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Ravi (vixx)




Wonsik always holds you tightly during intimate moments. In return, you do the same.


Counter sex; spanking (y/n receiving), little bit of dirty talk (y/n receiving); some dry humping, scratching (ravi receiving); marking (ravi receiving)

A/N:This is kinda just something short in honor of Vixx’s 5th Anniversary…Also this is the fastest I’ve ever written and posted something…it’s short af…srry…

ALSO the majority of this is smut bc I didn’t really want/couldn’t think of a story for build up…but yeah..


Wonsik lifted you up as soon as the sound of the door shutting filled his ears. His lips connected to yours as he carried you to the kitchen counter, yet never breaking the kiss. Your hands roamed over each other’s bodies. He was the first to take of some kind of clothing; quickly removing his shirt and throwing it to the floor. Knowing how much you love leaving marks down his back, he made sure his shirt was the first to go. Once Wonsik’s shirt was no longer on him, your nails were already digging into his shoulders.

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