‘contact protocols strictly observed.  works from a pharmacy storefront at the edge of the kowloon boneslum.  present kaiju glyph as passcode.’ [listen]

The walk eventually led the children to the back court, a centerpiece full of flowers adorning it. There were metal benches orderly arranged; the path behind them would take them back to the cafeteria.

“And for those of you who would prefer to eat lunch or study outside, the public garden is for you. When the weather is harsh however, only the walkways will be accessible.”

Some of the children lit up at the idea of spending their lunch time outside, while others were more eager to get the tour over with. The boy with the sweater on raised his hand, his expression somewhat callous. The guide pointed at him.

Kevin: “So where’s the gym?”

Some kids chimed up in agreement, their voices muddled amongst their tiny crowd. Their guide pointed to the path ahead.

“There is a gymnasium of course. Due to the construction of the field, it was placed further back on the grounds. I can assure you, though, due to that there is plenty of space and a medley of activities you can sign up for extracurricular. This includes football, tennis, archery, and even swimming courses.”

Kevin: “Cool.”

This definitely got more kids’ attention, once again their voices started to overlap each other.

Jimmy: “Let’s sign up for tennis Sarah!”

Nazz: “Do you have volley ball?”

Rolf: “Rolf is quite partial to the hoop shooting!”

The guide did her best to draw their attention back, gesturing for them to quiet down.

“Please, please! You’ll all receive a pamphlet on extracurricular activities tomorrow. If you need more information, be sure to consult it.”

Once the chatter had subsided, she began to speak again.

 “As you all have gathered, this can be considered the central ‘hub’ of our academy. Every pathway leads right back to here. From this little garden, you may reach any building on our grounds.”

The guide then pointed down a separate path.

“Speaking of buildings, that one over there is our academy store, which is primarily student run. Those of you looking for extra credit, as well as some extra money, might want to consider getting a job there.”

The kids looked on in both surprised and puzzlement. It was the blond-hair girl who finally spoke up.

Nazz: “This place has a store?”

Sarah: “It’s huge!”

“Yes. As you will have noticed on the ride up, our academy isn’t exactly ‘conveniently located’. To compensate this store was constructed to make sure everything you need will be readily available. This includes books, school supplies, as well as snacks and replacement uniforms.”

The large boy chimed up at the promise of snacks, while the lanky lad remained impressed by the staff’s impeccable foresight. Even he, though, could not deny how peculiar and over-elaborate the arrangement was for what he assumed was an a-typical academy.

“Most of our stores restock every Tuesday, and if there is something we don’t have, there are a number of catalogs which you may order items from. These objects will usually be sent directly to your dormitory, though if they are too large you may pick them up at the store itself.”

The guide then began to walk in the opposing direction.

“We have one more primary building the tour covers: the dormitory itself!”


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