I can’t get over the fact that Kageyama is the youngest one on the team, and neither can the rest of Karasuno :3 

Oh my godddd I’m so sorry Kags, your birthday was a week ago but I had no time/ideas to do a special post T_T Honestly I think the team would’ve just taken him to the beach or something (beach volleyball!), you know, since he spazzed out over sand that one time… 


In short, Nekoma’s “secret santa” exchange was a failure and Lev ended up buying awful gifts for everyone (they appreciated it though, on the inside) 

Bonus Fukurodani: 

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Reblog and I'll draw your URL as a cartoon

This is something I did a long long time ago on a video game forum I used to frequent. I drew people as characters based on their usernames, as seen here: 

I’ve been in a years-long art lull so this would be a fun, easy way to get back into the practice of doing art for the sake of just doing art. They’ll be (hopefully) better than the example images, so if you want me to draw you a character just reblog! Things I’ll be taking into consideration: your url, what you look like (if available), your preferred gender, your blog’s general style/color scheme

anonymous asked:

Hey hey! Happy new year! I was wondering if you could rec me some teddy x james and albus x scorpius?! Is there such a thing as long fics including these pairings? Thank you so much!

I would love to rec you some! I don’t get around to these pairings as often as I should. There are certainly long fics around, though not as many as I’d like. 

Albus x Scorpius:

There’s a great ship manifesto with some more recs here. And for more fics check out these rec lists: 1, 2, 3.

Teddy x James:

Some more rec lists: 1, 2, 3

Hope you enjoy them and have a happy new year!