.

Thank you so much!!

How is this not a dream? The 2017 year has been like an actual dream??:

  • I get to go to AX which was what I originally planned to go to in the future if by any chance Tsukuda attended and it happened
  • I actually managed to convince my parents (which I thought they would refuse) to get to go to LA where Anime Expo is located
  • I’m going to get a chance to talk to the creator himself who created Shokugeki no Soma, which is my all time favourite series
  • Shokugeki no Soma is getting a 3rd season (I haven’t finished season 2 yet oopsI’m a fake fan)
  • Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari is getting an anime adaption and they’re going to air the PV at AX as well which is like the best news ever? Go read it if you haven’t yet!
  • I recently discovered Voltron Legendary Defenders which is now a new series I’m overly obsessed with (which hasn’t happened in a long time after Shokugeki no Soma) and the 3rd season is right around the corner so my summer is like….the perfect vacation right now
  • I get the chance to meet @notsuki and @ayano-tateyama and other friends over online for the first time cause apparently everyone lives in California
  • Lance Mcclain
  • Lucio and D.va’s VA are going be there including Barbara Dunkelman and I just-

Hey guys….. so…. I’ll be entering in a hiatus. I don’t know for how long tho…. school is just too overwhelming and stressing that I just had a break down a few minutes ago and almost had a panic attack. I need some time… to try and focus on school to make it more easier for me. Everything is new. I’m not used to stay 10 hours in a school and I have so many more subjects and classes that I don’t understand. So. Yeah. You may see me here and there but I won’t appear much as before. I don’t know if this is gonna be a short or long hiatus. It depends on how my mental health will be

Sorry. I just. Need some time to set up my life

Thank you for your attention

See you guys soon