Her Calling Them `Daddy` in the Middle of Intense Sex: BTS


Would pretend to be confused as to why you called hi `Daddy`, as if totally unaffected by it, but inside of his body he would feel tight and instead of simply pleasing you with his dick, he would add a finger, totally going for the element of surprise to make you cum faster.


Would smirk at first, before leaning down and whispering, “`Daddy` isn’t the only thing you’re going to call me tonight.”


He would so start teasing you endlessly. He would lift his pace significantly, but just before you’d cum, he’d pull out completely, starting to kiss you instead, and as you’d start whining and whimpering, he’d plunge two fingers into you, moving them painfully slow. Why? Cause that was an excuse to get called `Daddy` again.

Rap Monster:

Well, there’s a possibility that he will go so hard on you after that that you will simply feel as if your soul left your body, and you’ll be on a brink of passing out from ecstasy.


A bit surprised that you would call him that, since he had absolutely no idea you were into that kink at all.


Confused as to what you meant, but at the same time a little aroused because it sounded hot.


The gaze that he would give you right after would mesmerize you senseless, but the smirk following his eyes would clearly proclaim that the night is still young and you two had only started.

Yondu Udonta x Reader

Yondu fic where reader is part of his crew and he gets jealous because some guy at a bar gets a little handsy. Complete with threatening and heartfelt confessions? Please - crazybunny02-blog

Long fic

Warnings for language, alcohol consumption, douche bag at bar, some name calling, and a slight suggestion of smut

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Her Wanting all Kinds of Potatoes for her B-Day: BTS


“That’s my girl~.”


“Sounds good for me. Saving is good. Potatoes are cheap.”


So confused, but at the same time not at all surprised cause honestly, same.

Rap Monster:

He would be so unused to this side of you, this random side, that he would be shook till laughing hysterically.

“Well, I guess this gift does suit you well.”


“Are you sure you don’t want anything more memorable?”


Concept of not buying pricey clothes? Wat dat?


Buys you potatoes and then a gift from himself as well, because potatoes seemed insufficient enough.

Music Series: Malibu by Miley Cyrus

This song reminded me of my first time to ever see an ocean first-hand and how amazed I was by it. When I was a kid, my parents took our family to the Pacific Coast and we followed it from Washington all the way down the California shoreline. It was amazing, and I hope to make it back out there sometime soon. Hope to make it anywhere sometime soon.

If there is a deeper meaning to this song, I don’t want to know it. It’s sweet and fun and I like its personality.

This was my initial thought that popped into my head, as I read the lyrics and listened along. Thank you, Anon, for requesting, and I hope you like it!

Miley Cyrus’, “Malibu”. Link to this song on Spotify is Here




You were a bundle of nerves on the plane ride to America. Not only had you never been on a plane before, but you’d never been anywhere before. Your entire life you had never left London, and although eager and excited to experience it with Harry, you thought you were going to lose your breakfast on that plane ride.

“You doin’ okay, babe?” Harry asked, caressing your leg with his finger as he looked up from his music playlist.

“Yup,” you lied through your teeth. Harry laughed, seeing right through you.

“Long trip, if you feel sick,” he says, pointing to the barf bag. You nod and close your eyes, feeling him grab your hand and kiss your cheek.

This better be worth it’, was all you kept thinking about seeing an ocean for the first time.

And was it ever!

I never came to the beach or stood by the ocean

I never sat by the shore under the sun with my feet in the sand

But you brought me here and I’m happy that you did

‘Cause now I’m as free as birds catching the wind

When you told Harry about your lack of travels, he immediately decided that had to be changed. He was about to leave to travel back to California for work for awhile anyway, and had insisted that you come along with him. Since the two of you had started dating, you had been nearly inseparable, and Harry was going to be away for a bit this time and wanted you with him. As excited as you were about it, you had dreaded the flying part of the trip since the day you accepted his invitation.

“Do they sell valium over the counter?” you asked him, only half joking.

Harry laughed. “Sweetheart, you’re going to be fine! I’ll be right beside you the whole time, and I promise to keep you distracted so it will go by quickly. It will be worth it when you see the ocean, I promise.”

I always thought I would sink, so I never swam

I never went boatin’, don’t get how they are floatin’

And sometimes I get so scared

Of what I can’t understand

Harry could barely keep his eyes on the road, not wanting to miss one facial expression from you, as he drove the two of you to his favorite Malibu beach spot. Extremely secluded for a public beach, Harry had never had problems with the public there, and wanted your experience to be memorable for the right reasons, not because of being attacked by paps and fans.

As Harry drove close enough for you to get your first real glimpse of the wonder, he smiled seeing your face. He didn’t even see you blink. You turned and looked at him with huge, bright eyes, jaw dropped deeply, and you didn’t appear to be breathing.

“What do you think, love?” Harry asked, giggling. “Beautiful, isn’t?”

You look at the view again in disbelief, then back at Harry, carefully wrapping your arms around his neck and kissing his face.

“Thank you!” you say. “This is amazing!”

“You’re welcome,” Harry says. “I wanted your first time to see it…to be with me.”

But here I am, next to you. The sky’s more blue in Malibu

Next to you in Malibu. Next to you, baby

You hold Harry’s hand as he carries your beach things, and you make your way closer to the water. He finds a good spot away from others and lays out your and his possessions on the sandy shore.

“Come on, baby,” Harry says with a smile. “Let’s get in the water.”

“Are there sharks?” you ask nervously.

Harry laughs out loud and grabs your hand.

“Come on, you silly girl,” Harry chortles.

You walk toward the water with him, clutching his hand, fingers laced with his.

“You didn’t answer my question…” you say, as he laughs at you again.

We watched the sun go down as we were walking

I’d spend the rest of my life just standing here talking

You would explain the current as I just smile

Hoping that you’ll stay the same and nothing will change

And it’ll be us just for a while. Do they even exist?

That’s when I make the wish, to swim away with the fish

You slowly walked alongside of Harry as the evening progressed. It was getting dark, you had gone for dinner, and returned to the boardwalk to once again enjoy the view. Harry watched you as you looked out at the ocean, your hair blowing behind you in the breeze, as the long skirt of your dress ruffled like the waves you were watching.

You felt his lips kiss your shoulder for a long moment, then turned your face to him, accepting the kiss he had for your lips.

“I think I could stay right here forever,” you say.

“It is beautiful, isn’t it?” Harry says, looking out at the view.

“It is, yes,” you say, “But that’s not why.”

Harry looks at you questioningly.

“I think I could stay anywhere forever, as long as you’re next to me,” you say lovingly.

Harry kisses you passionately, his arm around your waist, pulling you against him, then you both look out at the water, before walking back to the car to go home.

Is it supposed to be this hot all summer long?

I never would’ve believed you,

If three years ago you told me I’d be here writing this song

But here I am, next to you, the sky’s so blue in Malibu

You pull your legs up closer to you in the lounger, watching and listening to Harry sit next to you, playing his guitar and singing a song. How could you ever have known that one day you would be sitting next to such an amazing man who loved you? You wondered if he thought the same about you, but you knew by how he was with you that he did.

Harry looks at you and grins, playing for awhile longer, then setting his guitar down carefully, leaning his head back on the lounger and staring at you.

“You realize how in love with you I am, don’t you?” Harry asks you earnestly.

You smile at him as you bite your lower lip between your teeth. He giggles at you, then kisses you so tenderly, you nearly lose your breath.

“You know I’m desperately in love with you, too, don’t you?” you ask him, nervously and unsure why.

He smiles at you before kissing you again, putting any doubt you may have behind you.

“Answer your question?” he asks, smirking.

You giggle, loving his touch on your skin, his kisses on your lips.

“Thank you for bringing me here,” you say.

“Thank you for wanting to come with me,” he says. “Worth the plane ride?” he smiles.

“I’ll go anywhere you ask me to go,” you say honestly, not caring about any silly plane ride.

We are just like the waves that flow back and forth

Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning and you’re there to save me

And I wanna thank you with all of my heart

It’s a brand new start, a dream come true, in Malibu