I’m so torn between clean-and-tidy-Remus and messy-oh-my-god-James-where-are-my-robes???????????-Remus

Like, imagine Remus, who the Marauders laugh at because “Monster? Really? Remus, you fold your socks. Forgive me for not trembling at the sight of you!" 

Who has his clothes organised in colour in his drawers, and his chest is SO asymmetrical and neat that it actually pains Sirius to look at. And everything has to be in the right place; a Remus who takes his books and quills out of his bag and always puts them in the same place in every class or he can’t work properly.

And when he isn’t paying Sirius any attention, the latter moves one of his pencils out of place because he knows it will irk Remus, and he preens under his gaze, irritated or otherwise, vindictively smug as Remus snatches his pencil back and positions it, shooting him a dark glare. Sometimes, Sirius goes one step further and throws his pencil on the opposite side of the classroom, JUST before the professor comes in, if only for the joy of watching Remus’ eye twitch throughout the lesson as he can’t retrieve it for another 55 minutes. 

But I’m talking about a Remus who is such a neat-freak because it’s the one thing he can control and it doesn’t quite make up for that little thing he can’t control, but he pretends it does.

But what about a Remus who wears EVERYONE ELSES clothes because he can never find his own and mumbling because ”Merlin, James, you have incredibly skinny legs,“ and wincing every time he walks because there is honestly no oxygen flowing to certain areas, like "hOW CAN YOU MOVE IN THESE?? I CANT EVEN BREATHE!”

a Remus who leaves his underwear wherever he takes them off and has a clucking Sirius trailing after him, picking them up and telling him “you HAVE A DRAWER for a REASON”

And Peter (having the bed closest to the bathroom) ALWAYS finds pieces of his uniform around his bed: a tie under his pillow, an odd sock under the mattress and it will be 2 in the morning, when Pete suddenly goes “oh” and the other three boys can only just see him in the darkness get out of bed, walk over and hand Remus back his boxers

Messy hair, looking like he’d just apparated or flooed or stepped out of an avalanche, and his tie is never properly done because it’s too fiddly for him in a morning and he barely sleeps and honestly, who can be bothered to tie a tie???? James??? How do you do that? and so James ends up tying his tie for him EVERY morning, since he’s the mother hen of the group and one of his babies is struggling.

And he’s not scruffy, but his robes are shabby (after his dad lost his job at the ministry, they had always struggled financially so his clothes were secondhand or handmade by his mum). His trousers are either two long so he has to roll them up a bit or barely brushing his ankles, and his shirt is never tucked in (unless Sirius manhandles him and forcibly shoves it down his waistband because “dear MERLIN remus is it THAT difficult to look presentable, you mongrel tosspot!” because he’s a Pureblood, no matter how hard he tries to reject it, and he retains that obsession with perfect appearances so messy Remus kills him.

(deep down, he finds Remus’ long and scraggly hair very endearing, though he wont admit it and protests to his dying day that he needs a haircut)

The worst though, by far, is when Remus starts growing a beard and mustache. And it’s not by choice!! it’s just he can’t see the point in shaving it off, especially once the war starts and they’ve got bigger things on their mind. but the others hate it, like HATE IT. Sirius always complains that it thaws his chin when they kiss, and Peter strokes it in lieu of a hello. James sees it and exasperatedly says, “really Moony? wasnt one furry problem enough??”

I dunno man, just a Remus who can have some leeway in his life and doesn’t have to worry about these things because he knows his friends are there to watch his back

…………and shave his beard off at 4 in the morning when he’s fallen asleep because honestly, remus we ARE DOING YOU a FAVOUR !!!!!!!! now hold still


AN: Okay so I needed to take a break from my multifics because they were stressing me out and I wanted to do an AU oneshot that covered all of Riley x Lucas’ “firsts.” Obviously these are different from canon because this is based on an AU. But because I got a little carried away I think this will end up being a two shot. This one will cover First Encounter, First Talk, First Spark & First Kiss. The next one will cover First Date, First I Love You, First time and First Heartbreak. Hope you guys like it.
Word Count: 2,778

♡ ♡ ♡

First Encounter

“I don’t know man…” Lucas slammed his locker door shut, shooting his best friend Zay a quizzical look. “My parents warned me what would happen if I threw another party while they were away.”

Zay dramatically rolled his eyes, slinging his backpack over his shoulder as the two of them maneuvered their way through the hall. “That was last year, Luc.” The dark haired boy sighs. “Besides, it’s expected of you. You’re captain.”

“Why can’t we just have the party at yours?” Lucas asks, as they make their way to their seats at the back of the classroom.

First period was the only class the two of them had together this year. It was different in the previous years. Being best friends, Zay always made sure they took all the same classes, that way they could mooch off of each other and have someone to crack jokes with.

Lucas, however, after having a scary conversation with his strict father about his future, made sure to actually try and make an effort for senior year. That included less Zay, less partying and more academics.

“Because I’m not captain.” Zay retorted quietly as their Teacher, Mr. Haze, walked up to the board. He starts scribbling some key points of today’s lecture when a knock at the door stops him.

In walks the school’s secretary, Miss Finch, and by her side is a student. Neither Lucas nor Zay could get a good look at her because she was standing on the other side of Finch. All they could make out was her long brown hair.

Finch and Haze whisper among each other while the class watches on in silence, curiosity brewing.

“If she’s hot, I call dibs.” Zay smirks, leaning over to try to get a better look at her.

“You can’t call dibs. You have a girlfriend.” Lucas reminds him, following the eager boys move.

“Maya says we’re on a time out.” He shakes his head in frustration. “To me time out means I’m single.”

“Don’t be a dick–.”

“Okay, everyone.” Mr. Haze returns his attention to the class. “We have a new student. Transferred here from Wesley High.” He gestures to the girl standing behind him and she slowly approaches his desk, sporting an insincere smile at the group of classmates before her.

Lucas can feel himself staring but he can’t help it. She was gorgeous. Her olive skin complimented her brown hair and hazelnut colored eyes perfectly. She had dimples when she smiled that were paired with full lips. She was wearing a summer dress that hugged her curves in all the right places. He had to know this girl.

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The Boy Next Door | Rucas Fanfic

Riley Matthews finds herself intrigued to learn more about the brooding boy who just moved in next door. 

Chapter 1 - “Peeping Tom”

It was just another day in Philadelphia. Same boring people with their same boring faces and their same boring personalities. Riley rolls out of bed and gets ready for school. It’s already the end of the first semester. It seems like the year is flying by and since it’s her last year at John Adams High she’s not complaining. Her morning routine consists of getting dressed, scarfing down whatever concoction her parents made for breakfast and locking herself in her dark room until it’s time to leave for school. Photography is the one thing she’s stayed passionate about over the years. When your best friends are all annoying good at everything, once you find what you’re good at you stick to it. She hasn’t put down her camera since.

Convincing her parents to allow her to turn her closet into a dark room was a whole other problem. After lots of begging and ass-kissing they finally agreed on the condition she kept her grades up. She wasn’t a genius like her friends Farkle and Isadora but she knew how to hold her own. The hard part was not letting her photography consume her. There are so many fascinating things in the world, she just wants to capture them all.

When she’s done with breakfast she treks back to her room and grabs her camera from her desk. She points it out the window like she does every morning but this time somethings different. Through the lens she can see a big movers truck parked outside of the house next door. Nobody’s lived there for months.

Riley follows the workers, through her lens, up the porch stairs and watches as they disappear into the house. She brings the camera up towards the room that looks directly into hers. The light is on but no one is there. As the trucks engine starts up again she glances to the street and when she turns back to the vacant room she sees a boy standing near the window. He was about her age with light brown almost blonde hair. She stares intently at the boy, watching him walk over to his bed and take off his jacket. She can feel herself get a little flustered but she doesn’t look away. He’s about to pull off his shirt when her father, Cory, walks in her room.

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The Year of Remus Lupin (Part 1) | Remus Lupin Imagine

Originally posted by welcomethenewage

Fifth year is the year that your world gets turned, even more-so, upside down. Luckily, it’s for the better.

Fifth year is the year that you succeeded and really found yourself and accepted your flaws.

Fifth year is the year that one person would change your life for good.

Fifth year is the year of Remus Lupin.


You are a half-blood witch with a rather strange blood abnormality; you’re half mermaid.

Your mother is a mermaid and your father is a pureblood wizard. They met while your father was traveling along the British coast. They fell in love and got married. They moved into a small house on a lake. And next thing they knew, you were born.

You weren’t like the merpeople found in Black Lake, not very human-like. You were more like the classic mermaids you see in movies, half-human, half-fish. The thing most people don’t know about being a merperson, is that you aren’t stuck as a merperson and forced to live in the water for life, you have the opportunity to go on land and transform your tail in for legs every Full Moon. But if you go into the water on the Full Moon and remain in the water until sunrise, you will be stuck with a tail until the next Full Moon, same thing happens if you go on land with your legs. However, being half mermaid, the same rules apply, but you experience transformations twice a month, on the Full Moon and on the New Moon. But with the New Moon, the rules for the Full Moon don’t apply. So, you just go into the water, if you’re human, and your tail forms, but when you leave the water and dry off, it turns back into your legs.

So, being a mermaid, even just half, you have a strange affliction for water. You love swimming and just being immersed in water, you always have even since you were a small child.

You experienced your first transformation on your twelfth birthday, regardless of it being a Full or a New Moon. Your mother was in the water with you the whole time; meanwhile, your father was watching from the shore as giddy as can be. The pain you felt as your legs fuse together into a tail, was indescribable and excruciating. Truthfully, the pain hasn’t gotten better with time. Your legs, once fused, became a beautiful tail with vibrant lilac scales. You wore your bikini top so you wouldn’t be topless, as most mermaids are. But you had never felt as free as you did the night of your first transformation.


Now here we are, the beginning of Fifth year, you’re sat on the train in a compartment with your best friend, Lily Evans, and the rest of your friends, Marlene McKinnon, Alice, and Dorcas Meadowes. Out of this group of girls, only Lily knew about your “Scaly Situation.” Typically, she would accompany you to Black Lake on the nights of your transformation. You’d swim around the edge of the lake while Lily told you about her hatred for James Potter or would go over spells and charms with you.

You excused yourself from the compartment to go find the sweets trolley, and were walking along the train corridor when all of a sudden you heard what sounded like an explosion coming from the compartment you were currently passing.

Curiosity would be your downfall one day, because next thing you know you’re throwing the door of the compartment which had just “exploded” and found yourself face-to-faces with the infamous Marauders.

Their heads snapped to the sudden opening of the compartment door. Looking at you with wide eyes, they all had a shocked expression on their faces. After a spilt second, Sirius’ face morphed from shocked into a slight smirk, James’ facial expression became excited because his childhood friend was standing in the doorway, Remus had a guilty/embarrassed look on his face, meanwhile, Peter’s face was covered in soot.

You took in the scene in front of you: four boys, one covered in soot, two of them holding their wands towards Peter, and the last one looking like he’d rather be anywhere but there.

Thousands of questions flooded your mind, but you figured you’d be better off not knowing. So, you smiled and greeted the boys, “Hello guys! How were your summers?” You shut the compartment door and sat next to James. He pulled you into a side hug.

“Hey Bug, summer was pretty lame. Didn’t do much, just hung out with these three. How was your summer?” You laughed as James referred to you by your childhood nickname, Bug, which he gave you when you guys were six because he dared you to eat a bug and you did it.

“Hahaha. I traveled with my mom and dad this summer. We went to America; it was so cool! The muggles there are so strange!”

They asked you more about your trip and you gladly told them all about it. You told all sorts of stories of what strange things had happened in America and how different American wizards and witches are from the ones in the U.K. They all laughed at your poor attempt of an American accent and were surprised by how even more oblivious American muggles are of the wizarding world than the muggles here.

Little did you know, Remus was intently watching how you talked with your hands and would stumble over your words because you’re so excited and how your eyes lit up as you talked. Remus has been crushing on you since the end of third year when you argued with your charms teacher over the uses of some charms and why you couldn’t use some charms that older students were learning in class because you’re only a third year. Remus thought you were the prettiest girl in all of Hogwarts and he admired your bravery when it comes to standing up for yourself and your friends to your peers, even older students, and teachers when they crossed a line. Remus would also never tell you that he liked you and like spending time with you because of his lycanthropy. He is afraid of the potential rejection and discrimination he could face if he were to tell you or you were to find out about his “furry little problem” as James liked to call it.

James had told him that you wouldn’t discriminate or hate him because of this curse. James knew about your “Scaly Situation” because your mom had told him to watch out for you and make sure you weren’t staying away from the water too long, if you went too long without getting in the water, whether you’re transforming or not, you get sick. You didn’t know that James knew this, but he wasn’t doing to pressure you into telling him; he’d wait for you to come to him and you, eventually, would later this year.


After the Sorting Hat Ceremony and Welcome Back Feast, you found yourself in Dumbledore’s’ office with Professor McGonagall and Filch. You’ve had this same meeting every year since your transformation. Dumbledore gave you permission to be out after curfew so you could go to the Black Lake whenever you pleased, much to Filch’s chagrin. You also had permission to bring people with you when you went to Black Lake. Filch always loses it at this point. Students out of bed after curfew? Merlin, who would allow such a thing?!

After your mermaid meeting with Dumbledore, McGonagall would walk you back to the Gryffindor common room. You and Minnie, as you called her, she never said to stop calling her that when it was just you two, instead she gives you a look every time you call her Minnie, the two of you were rather close. You would frequently find yourself for tea in her office during your free period or after a long, stressful day. Before you told Lily you are half-mermaid, Minnie would accompany you to the lake, so after your transformations you always, even now after she stopped going with you, go to her office for tea. She evens have the exact brand and type of tea you prefer in a special cupboard that she also keeps your favorite mug in.

During the walk to the common room, the two of you talked about your summers. You told her you traveled with your mother and father and she started going on about how your father was one of the best transfiguration students she’s ever had. You talked about what you would be learning this year in transfiguration, your favorite class, she gladly told you what you would be doing because you’re one of her favorite students, though she’d never admit it out loud, and you’re her best student, even as a fifth year you’re better than her seventh years and even better than Lily Evans, who was notorious for having top marks in almost every class.

Once you arrived at the common room, you found the Marauders sitting with Lily and Marlene. You made your way over and quietly sat in the only spot left on one of the couches, next to Remus. You and Remus smiled at one another as you got comfortable on the red couch.

After a minute or two of listening to the conversation, and being totally lost, you leaned towards Remus and whispered, “What exactly are they talking about? I am so confused.”

He chuckled and whispered back, “It started off with James asking Lily out and her saying no. Then, Sirius and Marlene started flirting. James, Sirius, Peter, and Marlene got into the topic of which classes they think are going to suck. James said something which Lily got mad at, so they bickered for a bit. Now, I honestly don’t know what they’re talking about. I zoned out after a while.”

You nodded and chuckled at his response. So, the two of you just sat there in silence listening to whatever the five students were talking about in front of you two. Not an awkward silence, but a comfortable silence, one that you very much enjoyed.


The next morning, you woke up slightly earlier than usual because Lily was so excited for the first day of classes. You slowly made your way into the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day. You threw on your Gryffindor uniform, spent about five minutes fumbling with your tie, put on a pair of thigh-high white socks and little black booties before starting on your makeup. Just because you’re required to wear a uniform didn’t mean you were going to look good as hell.

You have the obsession with makeup, you are constantly raving about how much you love muggles for coming up with makeup and such good quality makeup too. Your makeup collection is rather extensive, and are constantly adding to it. Your parents often owl new makeup palettes and products that come out because they know how much you love it. You do just a classic cat-eye liner with a dark brown crease and a light, shimmery lid, mascara, eyebrows, and face makeup (foundation, powder, blush, and this amazing new thing called bronzer). You use a spell to quickly tame your Y/H/C hair and grab your books and run down the stairs with your friends.

Once in the Great Hall, you indulge yourself in some French toast and apple juice, while McGonagall begins handing out Gryffindor time-tables. The Marauders all but waltz into the Great Hall late, as per usual, and decide to sit next you and Lily, who is across from you. Remus sits next to you, James next to Lily, Sirius on the other side of you, and Peter next to James, because Marlene was next to Lily. Lily turns down James before he can even form the pickup line he was going to use to ask her out. He sighs, “Lily, one day you’re going to regret turning me down all these years once you realize how perfect we are together.” Lily gives him a look of disgust and an eye roll before turning back to her breakfast.

McGonagall finally reaches us and hands us our respective schedules. You look at yours and see on Monday, you have History of Magic- 9-10:30, Herbology- 10:30-12, Lunch, Double Potions- 1-3, and DADA- 3-4. On Tuesday, you have Free Period- 9-10, Double Charms- 11-12, Lunch, Double Transfiguration- 1-3, and Ancient Runes- 3-4. On Wednesday, you have Ancient Runes- 9-10, Transfiguration- 10-11, Herbology- 11-12, Lunch, Free Period- 1-2, Divination- 2-3, Potions- 3-4, and at Midnight you have Astronomy. On Thursday, you have Charms- 9-10, Muggle Studies- 10-11, Potions- 11-12, Lunch, Double DADA- 1-3, and Free Period. Finally, on Friday, you have Transfiguration- 9-10, Muggle Studies- 10-11, Ancient Runes- 11-12, Lunch, Divination- 1-2, Charms- 2-3, and DADA- 3-4.

You all compare schedules and all have the same classes, minus the electives. Though, you did have Ancient Runes with Sirius and Remus, and you had Divination with Lily, Marlene, and Peter. You also had Muggle Studies with James, Remus, Dorcas, and Lily. Sadly, you all had Double Potions with Slytherin, which neither house was happy about. You all finished breakfast and made your way to History of Magic with Professor Binns, who just happened to be the most boring professor ever, in your opinion. You made it to class after a long journey, mostly because you had to keep stopping to prevent Sirius from punching first years who were getting in the way and stepping on his shoes. You sat with Lily at the table behind Marlene and Dorcas and in front of Remus and Peter. You and Lily sat together in every class expect Potions, because neither of you were very good at Potions and Astronomy where you sat by Sirius because he knows everything about Astronomy.

History of Magic was boring as always and felt like it was going on forever. Eventually, you started passing notes with Remus and played this muggle game called M.A.S.H with Lily. You and Remus mostly talked about any good books either of you had read and what you both did this past summer.

You happened to accidentally laugh out loud, right as the class got quiet, causing Professor Binns to turn his attention away from the Giant Wars he was droning on about to you. He floated over to your seat, “Miss. Y/L/N, what is so funny about the giant wars?”

You blushed and stuttered out a response, “Uh, nothing, uh, Professor Binns, Sir. Sorry.”

“What is that you’re, poorly, covering with your arms, Miss. Y/L/N?”

Your eyes widen immensely, you frantically looked around, locking eyes with Remus, before looking back to the ghost form of your professor. “Uh, a note, professor.” You looked down at your desk, embarrassed.

“Miss. Y/L/N, I would not expect you, of all people, to be passing notes in class on the first day. I’m very disappointed. Detention, this evening at seven o’clock.”

You’ve had detention before, but never on the first day. You were also mortified, being called out like that when everybody knows that you’re one of the top students of your year. “Yes, Professor.” You mumbled not making eye contact.

Professor Binns turned to continue his lecture when a familiar voice spoke up, “Professor, I gave that note to Y/N, sir. She isn’t the only to blame.”

The whole class turned to the source of the voice, Remus Lupin. You looked at him shocked that he was throwing himself under the bus, as the muggles say, for you. You two locked eyes and you mouthed to him asking what he was doing, he just dismissed what you just asked him. Professor Binns looked as Remus, a little thrown off guard, and shook his head in disappointment.

“Well, I guess detention for you too, Mr. Lupin. I’m very disappointed in you, being a prefect and all.”

Class continued on without a hitch, it finally ended and Professor Binns told you and Remus that you would report to Filch this evening at seven o’clock. You ran after Remus on your way to Herbology with Professor Sprout. You pulled Remus off to the side, and he told the rest of the Marauders to go on without him, and he turned to you.

“What’s up, Y/N?”

You were baffled, how could he be so calm about this? He just got a detention for you, and he’s a prefect, and it’s the first day of classes! “’What’s up, Y/N?’ Really? That’s all you have to say? Remus, why did you do that? You didn’t have to get a detention for me.” You rested your hand on his bicep, looking at him in the eye.

“Well, I was the one who started passing notes with you. I couldn’t let you just take all the blame. I’d feel horrible. It’s really no big deal, Y/N.” He just shrugged.

After that he just dropped the topic and the two of you just walked to Herbology together. You both got there a little late because Remus stopped to help a first year find the charms classroom, so the two of you had to be partners.


You were now into the last half of the school year, and you were overjoyed. Being half-mermaid, the winter months were the worst for transformations, mostly because the water is cold, which doesn’t bother you that much, but it’s still annoying, but the cold winter air was the worst. Lily didn’t join you as much in the winter because of the cold, which you understood, but it made for your transformations to be rather lonely.

One night, you were heading back in from Black Lake when you heard talking coming from over by the Whomping Willow. You pressed yourself against a tree, straining to hear whoever was outside on a chilly, spring night. You could see two figures by the Whomping Willow in the light of the Full Moon, you could make them out as James Potter and Peter Pettigrew. You were confused as to why James and Peter would be out this late, especially without the other two Marauders. You heard James speaking frantically to Peter about something.

“We need to keep Moony away from Black Lake tonight.”

“Why? You always tell us to keep him away from Black Lake, and we do, but why are you freaking out so much tonight?”

James stuttered, trying to word his response correctly, “Uh, I saw Y/N sitting by the water and she’s one of my closest friends, I can’t let anything happen to her.”

As Peter went to reply, you saw Sirius holding Remus up away from the Whomping Willow. Remus looked really cut up and badly injured. You couldn’t help but gasp out of concern, which caused Sirius to snap his head in your direction. He whispered something to James, who looked to your hiding spot and took off towards you. As James approached you, you saw Remus collapse to the ground bringing Sirius down with him, causing you to step out from behind the tree.

James looked back towards his friends and back to you, “Bug… you shouldn’t be out here this late. Let me take you back to the common room…” Obviously trying to steer you away from what was going on behind him.

You ignored him and pushed past him running toward Remus. You were extremely concerned, the two of you had grown quite close this year since your detention on the first day. Remus’ gaze met your briefly, as he weakly moved onto his hands and knees. “REMUS!” You fell onto your knees with a thud, wet hair smacking you in the face. You pushed your hair out of your face and took his face in your hands.

“Oh, Remus. Are you okay? What happened?” You didn’t give him a chance to respond as you frantically looked at the three boys watching the two of you, “What happened? Who did this to him? Why were you guys out so late, especially tonight?! We need to get him to Madame Pomfrey! Oh my Merlin, he’s bleeding!”

After your outburst, Sirius pulled himself together and took Remus’ weight and helped him stand up, you helped him up. James took Remus’ right arm and threw it over his shoulder and the two boys helped walk/carry their injured friend to the hospital wing. Peter followed along behind the three boys quietly.

You were walking next to James, who was uncharacteristically quiet, biting your nails, a nervous habit of yours. The five of you made it to the hospital wing and Madame Pomfrey wasn’t surprised to see the boys, but was rather surprised to find you with them. She had treated you on a few occasions when you cut your arms while swimming and has given you some medications to help with the pain of the transformation. The four of you let Madame Pomfrey work on Remus while you all watched. After a few minutes, you could tell the boys were silently communicating with one another, your suspicions were proven correct when Sirius nodded his head in your direction and James came over and dragged you out into the hall.

He looked confused on what he wanted to say, or rather what he could say without saying too much. He sighed and rubbed his temples, “Y/N, I know.” Your eyes widened and met his bespectacled ones. You stuttered trying to answer, “W-w-what do you m-mean?”

He sighed again, “Y/N, I know you’re a half-blood, and half-mermaid. Your mother told me after your twelfth birthday. She told me to watch out for you and to make sure you weren’t staying out of the water too long. I didn’t tell you I knew sooner because I was hoping you’d tell me yourself. But I know you normally aren’t out that late during your transformations, so why were you out so late tonight?”

You were shocked he knew this, but you weren’t shocked that your mother had told him. She always wanted what’s best for you, she worries about your transformations because she knows how painful they are and she wishes she could be there with you. You sighed, “James, I was going to tell you. I really was. I just was swimming and I lost track of time. You can’t tell the other Marauders! Or anyone for that matter. But the real question is why were you all out of bed? And what happened to Remus and why did you need to keep him away from me?”

He gave you a sad look and put a hand on your shoulder, “Sorry, Bug, I can’t tell you. It’s complicated. But, I won’t tell the other boys about your secret. You have my word.”

You went to reply saying that wasn’t good enough when Professor McGonagall came down the hall. “Miss. Y/L/N, I was beginning to worry when you didn’t show up for tea. Is everything alright? Please, come with me. I’ll walk you back to the common room, we can have tea tomorrow. Mr. Potter, I believe you know where you need to be.” She said while putting an arm around you and giving James a pointed look.

He nodded and went back into the hospital wing and you and McGonagall began walking back towards the common room.

You got into bed that night with your mind racing of scenarios of what could’ve happened the sandy haired boy you cared for. Knowing that he got hurt so badly made you feel ill, he meant so much to you and you hated to see him hurting. You groaned and put a pillow over your face as you tried to push images of you sitting by Remus’ hospital bed holding his hand while brushing his hair out of his face and other sweet tender moments that would never happen between the two of you out of your head. You couldn’t help but like the mysterious boy, not only as a friend, but romantically as well. Unfortunately for you, he’d never feel the same. Or so you thought.

Meanwhile, Remus was in the hospital wing freaking out to his friends about the events that had occurred earlier in the night. You came way to close to knowing his monstrous secret, he couldn’t bare it if you had gotten hurt because of him. James assured him it wouldn’t happen again, when Peter decided to speak up, “James, why was Y/N’s hair wet?” James panicked and came up with the lame excuse that you had fallen into the Black Lake, which is true since you were in the lake, you just didn’t fall in. The other boys dismissed it, except Sirius, who didn’t quite believe his best mate and made it his mission to find out why you were really out by the lake that night.


The next week or so Remus avoided you like the plague; meanwhile, Sirius was all for becoming your new best friend. Every chance he got, he was walking with you in the halls, sitting by you in classes and meals, he even followed you into the library. One day were walking down the halls, when you pushed Sirius into a deserted classroom.

“Sirius, why do you have the overwhelming urge to follow me around like a lost puppy?”

“There’s something about you. Something you’re hiding from us, except James, he knows but he won’t tell us. So, until you tell me what it is, I’m going to stick to you like, what’s that muggle thing called, oh, glue.” He said with a devilish smirk, you knew there was no way to get rid of him, until he found what he was looking for and he had been rather annoying lately. You saw no other way out of this, you told him the truth. Sadly, when you told him, he couldn’t stop making fish and aquatic related puns. He was even more annoying than before, but he was also fascinated by you. He swore he wouldn’t tell, on the condition that he could come with you on the New Moon to watch your transformation. You agreed, saying he could bring James with him.

The two of you left the empty classroom with Sirius’ arm draped around your shoulder, making more puns. Little did the two of you know that a certain werewolf had seen the two of you and automatically assumed the worst. His best mate and the girl he fancied. Together. In an empty classroom. He was heartbroken, and to say the least, he was seeing red. Fury.


The week of the New Moon you were feeling worse than normal. You normally get into the water once between the Full Moon and the New Moon, but this time around you never made it out to the lake. You were drowning, no pun intended, in homework and you were trying, desperately, to get Remus to talk to you.

Finally, you had managed to catch Remus alone in the common room, you cornered him with hopes of him talking to you. “Remus, please talk to me. What did I do wrong? You’ve been avoiding me for two weeks!”

He glared at you and rolled his eyes, trying to get back to the Herbology essay he was writing. You kept pleading for him to talk to you, when he finally snapped. “Y/N. Shut up. For the love of Merlin, just shut up. I have nothing to say to you except for the fact that I can’t believe that you would sleep with Sirius. He’s my best mate! I thought you were different. But, I obviously was wrong, you’re just like every other girl in this bloody school, easy and just looking for a quick shag. You disgust me. Don’t talk to me.” With that he glared at you, neither of you noticing the other three Marauders and Lily and Marlene standing in the entrance of the common room.

That was until Sirius spoke up, “Woah, Moony, you’ve got this all wrong…”

Remus then snapped at Sirius, “Oi, shut up, Padfoot. Of course you’d jump to her defense, you’re fucking her for crying out loud. I’m surprised though, I thought even you had standards.”

Next thing you knew, your feet were carrying you out of the common room and out towards the lake. You couldn’t see through your tears, but you had taken the route hundreds of time before, so you found yourself at the edge of the lake in no time. You collapsed onto your knees, burying your face into your hands. How could Remus say such a thing? Is that really how he thought of you? You sat at the edge of the lake crying for what felt like ages.

Back in the common room, James had dragged Remus upstairs by his collar and proceeded to scream at him for being so rude to you. While James was yelling at Remus, he may have accidentally told Remus your dirty little secret. Remus was shocked to hear your secret and to finally figure out what had actually happened between you and Sirius that day he saw the two of you leaving the empty classroom. He felt like such a jerk. He had never been so angry with himself before. He just wanted to hold you in his arms and apologize profusely. He asked James where he could find you, and James told him that he better be going to apologize or else he’d regret it, then proceeded to tell him where you were.


You heard footsteps approaching, you sniffled, “James, go away. I want to be alone right now.” You were expecting James to ignore you and sit next to you and wrap an arm around you and reminisce your childhood adventures together, knowing that it would bring a smile to your face.

What you weren’t expecting was the response you got. “Y/N…” You froze at the sound of his voice, but you didn’t turn to face him. He sat next to you and stared out at the dark water, “I-uh-I’m a… a werewolf.” You snapped your head toward the lanky, sandy haired boy next to you. He didn’t let you respond as he rambled on, “I know you probably hate me for what I said earlier. I just saw you and Sirius leave that classroom one day and I assumed the worst. I’m sorry. You don’t disgust me, actually, quite the opposite. You make my heart race and you are so intoxicatingly beautiful. I-I’ve liked you since the end of third year. You are so smart and funny and gorgeous and kind and you deserve the best and… and how could you ever like a monster like me? James told me you’re half-mermaid, and don’t be mad at him it just slipped out. I’m sorry if I ruined our friendship. I understand if you hate me. I also understand if you don’t want to be my friend anymore because I’m a monster.” Remus started to get up and leave, but you grabbed his hand pulling him back down towards you, signaling him to stay.

You looked at him and traced your fingers over the scar that ran along his face. You cupped his face in your hands, making him look at you, “Remus, you aren’t a monster. You’re a beautiful human being with a beautiful soul, who just happens to jump to conclusions sometimes. You didn’t ruin our friendship, but what you did say tonight hurt, it really did. But you are right about one thing. I don’t want to be your friend anymore.”

Remus could’ve sworn he felt his heart break. He just opened up to you and you don’t want to be his friend anymore. Merlin, could things get any worse? “I don’t want to be your friend anymore, because I want to be more than that. I’ve liked you for quite some time now. And I’d always figured I’d never find somebody who’d accept me for me and live in secret my whole life. But, then I met you and I had hope I’d end up with somebody like you, smart, charming, understanding, accepting, hot, and perfect…”

You never quite finished what you were saying because Remus kissed you with such passion that you forgot what you had been trying to say in the first place. You kissed him back, trying to pour all of your emotions into the kiss. This kiss was on its way to becoming more heated when you heard a squeal from behind the two of you.

You pulled apart and turned towards the noise to be met with the smiling faces of the rest of the Marauders and Lily and Marlene. Sirius spoke first, “OH, hey guys. We didn’t even see you here!”

You hid your face in Remus’ chest and groaned, while Remus replied to his long haired friend. “Oi! Shut up Padfoot. Can you give us a minute?”

Your friends walked back towards the castle, but not before James could call out to you, “Hey, Bug. I don’t need to be an uncle anytime soon, so be sure he wraps it up!!” You were sure your cheeks were as red as they possibly could be from your best friends’ statement. Everybody laughed at James’ comment, except for you and Remus, who was equally as embarrassed.

Once your friends were finally gone, and out of earshot, according to Remus and his heightened senses, Remus tucked a strand of hair behind your ear and looked into your eyes. He kept opening his mouth and shutting it, struggling to find the right words to say. “Y/N, uh, I, erm, was wondering… No, uh, would… no that’s not it… Ugh, Go out with me?” Was what he ended up saying, and you couldn’t help but smile at how adorable he was when he was flustered. You pulled him in for a sweet kiss, and you mumbled against his lips, “Does this answer your question?”

He chuckled quietly, before responding, “I don’t know. I couldn’t tell, try again and maybe I’ll be able to figure out your answer.” He pulled you back in for another kiss.


You pulled away from each other again and at the same time yelled, “SHUT UP PADFOOT!”

You looked at Remus as he was laughing at his friend, and you knew that everything would turn out just fine.


A/N: Hey guys! So I’m definitely doing a part two to this. I’ve already decided. But, I hope you guys like it! I’ve been working really hard on it. I’m going to be posting a prompt list soon. I also have started working on another Sirius Black Imagine! Get excited. Give me some feedback, and feel free to request anything, I do other fandoms as well, not just Harry Potter! Also, I know I didn’t include much about her being a mermaid, but in part two I will go more in depth! And yes, I did actually make the OC’s timetable. It took forever. 

- Allie

Couples Retreat Pt. 2 |Rucas Fanfic

Lucas Friar is in dire need of a promotion when his boss announces an important position is opening up. But of course, there’s a catch. His boss is only hiring someone who is a responsible family man and encourages his employees to try to impress him at their companies annual couples retreat. Lucas, afraid of letting the opportunity for a promotion pass him by, signs him and his wife up to attend the retreat. The only problem is…he’s not married.
So he turns to one of his oldest friends for help and she agrees to be his fake wife for the weekend. 

Chapter 1 [x]

Chapter 2 

Waking up to Riley felt like a dream. Lucas had a hard time distinguishing what was fake and what was real. He knew she was playing the part he asked her to, the problem was she was playing it too well. Back in high school when they were a couple Lucas would always think about what it would be like when or if they ever got married. After they broke up he had to let go of that idea and it was hard but eventually he did. Or so he thought. Seeing her lay there against him, peacefully sleeping, he wasn’t so sure he ever really let it go. He tried to remind himself, she’s your fake wife for the weekend and then she’s back to being just a friend on Monday. Just get through the weekend.

Lucas quietly slips out of bed trying not to wake Riley. He takes a shower and gets ready all before she even opens her eyes.

“Riley…Time to get up.” He shakes her softly.

Riley rolls out from under the covers, still sleeping. She was lying on her stomach now which caused her shirt to rise up and expose her bare back and panties.

“Woah! Okay now it’s really time to get up.” Lucas shakes her a little more vigorously, trying not to stare at her backside.

She groans a little before sitting up and tying her hair out of her face. “Good morning.” She grumbles.

“Morning sunshine. Ready to put on a show?”

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Couples Retreat Pt. 4 | Rucas Fanfic

Lucas Friar is in dire need of a promotion when his boss announces an important position is opening up. But of course, there’s a catch. His boss is only hiring someone who is a responsible family man and encourages his employees to try to impress him at their companies annual couples retreat. Lucas, afraid of letting the opportunity for a promotion pass him by, signs him and his wife up to attend the retreat. The only problem is…he’s not married.
So he turns to one of his oldest friends for help and she agrees to be his fake wife for the weekend.
Chapter 1 [x] Chapter 2 [x] Chapter 3 [x

Chapter 4

Lucas didn’t know what to expect when he woke up this morning. What he wasn’t expecting was waking up to an empty bed. He rolled over and reached his arm out to the space where Riley laid last night but there was no one there, just an empty bed and ruffled sheets. 

He replayed the events from the night before, over and over again in his mind. It was the perfect night. 

He glances over at the alarm clock on their bedside table, it read 9:30 am. Shit…I overslept. He was supposed to be up by 8.

Lucas hastily gets dressed and makes his way downstairs to the breakfast buffet. Once he arrives he spots Riley in a far corner by his boss. 

“Speak of the devil.” Mr. Anderson teases as Lucas approaches the table. “We were just talking about you.”

“All good things I hope.” Lucas smiles, but he’s surprised by Riley’s lack of response.

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anonymous asked:

so im a lesbian and my mom just figured out that shes bi and started dating a woman this year and shes happy and im so happy for her!!! im also just so happy that i finally have someone in my family who really understands what its like to be a wlw! and i wanted to share this because my mom is 50 and i just wanted your followers to know that sometimes you figure things out later in life and everything will be ok!!

i love this sm!!! i’m so happy for u and your mom omg <3

Back to Basics Prt 2. | Rucas Fanfic

Riley Matthews lived in NY for the majority of her childhood. That is up until 6th grade when her father was offered a job in sunny California, which he accepted. Riley was forced to leave behind everything she knew, her school, her teachers and her small group of best friends. Fast forward 5 years where Riley and her family decide it’s time to move back home. Now a junior in high-school Riley has to figure out where she belongs after being gone so long.

Chapter 1 - [X]

Chapter 2 - He’s Everywhere 

The first day of school was officially over. Riley finally felt like she could breathe. She didn’t make any plans and didn’t have any homework so she decided to walk around and get reacquainted with the city again. She wandered into a couple of clothing shops, grabbed a bite to eat and on her way home she stopped in front of an antique store. There in the window were beautiful vibrant paintings, a small forest colored chair with gold tassels hanging off the arm rests and a large pile of tattered books that were embossed with roman numerals. But what really caught her attention was the vintage type-writer that was pushed off center towards the side wall. It had a glossy black finish, black and red decals and the word ROYAL was marked across the top. She crouched down on her knees to get a better look at it. A small card next to it read ‘Popular workhorse in beautiful condition!  Date Of Manufacture: 1926. Price - $1,450.00.’ Her eyes grew wide in disbelief. She has wanted a legitimate type writer since she was 10 years old. However, she had no idea it’d be this expensive. “14 hundred dollars HA” she scoffed. 

“What’s so funny?” She heard a voice right next to her say, causing her to jump. It was Lucas Friar. The tall blonde smiled at her reaction. 

“The price of this” Riley answered gesturing to the type writer.

 Lucas nodded his head in agreement. “Yeah its pretty steep…but I mean, it’s a working 1926, what’d you expect?” 

She stared at him for a minute with a confused expression on her face. “Where did you even come from?”

Lucas gave her a little smirk, tilting his head to the side. “Well, my family’s originally from Texa…”

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